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A Guide to Traveling To Newcastle UK

Newcastle upon Tyne is considered to be one of the most exciting cities in the Northeast of the UK. This city has just shaken off its industrial persona and become famous as a cultural hotspot with an iconic skyline and vibrant nightlife. Newcastle has some of the best world-class attractions and culture that could rival any modern western capital. The best thing about this city is that it offers all these attractions on a much smaller budget which makes it a great tourist destination for people who want an affordable trip without compromising on the quality of the holiday. It is always best to get in early with hotels Newcastle. As it’s a busy city and they fill up fast.

Getting to the City

You can reach Newcastle by car, train, airplane, or coach. But the cheapest is a low-cost coach service such as Megabus if you are visiting the city from London. Rail is another cost-effective option provided you book your seat well in advance. Budget airlines like Easyjet and Flybe fly to Newcastle from Belfast, Bristol, Exeter, and Southampton but not from London. If you are traveling from outside the UK, you may find it much cheaper to fly directly to Newcastle on a low-cost carrier that serves the city.

On the other hand, if you plan to travel by train within the UK or from continental Europe, it’s always cheaper to travel by train to an airport in the UK and fly to Newcastle from the airport within the UK. Trying to fly from continental Europe to the UK and then travel by train to Newcastle is much more expensive. Some of the European airports that travel via low-cost or budget airlines to Newcastle include Barcelona, Gdansk, Dublin, Geneva, and Madrid.

Getting around the city (Newcastle-upon-Tyne)

Much of central Newcastle is navigable by foot unlike some of the bigger cities in the UK and Europe such as London or Paris tour. In fact, walking is the cheapest way to go around the city. If you plan to travel farther than the city center, you can use the metro – which is the most efficient way of getting around. There isn’t a big difference between the metro and bus fares. The Metro Day Pass for Zone One is under £3, and not much expensive even if you include outer zones.

Free or low-cost attractions

Take a wander

Travel guides use the word “buzzing” more frequently when describing the activities of a city. But there are very few cities where the word is more applicable than Newcastle. One of the low-cost things to do in Newcastle is to just wander and try to take that buzz in. Experience various smells and sights in Chinatown and then take a walk to the Sage, which is a riverside venue in Gateshead with outdoor seating and chances to watch free concerts. On the other hand, the “Newcastle Walk of Fame” is another popular free activity down by the Quayside.

There are pavement stones laid for all sorts of celebrities including Marc Knopfler, Alan Shearer, Ant and Dec, Mo Mowlem, Sting, and Lindisfarne. Don’t forget to take a walk along the Millennium Bridge while you are at the Quayside. In fact, Newcastle is home to seven such bridges including the famous Tyne Bridge. If you have time, try to walk them all. Also, you should try to walk around the city walls.

Catch a free movie

A great way to start your Sunday morning is to visit the Tyneside Bar and Cafe at 10.30 am for a low-priced brunch and a free movie.

Free galleries and museums

When it comes to art and culture, the city has developed a unique name for itself. In fact, Newcastle has a number of galleries and many of them are free to enter including the Baltic Art Gallery and the Hatton Gallery. On the other hand, you can enter the Discovery Museum in Blandford Square free of charge.

Where to eat and drink on a budget

It’s easier to eat and drink on a budget since Newcastle is considered a student town. Pubs in the student-friendly area offers happy hour deals including 241 cocktails & reduced drink prices. Hancock and the Spy Bar are great places for happy hour cocktails. Many student-friendly pubs in the city offer trebles or a triple shot of spirit with a mixer for just a fiver. The most famous clubs in the city have entrance fees. But there are also some bars that are free to enter. They will keep serving into the wee hours – such as Bijoux and Empress.

If you want to have something really good on the go, you should pick up a Burrito for under a fiver. It’s available at the Zapatista Burrito Bar – Grainger Street. There are some food joints at Grainger Market that sell lunch bites for £2 or £3.

The 11 Best Attractions in Windsor, Co for Travelers

Welcome to Windsor, Colorado! This charming town is a popular destination for visitors from all over the world, thanks to its many attractions and beautiful scenery. Whether you’re looking for a day of fun in the sun or an opportunity to explore some of the area’s top attractions, Windsor has something for everyone.

