What test do I need to travel from the UK
What test do I need to travel from the UK

You must carry a negative COVID-19 (coronavirus) test report as a proof to travel from the UK. You must have to take a test no matter whether you are a citizen of the UK, you are fully vaccinated (not prior 14 days before traveling), or you are traveling to the country or territory that is on the green list. Therefore, you must take a coronavirus test three days before traveling from the UK. Even you have been fully vaccinated 14-days before your tour, still you have to show a negative COVID-19 test report to travel.


Test needed to travel from the UK

If you want to show proof of your full vaccination status, then you have to submit these documents for demonstration as follows:

  • A full course (Two doses) of any approved COVID-19 vaccine
  • Documents of getting vaccinated in the UK
  • Birth Certificate stating you are 16 or over.

But after providing all these proofs, you may have to show your negative report to travel from the UK because of the protocol from UK Airlines.

Therefore, you need to do the following tests:

  1. Rapid Antigen Test
  2. Day 2 Test
  3. Fit to Fly COVID Test

Apart from the last one, the other two are required for special circumstances. You can easily travel from the UK by completing the last test.


Rapid Antigen Test

If you are tested positive in your COVID-19 test, then you must have to take Day 2 Test to become ensure your COVID-19 status. Day 2 Test can take a day or longer to provide results because this one is a time-consuming PCR Test. But if you need your test result fast, then the Rapid Antigen Test is an ideal choice. Because it only takes 5 minutes to complete the test, and another 30 minutes to provide the result of your test. So, with Rapid Antigen Test, you can be sure about your COVID-19 test result’s validity. As you can say from the name of this test that it is a fast and rapid test which certainly can work for you if you need to travel for emergency purposes.


Day 2 Test

Day 2 Test is needed to travel the green listed countries from the UK. You need to do this test on your arrival in your destination country. But if you do this test before traveling, then you can skip this process out there just by showing your results. This test is quite easy and the result will be packaged at your home after a day of your test. This is a PCR test and people get nervous hearing about this test for no reason. It is an easy and comfortable process with no side effects at all. Rather, it will provide a thorough statistic on your body being affected by the coronavirus or not. The result of this test will come in handy when you travel from the UK to the green listed countries because then you can skip your 14-days quarantine. If you want to travel back to the UK in 3 days after doing this test, then you won’t have to go through these tests again which is a big relief for anyone.


Fit to Fly COVID Test

This one is a normal COVID-19 test, which you can do before traveling to get a negative report to travel from the UK. But with this test report, you can only travel from the UK. You must have to do the Day 2 Test where you are landing and have to remain in quarantine for 14 days. Therefore, if you have any urgent work to attend, you better should do the other two tests from the UK before traveling because then it will be easier for you to attend your work right away after landing. But if you are ready to go with the PCR Test and quarantine after landing, then this Fit to Fly COVID Test will be enough for you to travel from the UK easily.


Wrap Up

If you are fully vaccinated or having a negative test result, then you should carry a printed version of them along with a PDF version on your phone to show them as proof before traveling from the UK. All three tests we discussed above will be enough to travel any country from the UK without getting into trouble. And if you return within three days of your tests in the UK, then you will get a free pass here as well without any test.