best trekking company in india
best trekking company in india


We registered in 1993 as Himalaya trekking association trekker Samiti Sankari. Later, we changed our name from TrekUp India to TrekUp India.

Our Experience

Since we have been in the trekking industry for 27 years, our company has more experience than any other. We are highly recommended by the Indian trekking community.

TrekupIndia Explores New Trails

Rupin pass, Kedarkantha Trek, Har Ki Dun Trek, Bali Pass Trek, Barsu Pass Trek etc.

Why Choose Us?

“TrekupIndia”, a local adventure tour operator in Uttarakhand, is here to provide you with a comprehensive insight into the local culture through various cultural programs. Trekkers often cross several villages on their trek but don’t have the opportunity to learn about their culture and villages. TrekUp gives you in-depth information about the culture, traditions, languages, and mythology of these villages.

Safety on Trek

How we make your mountain trek safe and our team experience. All of our trek leaders have been certified in Wilderness First-aid and are well aware of the dangers at high altitudes. We also carry all necessary medications and first-aid supplies with us. If you don’t feel capable of judging yourself, make sure you’re medically fit to trek. This is the most important thing for us.

Particularly: TrekuIndia is a trekking community in India that has been in Adventure Tourism for 27 years. We offer treks, expeditions, and mountaineering programs as well as high altitude Expedition Rafting, s Uttarakhand/ Himachal/India’s Largest and Most Popular Trekking Community. With more than 75 documented Himalayan Treks,.7 High Altitudes Expedition. We offer a family package, schools and colleges as well as other outdoor activities.

Mountain Safety: Technical Safety

Our team includes more than 100 guides and instructors who are trained by the Nehru Institute of Mountaineering. We have maintained the highest quality standards in all we do.