Here are my top 10 attractions in Windsor, CO that are perfect for travelers:

1. Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle looms large over the town, standing imposingly on a hill right in the center. It’s a constant reminder of the fact that Queen Elizabeth II lives at Windsor Castle most weekends of the year, and has often referred to Windsor as her favorite home.

Visiting Windsor Castle is a magnificent experience. Included with your entry ticket is access to the grounds, the State Apartments, and St George’s Chapel, where numerous monarchs are laid to rest. It was also famously the venue for the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in May 2018.

The Castle is one of the oldest and most popular tourist attractions in Windsor, England. It was founded by William the Conqueror back in 1066 and has since been home to 39 British monarchs.

2. Pikes Peak

If you’re looking for a scenic destination, then look no further than Pikes Peak. You can hike to the top of the peak or take a drive to the summit.

Regardless of the path you choose, you’ll be rewarded with stunning views. Pikes Peak is located in the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains, about 50 miles from Denver. The peak is 14,115 feet above sea level, making it the 31st highest mountain in Colorado.

The mountain was named after Zebulon Pike, who was the first person to reach the summit in 1806. Today, the mountain is a popular destination for hikers, climbers, and skiers.

If you’re planning a trip to Pikes Peak, there are a few things you should know. Here’s a quick guide to help you plan your trip. Pikes Peak is a great place to visit in the summer. The weather is warm, and there are plenty of activities to do.

From June to September, the weather is warm and the days are long. This is the peak season for tourism, so expect crowds and higher prices. To avoid the crowds, visit in the spring or fall.

The weather is still pleasant, but there will be fewer people. Prices will also be lower.

3. Chili Thai

Many people haven’t had the opportunity to try Thai cuisine, which features a variety of flavors that can be quite spicy for those not used to them. Thai cuisine is usually characterized by more spiciness than most Western palates are capable of handling.

Most dishes at Chili Thai feature customizable levels of heat, so you can enjoy them in moderation if you prefer.

Pad Thai and curry are two types of popular Thai food that incorporate lots of fresh vegetables and hot rice. There are also a number of seafood items on the menu, like sesame shrimp and chow fun.

Chili Thai features large portions that are moderately priced, and it has a casual, no-frills atmosphere that appeals to many diners. This restaurant is often frequented by people who are looking for a quick and convenient meal.

4. The Hub at Windsor

The Hub at Windsor is a unique attraction that gives you a behind-the-scenes look at Windsor’s history and culture. You can also find a variety of shops and restaurants here.

5. Poudre River Trail

There are many opportunities for outdoor recreation in Colorado, including fitness and nature enthusiasts who want to explore less-traveled paths. There are a variety of activities within driving distance of downtown Windsor, which makes it easy for residents to get exercise and enjoy the great outdoors.

The Poudre River Trail offers exercisers easy access to a variety of different landscapes, including both natural and artificial surfaces.

The trail is wheelchair accessible and has a variety of surface options that make it suitable for all levels of physical ability. There are also portions of the trail with inclines and declines to challenge those who are more physically active.

The trail stretches for more than 20 miles through Weld County, and much of it is paved, which makes it accessible to strollers and wheelchairs.

6. The Royal Gorge Bridge

The Royal Gorge Bridge is a must-see for anyone who loves adventure travel. You can drive or hike across the bridge, or take a ride on the Royal Gorge Railway.

7. Legoland Windsor Resort

Legoland Windsor bills itself as a fun-filled family resort with plenty of activities to keep all ages entertained. The park is filled with rides, play areas, and millions of Lego bricks – making it a popular destination for tourists from all over the world. If possible, try to visit this amusement park during one of its many themed events.

The favorite events at various ages for kids include a knight-inspired fireworks show, Christmas and Halloween festivals, as well as special events specifically designed for toddlers.

Additionally, the on-site medieval-themed hotel is worth checking out.

8. Snowmass Village

Snowmass Village is a popular destination for adventurers, snowmobilers, and skiers. You can explore the village, ski on the slopes, or take a hike in the nearby mountains.

