Best Places to Ski in Hokkaido Japan

While planning to go to Japan, you should do research extensively and effectively to find skiing hubs in different cities. This nation is enriched in natural resources and panorama. Needless to say, for skiing, Japanese citizens are world famous. There are top places in Hokkaido for joining outdoor skiing sport. Hokkaido is known for its superior skiing resorts which have majestic natural aesthete. This article gives you a straightforward guide to the top skiing resorts located in Hokkaido.

Geographic Landmark of Hokkaido

Before booking air tickets to pay a visit to any ski resort located in Hokkaido, you should have basics about the geographic landmarks of Hokkaido. It is located far in the Northern area of Japan. Here, you will find snow-covered terrain, avenues of trees, and well-maintained runs for advanced skiing. The climate is suitable for visitors to enjoy the skiing and nightlife.

Niseko Grand Hirafu- Top Destination for Snow Skiing

Niseko Grand Hirafu skiing resort is known for the dust snow falling. The extensive ground surface is covered with thick layers of loose dust and snow. This resort lies close to the mountain range which encircles the hilly region on all fours. Here, you will get the top amenities and luxuries to enjoy the summer/winter vacations.

The second reason for the popularity of Niseko Grand Hirafu skiing resort is the rural lifestyle. Here, you will see the smooth lifestyles of Japanese villagers. They are hard workers and obedient to their masters. They are not idle. The ambiance is extremely pleasurable for ski riders. Those who visit this resort go to the nearby villages for shopping. They buy regular commodities, food, and medicines at competitive prices. The striking beauty of nature entices visitors who stay for outdoor exploration like skiing.

Rusutsu- Another Skiing Destination in Hokkaido 

Rusutsu is a perfect fit for experienced pro ski riders. This place has an extension to run across the villages. The skiing field is vast with the avenues of trees, and thorny bush. It is a little difficult for you to ski through the powder snow. The quality of snow dust is standard. However, compared to Niseko Grand Hirafu, the nightlife in Rusutsu is not adventurous. Still, travelers who are experienced in skiing and snowboarding can join outdoor skiing at different times.

Sapporo Teine Ski Resort- Located at 100 Meters High

Sapporo Teine Ski Resort is a unique place for those who are trained. However, untrained rookies can also participate in outdoor exploration and skiing competitions. The powdered snow is really cool and enjoyable. Sapporo is located at the high altitude of 100 meters. Therefore, the aerial view from the balcony is a nice experience for you. it is possible to see the coastal areas when you sit or stand on your hotel balcony. Short runs for skiing are well-prepared for you to go on the expedition. For tough and steep skiing at a high altitude, it is the ideal place.

Kiroro- All Sorts of Runs for Skiing 

Kiroro is a well-known place for international visitors to go skiing and snowboarding. The advantage for them is the availability of different types of runs. Whether you are a rookie to start skiing or an experienced pro ski rider, Kiroro is the attractive hub for you. intermediate students are comfortable skiing on the runs that are adjacent to the resort. The only downside is that this place for skiing is costly.

Tomamu Ski Resort

Tomamu Ski Resort is not for mediocre people with average financial strength. It is famous for the elite class. High-profile visitors are ski riders to choose deluxe hotel rooms for staying. The wonderful scenario and luxurious ski runs must be boosters to excite international visitors. All runs are neat and clean. Visitors who visit Tomamu book opulent air-conditioned resorts for starting their next campaign at the runs.

Sahoro- Best for Family

Sahoro is a suitable place for small family groups for ski riding. Parents with their kids can go outside the resort to ski on the enclosed runs. It is a matter of excitement to force the way through the powder-like snow texture. Remember that advanced intermediate students are not safe for riding here at any run. It is because of the limited runs with the barriers. They can’t double-cross and overtake at high speed.

Niseko- Best Skiing Spot –Comparison Study

Out of the top five skiing resorts, Niseko is considered to be the best destination for you to ski. It is situated on Hokkaido Island – the northernmost part of Japan. The extensive and deep snow-laden areas are extremely adorable. Hardcore riders are happy to opt for this place to ski with groups. There is the least noise to disturb the riders. The snow is pure and cool. The wonderful large trees stand firm to welcome you. This encounter with nature is unforgettable. Adventure lurks in the piles of snow to challenge you wherever you go for riding.

Dust Like Fluffy Snow Grain 

The light fluffy snow grains seem to get stuck to your costume. During the winter season, the snow-covered runs are deep 35 feet high to put you in perplexity. You will have to learn how to tackle the knee-deep high snow at the time of riding on the runs.

One of the biggest advantages of skiing at Niseko Resort is the easy transportation for rescuing victims. Drones and helicopters fly over the head to monitor the whole extension. If needed, they can be called or hired for transportation to safe places.


These top five skiing destinations in Hokkaido provide you with top luxury and comforts. All the runs for skiing here at these spots are well-maintained. The natural sightseeing is difficult for you to forget. However, you should know about the hotel booking charges, and food and lodging details. If required, call the representatives of skiing resorts to have the updates. Your next trip to Japan must not exclude ski riding at any popular run in Hokkaido. In this connection, a destination management company can help you fulfill your dream of making stays at any top luxurious skiing resort in Hokkaido.