Cat-Friendly Destinations

Traveling with your pets can be fun and when it comes to going on a road trip, it needs full preparation. The destination to which you are planning to go is also important to consider. Every destination is not pet-friendly, and you cannot ignore the hotels and accommodations.

Make sure the mode of transportation and hotels are pet friendly, whether you are going with your dog or cat. It’s important to consider the travel destination before planning an overseas trip. Let us explore the best cat-friendly destinations in the world.



Australia is home to more pets than humans, which makes it an ultimate pet lovers’ destination. Whether you go with your dog or cat, the pet-friendly hotels and parks in Sydney and Melbourne will attract you a lot. In addition, the events and fairs organized throughout the year make your trip more fun and exciting. The sand-kissed beaches are chill to hang out with your family and pets, whether you go with your dog or cat. This makes Australia one of the best cat-friendly destinations in the world. 


Rome is the home to many cat-friendly hotels, stores, and shopping malls. When you plan to travel with your cat, Rome can be a good choice for you. Cats can also travel on trains and public buses in cities like Italy. You may also get a discount on your cat’s ticket if you use public transportation. You can halt at the Pantheon, which is a Roman temple converted into a Church, but your cat needs to be in a carrier. If you are lucky, you may see a beautiful choir performance. 

Paris, France

Paris is one of the most pet-friendly destinations in Europe. The city is the home to tons of cat cafes, including the popular Cafe des Chats. You can see the cats roaming around the cafe. Paris is also known as the City of Light. It has plenty of cat-friendly locations where you can hang out with your cat and family. If you visit Paris, you cannot ignore visiting the Eiffel Tower. 

The view of the Eiffel Tower from the field below it – The Champ de Mars, is simply beyond words. Also, Paris is a walkable city, which welcomes you to explore it with your cat in tow. After a day of sightseeing, you can check into a Hotel with room service for pets. There are many pet-friendly hotels that allow cats to stay with families. 


Sweden is one of the most pet-friendly destinations in the world. Swedish people consider cats as family members and encourage pet ownership. Swedish cities welcome pets in public places. Most hotels and restaurants are pet-friendly, Also the clean streets and lush green parks emphasize animal welfare. So, if you are planning to visit a cat-friendly destination, you can try visiting Sweden. 

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam, Netherlands is well known for its relaxed and pet-friendly atmosphere. The Netherlands offers a warm welcome to your cats and dogs. Amsterdam boasts the Catboat, which is a popular cat sanctuary which reflects the country’s love for cats. The Dutch laws work for the production of animals and allow cats and dogs in public places. This makes Amsterdam a great City for travelling with cats.

Vancouver, Canada.

Vancouver is a city well known for its lifestyle and natural beauty. It’s a place that your cat would love to explore due to its natural beauty. Vancouver is home to plenty of parks and trails where you can take a walk with your cat and enjoy the breathtaking views. 

It has many pet-friendly hotels and restaurants that welcome both cats and dogs. So if you have a friend or relative in Vancouver, can plan a trip with your cat to this beautiful city in Canada.

Edinburg, Scotland

Edinburg is another beautiful city known for its history and culture. Edinburg can be a great destination for families with cats. The city is home to hundreds of cat cafés including the famous “Maison de Moggy”. Edinburg is also the home to many cat statues and also a cat-themed pub crawl.

Regardless of the destination, it’s important to consider the requirements of your pet. You should carry your pet food, water, any prescribed medications, and some toys of your feline friend 

If your cat loves dry food, you should take it along on your trip. You can go to to check out a list of the best dry foods recommended by pet experts that are easy on your cat’s stomach. Also, don’t forget to take a carrier and leash to put your cat in the carrier whenever required. You should use the leash while walking with your cat in parks, cafés, beaches, and other pet-friendly environments.


Travelling with your cat can be fun when you choose the right travel destination. After reading this post, we hope that you discover many cat-friendly cities in the world. Choose any destination that seems perfect for your cat’s adventures. From Cat Cafés to hotels and parks, there are tons of locations to explore with your pet.