Travel Resorts of America Lawsuit

Have you heard about the latest Travel Resorts of America lawsuit developments? Our detailed guide dives into the heart of the matter, addressing common questions and exploring the complex details at play.

Recently, Travel Resorts of America was under scrutiny because of a lawsuit that sparked interest among travelers and legal aficionados alike. At the core of the lawsuit are accusations including brief descriptions of the main allegations, such as misleading marketing strategies, false claims, etc, which have caused dissatisfaction among several customers.

Overview of Travel Resorts of America Lawsuit

The Travel Resorts of America lawsuit involves allegations against the company for engaging in deceptive marketing practices and misrepresenting membership benefits. Customers have raised concerns about the validity of the promises made regarding access to exclusive resorts, the availability of amenities, and the overall value of membership. 

The legal action seeks to address these issues, highlighting dissatisfaction among members and calling into question the company’s business practices. As the case unfolds, it aims to rectify the grievances of affected members and potentially reform the way Travel Resorts of America operates its vacation resort offerings.

What Led to the Lawsuit?

Every lawsuit has a back story. In the instance of TRA, the allegations focus on misleading marketing methods, false claims, and dissatisfied customers. Following these allegations, a group of customers filed a lawsuit against the corporation.

It was alleged that TRA improperly took fees from customers’ bank accounts even after their membership was canceled. The action, filed in the United States District Court for the Middle District of North Carolina, claims that TRA violated the Electronic Funds Transfer Act (EFTA) by carrying out unauthorized electronic fund transfers without the customer’s express approval.

The lawsuit also alleges that TRA put customers in automatic payment plans without their knowledge or consent, making it difficult for subscribers to cancel their memberships and stop these illicit payments.

The Background and History of America’s Travel Resorts

America’s travel resorts have a rich history that reflects the broader development of the tourism industry in the United States. These resorts have evolved over the years from simple, rustic retreats to luxurious destinations that offer a wide array of amenities and activities. Their development is closely tied to the country’s economic growth, technological advancements, and changing societal attitudes towards leisure and vacation.

Early Beginnings

The concept of vacationing for pleasure in the U.S. took root in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Initially, only the wealthy could afford to take time off and travel for leisure. Early resorts often sprang up in locations noted for their natural beauty or health benefits, such as mineral springs. These were the precursors to America’s travel resorts, offering guests restorative stays with limited activities and amenities.

The Expansion of the Railroad

The expansion of the railroad network in the 19th century made travel more accessible and affordable, allowing more Americans to visit distant locations. Resorts began to develop around scenic and remote areas that previously had been inaccessible. This era saw the birth of iconic resorts in mountainous regions and along the coasts, catering to the growing middle class’s desire for leisure and adventure.

The Automobile and the Road Trip

The advent of the automobile and the improvement of road networks in the early 20th century further democratized travel. The concept of road trips became popular, and resorts started catering to families and individuals seeking a break from their daily routines. This period marked a significant shift towards more casual and family-oriented resorts.

The Jet Age and Beyond

The introduction of commercial jet travel in the mid-20th century opened up new possibilities for vacation destinations, including resorts in previously hard-to-reach locations. Hawaii, the Caribbean, and other tropical destinations became accessible to a broader segment of the American population. Resorts began to offer more diverse activities, from golf and tennis to spa treatments and fine dining, catering to varied tastes and interests.

The Modern Era

Today, America’s travel resorts range from historic properties that have been hosting guests for over a century to modern, all-inclusive destinations that offer a vast array of leisure and entertainment options. They are found in every conceivable setting, from urban hotels with resort-style amenities to secluded beachfront properties and mountain lodges.

The rise of eco-tourism and sustainable travel practices has also influenced the development of resorts in the U.S., with many establishments now emphasizing their environmental initiatives and connections to local cultures and communities.

How Travel Resorts of America Operates?

Travel Resorts of America (TRA) provides a collection of RV resorts and campgrounds across the U.S. for RV enthusiasts. Here’s a breakdown of how their system works for members:

  • Membership Acquisition: Interested individuals or families buy a TRA membership, gaining entry to a vast network of premium RV resorts and campgrounds.
  • Reservation: With a membership in hand, you can book stays at any TRA site, using their online platform or by calling directly.
  • Experience Your Visit: Upon reaching the chosen RV resort or campground, you’ll check in and begin your adventure.
  • Ongoing Access: Your membership allows for unlimited access, meaning you can explore a variety of locations whenever you wish.

