Traveler on a journey with train

Solo travelling is something on which one can spend days talking about its merits. For those who always wanted to go on a solo trip, now is the time to live your dream. Solo trips not only help in discovering one’s self but also helps in building self-confidence and self-admiration. A solo trip can be terrifying for people who haven’t done it yet, especially for a female. There are always a few concerns about how you can enjoy your solo trip without falling short of essential things. But travelling alone is not only cost-effective but the female is in control of making her own decisions and can achieve peace of mind and physical wellbeing. However, a female who is travelling alone to enjoy her own company and experience the beauty of this world needs to be certain about the gadgets she might need during the complete journey. For a secure and peaceful trip, we have figured out a list of the best gadgets for ladies wanting to travel alone.

1. Power Bank

While travelling, charging a phone or electronics can be a big challenge unless you have a power bank which is used as a source of power for phones and other electronic gadgets. It is always wise to keep at least one fully charged power bank with you before you hit the road.

2. USB Ports

Two or more two standard USB ports are always useful. These are quite useful for connecting phones to your power bank, charging power bank and other devices. Ladies usually carry more bags so there should be one in each bag.

3. Money Belt

Handbags, usually the bigger ones, make you look like a potential target. Instead, females should go for a money belt a slim fanny pack and it is worn under the clothing. The money belt can be used for keeping cash and important travel documents like passports, ID cards and others.

4. Adapter/ Plug

It is essential as plug sockets used in foreign countries can be different. And universal adapters are sometimes not actually universal.

5. Compact Size Wind Resistant Umbrella

Weather can be very versatile in different areas so for females travelling alone, it is very important to keep a handy umbrella to save themselves from moody weather. Alaska is one of the desired travelling destinations for hiking, seeing giant mountain peaks, glaciers, and coastal areas. However, the versatile weather conditions in Alaska require you to keep a handy umbrella to get the best of your Alaskan adventure.

6. Individual Safety Alarm

Girls while going on an adventurous solo trip must keep a personal alarm for safety purposes. The loud siren of the safety alarm can help females avoid any wild creature or creepy dude on their way.

7. Satellite Phone/ International Phone arrangement

Your fully charged phone will not be of any use if it will not work in that area. Mostly it is not entertaining to rely on public WIFI as it can breach your privacy. While traveling to areas which are remote or have difficult terrain are most likely to be lacking cellular networks. Hence, it is quite essential to keep a satellite phone. As it can help save your precious life in case of any emergency or natural disaster at a place where the cellular network is not operative. But it should be kept in mind that in a few countries, satellite phones are illegal. so always check beforehand.

8. Noise Cancellation Earbuds

To have peace of mind in crowded areas, or on the plane, handy earbuds that help in noise cancellation can be really useful.