Tips for Finding Lodgings Before Your Vacation

Planning a well-deserved vacation? The to-do list is never-ending, but certain tasks are more important than others. Tick those off your list first, and you’re more likely to have an enjoyable, smooth-sailing experience. 

Finding an affordable travel package is one such concern. After that, you need to ensure a safe yet fun accommodation for everyone! The place you’re staying at can play a major role in how the vacation pans out. It needs to accommodate your family’s requirements, fit in your budget, and allow various recreational opportunities.

Before anything else, of course, one has to consider the travel destination. If you’re in the mood for a seaside vacation this time around, why not go to Hua Hin? This gorgeous seaside resort boasts a relaxing atmosphere, sandy beaches, water parks, golf courses, festivals, and a vibrant nightlife.

According to several sources, 60 percent of the tourist population in Hua Hin consists of foreign tourists. After the pandemic, the tourism industry here seems to have recovered to a large extent. Foreign tourists are now flocking to the beaches, gift shops, hotels, and other attractive sites in this region. In certain accommodations, the average rate of occupancy is as high as 90 percent on the weekends and holidays. With Hua Hin as your choice for this year’s vacation, you can look forward to a unique, memorable time.

With research, you can find amazing luxury hotel deals in Hua Hin. Before deciding on anything, though, you should know how to find the best lodgings possible. The tips below can be of help:

1. Use Trustworthy Platforms

Numerous sites claim to help you book affordable lodgings in any location. However, not all of these are reliable. It’s best to stick to the tried-and-test options or contact the lodgings directly.

You also don’t want to go to an unfamiliar destination and rely on the trustworthiness of strangers for your accommodation. With a credible hotel, you will have proof that there was a booking and transaction involved. If you use a suspicious website or just plan to stay with a friend of a friend, you might be in trouble. The hotel might not get your booking, or the friend may refuse to accommodate you for any reason.

Instead, go for the most trustworthy sites for the best deals. These may have higher initial costs, but you’ll save money further. There won’t be any last-minute changes, bribes, or other expenses piling up.

2. Check Out The Location

Before you finalize any lodgings, take a look at their location. You may know the city’s name, but the exact placement of the hotel does matter. Here are some questions to consider from the beginning:

  • How far is the accommodation from the airport? Will you have to travel from the airport yourself, or will the hotel provide transportation?
  • Are there any local transportation points near the lodgings?
  • Are there shops, restaurants, markets, and any tourist attractions near your accommodation?
  • Will you be staying in a large main building or somewhere more private, like a separate hut?
  • Are the lodgings close to the center of a city, or on the outskirts of one?
  • Is the location a safe and secure one, with proper accommodations made for tourists?

Some booking sites might show unbelievably inexpensive accommodations. Don’t get blinded by the price tag. If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is.

3. Look at the Feedback

Minimize risks by looking at the feedback from other guests at a certain accommodation. Check out the reviews, ratings, and other forms of feedback online. You can also ask about a certain destination and its lodgings on social media platforms.

Reviews, comments, and overall scores are important factors when you’re considering a vacation accommodation. Before delving into the reviews, however, see if the writer has a similar travel plan as yours. If they were traveling solo, their experience might be very different from that of someone who’s traveling with family. The kind of cabin or room they booked is also a factor.

Other considerations here include the accommodation’s scores in certain features such as Comfort, Value for Money, Staff, Location, Facilities, Cleanliness, etc. While an overall rating might be useful, it mostly depends on the individual experiences of the guests. For instance, a hotel with a 3-star rating might have thousands of reviews. In this sense, it might be a better option than a 4-star rating accommodation with only 20 reviews.

4. Double-check for Hidden Costs

Many times, the accommodation in a certain destination won’t show the final cost. There may also be several hidden costs, such as a large tax each night or for each stay. Other hidden charges may include:

  • For bedding, towels, toiletries, etc.
  • Extra service charges
  • Property service charges
  • For using the facilities such as the playground, park, or gym
  • Baggage holding fees
  • Resort fees
  • City taxes
  • Occupancy taxes
  • Parking fees
  • Wi-fi charges
  • Minibar and room service charges
  • Phone charger
  • Early check-in fees
  • Late check-out fees
  • Cancelation costs

To avoid these unexpected fees, always inquire about hidden and additional costs before the booking. Get the final cost, or a definite range of costs, in writing or an official email.

If you want to rescue some of the additional costs, think of ways to get around them. For instance, you may install a calling app and use your smartphone for calls.

5. Read the Fine Print

Is your intended accommodation providing everything you need? Check out the services and facilities on offer before you get a shock! Some accommodations in far-off destinations might have strict rules about using the facilities.

For example, you may not be allowed to plug in an iron in your room due to the electric risks. The rules may even restrict plugging in any electric items after 6 p.m. If you’re staying in a hostel, they might have a strict cleaning schedule. To work with this routine, you may have to be outside of the hostel for a couple of hours every day of your vacation.


Finding lodgings for your vacation can be a frustrating task. You’ll have to put in some work here, but the reward will hopefully be worth the hassle! There might be some tough choices, but an informed decision is usually the safest.