Understanding Travel Resorts of America

Travel Resorts of America, a leading vacation membership company, provides access to a wide range of resorts, campgrounds, and recreational sites across the U.S., aiming to offer unforgettable vacation experiences. However, it has faced criticism and legal challenges due to various allegations:

  • Misrepresentation of Services: Customers have accused the company of overstating the quality and availability of its facilities, leading to disappointment.
  • Deceptive Sales Practices: Lawsuits claim that the company’s sales tactics were misleading, including making false promises and failing to disclose key details about membership costs and limitations.
  • Breach of Contract: Members contend that Travel Resorts of America did not meet the services and benefits promised in their contracts.
  • Failure to Deliver Benefits: There have been complaints about the difficulty in booking, limited accommodation availability, and poor customer service, suggesting that the company did not deliver the benefits it promised to its members.

Travel Resorts of America Membership Cost

Travel Resorts of America Membership Cost

Understanding the costs associated with Travel Resorts of America (TRA) memberships is essential for those considering joining. TRA provides various membership plans designed to cater to the different requirements and tastes of travelers.

The price of membership depends on several aspects, including the length of membership, chosen locations, and the extent of benefits and privileges included.

Prospective members should carefully examine the membership fees to assess the cost-effectiveness and value TRA offers. It’s recommended to meticulously go over the available membership packages and their respective costs before making a decision.

Note:- For more in-depth information on membership options and pricing, be sure to check out the Travel Resorts of America Membership page directly.

Allegations And Legal Claims

The lawsuit facing Travel Resorts of America has caught public attention with its serious allegations and legal claims brought forth by plaintiffs. These accusations shed light on major issues that prompted legal action against the company.

Key Allegations and Claims by Plaintiffs

The core of the legal battle includes accusations of:

  1. Deceptive or misleading advertising
  2. Misrepresented amenities and services at resorts
  3. Broken promises regarding membership perks
  4. Financial losses suffered by members
  5. These claims highlight the depth of TRA’s alleged malpractices, driving affected consumers to pursue justice through legal channels.

Legal Challenges Faced by Travel Resorts of America

Violation of Agreement Terms

A prevalent cause for legal challenges against GGR involves violations of agreement terms. This situation arises when the organization does not fulfill the services or amenities promised in the membership contract.

Claims of Deceptive Practices

Legal issues may emerge if members feel that they have been deceived or given false information regarding the services, costs, or advantages associated with their membership.

Disagreements Over Finances

Members might initiate legal proceedings over financial disagreements, such as unexpected charges, errors in billing, or disputes over the costs associated with their membership fees.

Dissatisfaction with Service Quality

Legal complaints may also originate from members who are unhappy with their experiences at GGR’s campgrounds or resorts, pointing out problems with the facilities, services, or general standards.

Issues with Accessibility and Availability

Members could pursue lawsuits if they encounter problems with accessing or booking the promised facilities, especially when availability does not match what was outlined in their membership agreements.

Inadequate Customer Support

Another ground for legal action includes instances where members receive insufficient or unhelpful customer service, exacerbating disputes and leading to unresolved grievances.

By addressing these concerns, potential and current members can gain a clearer understanding of the legal challenges faced by Global Getaways Resorts and the reasons behind them.

Reviews of Travel Resorts of America

Reviews of Travel Resorts of America

Here are some insights from customers about their experiences with Travel Resorts of America.

Deceptive Practices

Global Getaways Resorts turned out to be a FRAUD. They deceived me with false promises about membership benefits to persuade me to join. When it came time to utilize the membership, everything was booked up, despite my planning. They wouldn’t terminate my membership due to an existing loan. 

Our Camping Adventure

I appreciated how they guided us to our campsite and assisted with setup. The shower and changing facilities were exceptionally clean. It was truly serene to just sit by the river and unwind. It would be nice to have more sites with full hookups.

Felt Betrayed

After paying a hefty sum for a campground membership that promised complimentary stays at a specific resort, we felt cheated. Our agreement was clear that we only needed access to this one resort. After using it once for a week, we discovered through their website that the resort we had signed up for was sold. 

Now, they’re pushing us to switch to a different resort over 160 miles away, supposedly available next year. Their customer service is hostile and uncooperative, leaving us feeling helpless. We strongly advise against dealing with this company.

Does the Lawsuit Affect All Travel Resorts of America Sites?

