Three Underrated Gadgets for Digital Nomads

If you’re a digital nomad in 2024, chances are you already have the devices you need to live this lifestyle. However, there are many other gadgets out there besides your trusty laptop, and many of them get overlooked once you’ve nailed the essentials. Here you’ll find three underrated gadgets that can make life easier when you’re a digital nomad, saving you valuable time and money.

Virtual Private Network

It’s impossible to be a digital nomad without a working internet connection. That said, having the internet isn’t enough to access services online. Some websites are geographically restricted, so travelers can have difficulty working or finding entertainment when they surf the web. In some rare cases, even sites like Google are inaccessible.

A VPN greatly expands your access to all kinds of information online. Using the internet, travelers can research their next destination, plan their journeys, or read tutorials for professional or entertainment purposes, like a university’s website or a site with iGaming tips. If you’re looking for research papers or learning how to play blackjack using online casino guides, most of your online activity should be unimpeded. However, many digital nomads like to keep a VPN close by for the rare occasions where geo-restrictions can become an interference.

Besides enhancing your internet access, a VPN can also hide your IP and add an extra layer of security to your online activity. In 2024, VPNs are more versatile than ever and offer a lot of benefits to those who use them. They can make online banking safer and provide peace of mind when using public Wi-Fi, though they can also make your internet speed sluggish. Digital nomads who rely on the internet should weigh up the pros and cons of having one, and make their decision accordingly.

Socket Adapter Kit

The distance that digital nomads cover can vary a lot – they may even cross borders more often than most people. That comes with a lot of changes, but you shouldn’t overlook how plug sockets change between regions. Sockets differ between continents, generally. Fortunately, you can get your hands on a travel adapter kit, so you never get stumped by a plug socket again.

Socket Adapter Kit

These kits are small, inexpensive, and can save you if your devices aren’t compatible with your new location. Every nomad should consider them before they commit to hardcore traveling. With the right kit, you can have a solution for every plug socket standard across the globe. With your socket adapter kit, you should also stash some USB adapters. The USB standard revolutionized the tech world, and even more devices will rely on it in the future, even with its current widespread use. By keeping these adapters handy, you should never have an issue finding power when you’re out in the field.

External Data Storage

Pretty much every electronic device has its own storage, but sometimes it’s a great idea to use external storage too. Being a digital nomad is one of those times. A lot can go wrong when you travel, from breaking your hardware to losing it entirely. This can be disastrous if, like most digital nomads, you work remotely in a tech-oriented industry. You don’t want to lose work, so backing up with an external drive should be a priority after you hit the road.

If you shop for the right model, you can find external hard drives or SSDs that are inexpensive and offer a lot more storage space than their built-in counterparts. Use them to store your important files – the sentimental and professional ones – and update them regularly. Of course, you’ll want to stash the drive somewhere safe so it doesn’t get damaged or go missing. Keeping it separate from your laptop ensures that nothing can take both out of the equation at once.

By keeping on top of these three things, digital nomads can take a lot of stress out of their everyday lives. You’ll no longer need to worry about finding internet, finding a compatible plug socket, or losing your hard work due to a freak accident.