9. The Changing of the Guard

Most visitors to Windsor will want to watch the Changing of the Guard, which takes place several times each week depending on the season. The Royal Military Band plays as the guards march through Windsor High Street and up Castle Hill into the grounds of Windsor Castle.

The annual royal wedding has become one of the most popular tourist attractions in Windsor, as it offers the chance to witness a ceremony that has been taking place, in the same location, for hundreds of years.

To experience the full pageantry of the event, you’ll need to purchase tickets to enter the Castle. For more information on what to expect during this unique event, be sure to read our blog post.

10. The Broadmoor Hotel

The Broadmoor Hotel is a luxurious resort that’s perfect for anyone looking for a relaxing vacation. You can enjoy a variety of activities, from golf to spa treatments.

11. The Savill Garden

The Savill Garden is located about a short drive from Windsor and it has impressively landscaped grounds, an inspiring gift shop, and a beautifully designed restaurant. Windsor locals love visiting the Savill Garden because of its peaceful charm, while tourists are quickly catching on to its unique charms.

The Garden was first created in the 1930s and features a variety of landscaped areas, including gardens and woodland. There are also hidden gardens, springwood, summer gardens, summer wood, The Glades, autumn wood, and winter beds to explore.


These are just a few of the attractions in Windsor, CO that are perfect for travelers. If you’re planning a trip to this charming town, be sure to include these top attractions in your itinerary.

Day Trip to William Shakespeare’s Home in the UK

Are you traveling to the United Kingdom (UK) and wondering how you should spend your time while visiting England? Are you interested in literature and learning more about one of the greatest authors and artists of the English-speaking world? If you answered yes, you should take a day trip to William Shakespeare’s house and home on your vacation to the UK!

Visit William Shakespeare’s House in England!

Even if you haven’t read many or all of William Shakespeare’s plays, sonnets, and poems, visiting the Shakespeare House makes for a fascinating day trip or afternoon tour. While Shakespeare lived and wrote during the Elizabethan Age, his plays are relevant still today, with MacBeth just made into a feature film in 2021 starring Denzel Washington! Shakespeare is known not just for his poems and plays but is famous for his wry sense of humor. Shakespearean insults are famous on the Internet too.

Now, are you convinced to travel to and visit William Shakespeare’s house? You might be surprised to hear that there is actually more than one Shakespeare house to visit in England. The city of Stratford-Upon-Avon in England is famous as the one and only birthplace of William Shakespeare. There you can visit the house where Shakespeare was born on Henley Street. There is a small museum by Shakespeare’s first home recounting the life of England’s most famous playwright. Take a leisurely walk through the beautiful gardens that surround the home too while you are there!

Travel to Shakespeare’s Adult Home in New Place

Like most people, Shakespeare moved away from his family home when he got married to Anne Hathaway. He moved to New Place shortly after his marriage and lived there until his death. Sadly, Shakespeare’s house at New Place in England was torn down in the 1700s. While there isn’t a physical house to walk through and tour, you can again enjoy some fresh air and some of England’s beautiful gardens in New Place that function as an outdoor museum celebrating the work and life of William Shakespeare.

Day Trip Idea: Anne Hathaway’s Cottage in Stratford

Looking for another Shakespeare house to tour? If you aren’t satisfied by Shakespeare’s childhood home in Stratford-Upon-Avon or visiting New Place, you can also learn more about the life of William Shakespeare and his family by visiting his wife Anne Hathaway’s childhood home, also located in Stratford. Called the Hathaway Cottage, Shakespeare was a frequent visitor to his wife’s family’s home while he courted Anne before marrying her. True Shakespeare fans shouldn’t miss it!

Obviously, there are many places to visit on your trip or vacation to England that relate to the life and work of William Shakespeare. The Globe Theatre in London is another important place in the life of William Shakespeare. There is a lot to do and see while in England that will educate you about the fascinating writers and rich intellectual and artistic history of the United Kingdom.

Shop The UK for Your Travel Packing List

As you prepare to visit London for the first time, you might wonder what to pack. Is everyone super formal or trendy? Should you leave your jeans and sneakers at home? So, what should you bring with you to London?

