Best Electric Bike to Buy
Best Electric Bike to Buy

As millions of Americans hop on an e-bike trying to make something better out of their disordered life caused by Covid and climate change, which one to choose consists of the priority question. Many who know little about the electric bike industry, are not able to but start with the brand.

Then what is the rule for us to choose an e-bike? Apparently, the brand effect is far from enough. Essentials should boil down to key indicators such as overall performance, texture, and exteriors because customers’ needs are tailored. Electric bikes are bought for different uses. As said, what suits you is the best. While some desire a strong power, some fancy lightness or endurability. So before you go, ask yourself and take care of your true needs.

1. Motor and Cruising Range

Best Electric Bike to Buy
Best Electric Bike to Buy

Undoubtedly, the core competitiveness of an electric bike lies in its motor and cruise range, which largely results in the shelf price. Here and now, most brands in the market hold motors along with a 48V 15Ah battery and 80 N.m torque. Be it mountainous or steeply, such power can guarantee a cyclist a smooth cruise as if it were on a flat surface, so rest your mind if your potential target is around this average which is reliable.

To determine the approximate range of an e-bike, firstly, you need to start with the battery capacity on a single charge, which is often measured in Watt-hours (Wh). As presented above, a battery usually is rated in volts and amp-hours, such as Magicycle with a 52V 15Ah battery. To convert to Wh, first multiply the volts by the amp hours, hereby comes to a 750 Wh battery. Next, divide the watt-hour capacity of the battery by an average efficiency number in Wh/mi (or Wh/km if you prefer kilometers). Then here comes the efficient cruise range. Generally speaking, most 500-750W throttle e-bikes ridden at an average speed of 20mph (32km/h) on slightly hilly terrain get cyclists around 25Wh/mi (or 15.6Wh/km).

Following this style, a 480Wh battery would provide cyclists with around 19 miles of range. According to this, what is the range that Magicycle’s battery could provide? I would tell you it is amazingly 30 miles in full throttle mode and 55 miles in PAS. Just for your reminder, mathematics could be a fuzzy part, because efficiency numbers may vary with different terrains.

2. Comfort

Best Electric Bike to Buy
Best Electric Bike to Buy

When it comes to electric bikes, comfort is also vital in providing a pleasant journey. After all, no one wants to ruin a wonderful cruise because of imperfections in gadgets. Comfort and user experience feature heavily in the design. You can check this out by reviewing how Magicycle handles these details.

First thing first, in terms of the frame, Magicycle replaced the regular model and designed a more exquisite and practical one, catering to diverse cycling habits.

Pedal assistance is the level that potential buyers should concern about. Check the number of levels. More numbers mean a diverse cycling experience. Normally, the higher the level, the stronger the assist. Low level for exercisers, the middle ones for labor savers, and high level for speeders, you are able to adjust the level to whatever you like.

Another gadget that does help to cruise comfort is the tire. For instance, Magicycle features 4-inch puncture-resistant fat tires that can adapt to rainy days or various terrains, dispelling your fear of slippery, bumpy roads, etc.

In addition, choose a colored display that can stand the sunlight in the middle of the day, so as to keep you safe in adventuring the obscurity.

3. Charging Efficiency

Tools that consume electricity will inevitably face the need for charging. I believe that everyone used to feel the pain of seeing a phone dying out of power but could do nothing about it, torturing hours not being able to message your crush. Every time we forget to charge before traveling, it takes a long time to refill the juice. That is why people value a fast charger.

Say, the average charging time for electric bikes for adults surpasses five hours. For Magicycle, the fastest possible one takes only three, shortening the waiting time for your traveling. In particular, when we urgently need an e-bike and find out its battery drains out, fast-charging chargers mean a lot to us.

4. After-Sales Services 

Check the service system such as warranty, shipping, and assembly guide, if there is any. Normally, a complete system can provide these services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to meet the needs of purchasers immediately, which is especially true of startup companies. Don’t miss buyers’ reviews, you can find the helpful truth out there.

Having won huge acclaim in the market, Magicycle’s after-sales service distinguishes itself from the others. Not only that, but Magicycle also adopts a factory-direct marketing policy, which is quite opposite to the others that manufacture their products in impersonal factories. This practice not only grants a bigger advantage to price competition but also bridges the gap between producers and customers. And it is one of the reasons why our Magicycle’s bikes are available at such a low price and of high-end quality meanwhile.

Without a third party as the go-between messenger, consumers can reach the factory directly and save the time on formalities to resolve their problems within the shortest possible time, a win-win situation.

Which is the best electric bike to buy? I bet you have an answer now. Our golden principle: what suits you is the best. Don’t forget to check the list above, and have the motor, cruising range, comfort, battery efficiency, and after-sales service. For many, the price is the largest deterrent factor, city commuters and cyclists definitely expect differently in choosing an e-bike. Earning is no easy thing, so save your extra money out of your need for better things.

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