Determining the extent to which the lawsuit impacts all Travel Resorts of America locations is challenging. The company typically issues broad statements or updates at their discretion, often withholding detailed information about ongoing legal proceedings. 

This approach aims to maintain smooth operation across their resorts amidst the legal challenges. Travel Resorts of America exercises caution in their communications, striving to balance legal considerations with their day-to-day operations without causing undue disruption.

What Caused The Lawsuit?

Travel Resorts of America (TRA) filed a lawsuit. Travelers did not appreciate their services. They said TRA utilized false advertising and did not provide adequate amenities. Many people participated in a class action lawsuit. TRA grabbed money from bank accounts without asking. This was after people canceled their memberships. This lawsuit is being handled by the United States District Court in North Carolina. It claims that TRA did not respect the Electronic Funds Transfer Act (EFTA).

They seized the money without permission. People were not aware of automatic payment schemes. Now they want TRA to repay the money. They also seek interest and legal fees. They want the court to order TRA to cease doing this. This example demonstrates why firms must be honest and adhere to the law.

Terminating Travel Resorts Of America Contract: Some Tips

Here are some options to help you get out of a Travel Resorts of America contract if you find yourself stuck with one:

  • Here’s how to terminate your contract with Travel Resorts of America. First, submit a cancelation request. You can send this via email, mail, or phone. Make sure you complete it within the timeframe specified.
  • This way, you may not have to pay a cancellation charge. If Travel Resorts of America does not cancel your contract, you do have other options.
  • You can file a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau or the Better Business Bureau. Sometimes you may need to sue.
  • This is a large legal process. Remember, you’re doing this to protect yourself. Knowing the law can help. It can save you time and money.
  • If you don’t get support from customer service, follow these steps.

Travel Resorts Of America Reviews

Member evaluations for Travel Resorts of America (TRA) reflect a diversity of experiences. Some positive reviews include lovely locations to stay and helpful customer support. These demonstrate client pleasure and enjoyment on their holidays. However, negative evaluations emphasize concerns with honesty in advertising and communication.

People believe TRA does not always convey the truth. This contrast between expectations and reality provides useful feedback for TRA. These reviews make it obvious that effective communication between companies and their customers is essential. TRA requires this feedback to improve. Handling client satisfaction at vacation resorts can be difficult. Both positive and negative feedback are necessary for grasping the whole picture.


Travel Resorts of America (TRA) has a major problem. There’s a lawsuit. Many members are dissatisfied. They expected to enjoy their trips. But they received lies and false promises. This is a question of trust. People enrolled for the attractive membership advantages. They discovered disappointment instead. This isn’t simply about money losses. It’s about TRA having to do the right thing. Employees at TRA try to help.

However, what they say and do is not always consistent. This upsets members. The lawsuit demonstrates that TRA has to change. They must fulfill their pledges. They require improved customer service. They should provide accurate contact information as well as geographic information. For TRA, this is an opportunity to make things right.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who Owns Travel Resorts Of America?

Travel Resorts of America, established in 1986, has seen significant growth and faced numerous legal challenges over the years. Currently, the company is under the leadership of Steve Baldelli, who has played a pivotal role in navigating the company through various legal battles, notably a significant court case. 

The company’s history and leadership, particularly under Baldelli’s direction, have influenced its operational strategies, including pricing policies for American Cruise Lines.

What is the Travel Resorts of America phone number?

For any questions or assistance with Travel Resorts of America, you can contact them at (855) 332-9541.

What are the travel resorts of American locations?

Travel Resorts of America boasts a variety of locations across several destinations, each offering distinct features and attractions. Among these are the Bass Lake Resort, Gettysburg Battlefield Resort, and Rocky Fork Ranch Resort. To explore the full array of TRA locations, it’s best to check out their official website or get in touch with them directly.


The lawsuit against Travel Resorts of America has had a profound effect on the company and its clientele, casting a shadow over its reputation due to allegations of false advertising and unethical practices. This situation underscores the importance of integrity in business operations.

Delving into the lawsuit’s specifics, its impact on memberships, and the overall perception of TRA allows for a deeper understanding of the issues at hand. Moreover, insights into membership fees, customer feedback, staff viewpoints, and TRA’s various locations offer a complete picture of the organization.

As the lawsuit unfolds, its outcome will be critical for resolving member grievances and guiding TRA’s future direction. Moving forward, transparency and a dedication to quality service will be key in rebuilding member trust and satisfaction.