From my experience when I visited. I’ve packed my bag for London more than any other destination I have ever visited, and I have it down to a science. If you’re wondering what to pack for London, I’m the gal who can help you. Now that we’re ready to dive into my packing list for London, let’s take a quick look at why some items are recommended.

How to Shop the UK for Your Travel Packing List

When you buy products from UK sites, you can often save a lot of money. But when you purchase from UK websites, you have to add a few extra steps to your order. For example, when you place an order from a UK website, you have to pay extra for the shipping fee. In addition, you have to add a few extra steps to your order. For this reason, you can find reshipper there. They will help you with tips on how to buy from UK websites. You will not have to add any extra steps when you purchase from UK websites.


Your Travel Packing List

The Lonely Planet London Travel Guide

Whenever I travel, I always check out the Lonely Planet guide to wherever I’m going. They always have the most up-to-date information and recommendations for packing as much into a trip as possible. In London, a book is written about the city, which is available in an ebook format, or you can purchase specific chapters.

A Burberry Trench

Even if you don’t need it in London’s summer months, the classic Burberry trench coat is a staple in any London wardrobe, and always looks good. It’s a bit of a splurge, but you’ll still use it after your trip. It’s also possible to fall in love with London and move there, which is definitely worth it!


There are some great sunny, warm-weather months in London, so on those days, the city is more beautiful than anywhere else in the world, and you’ll want sunglasses.


While visiting London during the rainy season, you should bring stylish rain boots to keep your feet dry. I know rainboots take up a lot of space in your bag, but you can either pack them with socks, underwear, and other small clothes or wear them on the plane.

With the Burberry-like look (but without breaking the bank), these plaid pattern boots are cute yet not too crazy. You could also go with black if that works better for your wardrobe.

Cross-Body Purse/Day Bag

Cath Kidston, a designer of London bags, caught my eye while I lived there. I love her funky and colorful designs (yet not too outlandish because after all, this is London).

I used to buy a style that isn’t in production anymore (it’s similar to this saddle bag), but there are tons of other great cross-body bags to choose from.

Oyster Card Wallet

In order to be completely transparent, you do not need to buy this and pack it for London in advance. When you buy an Oyster card, you can ask for a free wallet, and Transport for London usually gives them away free of charge for travelers. If you do it that way, you risk not getting a cool design!

Instant Camera

London is one of the world’s most iconic destinations. In addition to bringing your camera and/or smartphone, it’s fun to get actual printed photos from your trip – and the Fujifilm Instax works just like a Polaroid camera.

I take this style of camera on Special Trips, but there are other styles if you don’t like the vintage look.

Universal Adapter

When traveling internationally, you need to stay fully charged to take all the photos and keep up with any online stuff. This universal adapter is ideal because it covers all the main zones, including the U.K. It also has two USB ports that you can use to charge everything overnight at once.

The London Pass

In my guide to visiting London, I recommended the London Pass for first-time visitors. Reduced or free admission is available to sights throughout London, so you can make the most of this amazing city.

Depending on the length of your trip, you can purchase a London Pass that is valid for 1, 2, 3, 6, or 10 days.

What to Pack for London when it Rains

If you happen to check the weather forecast for your trip and realize it won’t cooperate, never fear – I also have suggestions about what to pack for London when it rains!

Proper Rain Coat

You mentioned bringing a Burberry trench for your London trip, but this may not be the best option if the weather is forecast to rain. For women, I recommend the Shoreside from Joules, the Curve Jacket from Danish company Rains, or the waterproof Original Cotton Smock from Hunter. For men, GQUK has a great selection.


As for Hunter boots, they’re a great option for another rainy-day essential in London: Wellington boots! Since they were designed in British style in the early 19th century, these boots are essential for keeping your feet dry. As well as the budget option I mentioned above, Hunter has great Wellies and I love the XtraTuf Legacy Boot, though they are a bit more utilitarian in style.


Londoners seem to have a split opinion about umbrellas; I have never used one, but I know Londoners who do. You need to be conscientious with your umbrella – it doesn’t entitle you to the entire sidewalk! Among the many budget-friendly umbrellas available from JUKSTG, this one is a good choice.

Waterproof Bag

There’s nothing worse than dressing in waterproof digs only to discover your bag is made from a material that gets wet! I don’t have any specific recommendations, but I love waxed canvas bags to keep the rain out.

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Best Time to Visit Channel Islands UK

The Channel Islands are Islands in the English Channel off the Normandy bank of France. They are separated into two British Crown Dependencies, the Bailiwicks of Guernsey and Jersey. The previous additionally incorporates the islands of Alderney, Sark, and Herm, and more modest islands are split between the two fortes.

The islands are not a piece of the United Kingdom or European Union, yet rather are assets of the British Crown with autonomous organizations. Their occupants are British residents.

The Channel Islands were possessed by the Duchy of Normandy and passed to the English Crown when William the Conqueror became King of England in 1066. While England lost central area, Normandy, in 1204, the islands remained assets of the Crown and were separated into the two fortes sometime thereafter.

Neighborhood Weather and When to Visit

The Channel Islands are situated in the English Channel off the south shore of England and the shoreline of Normandy in France, towns incorporate St Helier, Saint Peter Port, and Saint Anne, the islands are notable for being middle for monetary administrations and as a beautiful occasion location. The Channel Islands has a calm oceanic environment with normally warm as opposed to blistering summers and cool to cold winters. Channel Islands seldom encounter exceptionally outrageous climate significance Channel Islands can be visited consistently.

On normal the most blazing month is August in summer and the coldest is January in winter. Precipitation shifts over time with the wettest month being November, December, and January and the driest month being July. A freezing climate with ice and snow is uncommon in the Channel Islands.

The climate is unusual similarly as with the remainder of the UK and it is feasible to see components of every one of the four seasons in a single day. It is prudent for guests to check the climate gauge before they show up in the Channel Islands to find out about the kind of apparel they will require during their excursion. Bringing hooded waterproof covers and caps will guarantee guests are ready for any spells of wind and downpour the city and the locale might insight.

Best Time to Visit Channel Islands



Most days in summer range from gentle to warm with the chance of some rare more smoking days, the days are at their longest in the mid-year. There might be cloudy and moist conditions in the late spring. The normal temperature in July and August in St Helier in Jersey is approx 21°C, making for wonderful summer temperatures. The late spring is a fun opportunity to investigate various nearby seashores, guest attractions, towns, and towns and take in the grand open country and coastline en route. From June to August the normal daytime temperatures are somewhere in the range of 19°C and 22°C. At that time many people enjoying their Paddle Boarding Spots.
Stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) has become progressively famous across the globe throughout the most recent couple of years and it is the ideal method to associate with nature. Stand-up Paddleboarding is drawing open-air fans from everywhere to the closest wellspring of still water.

The stand-up paddle is social, serious, and loosening up all simultaneously, which clarifies why it has become so well known for both experienced water sports aficionados and Newby amateurs the same.

The weather is unpredictable as with the rest of the UK and it is possible to see elements of all four seasons in one day. So for your good travel experience, you should know about other seasonal weather conditions.


The days are at their briefest and the temperature at the coolest, the days can be fresh and clear subsequently if guests wouldn’t fret the chilly, it is feasible to appreciate visiting the Channel Islands in winter. It can get cold so guests are encouraged to bring warm winter clothing. From December to February the normal daytime temperatures are somewhere in the range of 8°C and 10°C.


The environment is milder in spring making it a fun opportunity to visit the Channel Islands. There can be some incredible bright days blended in with a cooler and wet climate. Spring is a fun chance to visit the Channel Islands if guests incline toward the climate gentle to warm and offers an option in contrast to visiting in top summer. From March to May the normal daytime temperatures are somewhere in the range of 11°C and 17°C.


The environment can differ from some charmingly gentle days especially toward the beginning of September to cooler and colder days in October and November. Fall is a happy chance to visit the Channel Islands as it evades the pinnacle summer vacationer season, where the island is extremely well known among guests while as yet having milder temperatures and longer long periods of sunshine especially toward the beginning of September. From September to November the normal daytime temperatures are somewhere in the range of 12°C and 19°C.


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