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Vip Travel Experience Blog

Vip Travel Experience Blog

Sure, you and your family have traveled to your favorite places to get together. But a VIP travel experience is something that you may...
Fun Things To Do In Houston

The 45 Best Fun Things to Do in Houston

Houston is the fourth most populous city in North America and home to about 2.5 million people. It was named after General Sam Houston,...
Best Things to Do in Augusta Maine

29 Best Things to Do in Augusta Maine (ME)

Augusta, Maine's capital city, is a great place to spend a summer vacation. Since the 18th century, when it started as a trading post,...
Best Travel Tips

The 115 Best Travel Tips for all Travelers

You can't learn how to travel until you do it yourself. More travel means more experiences and knowledge. After more than 10 years of...
1st Largest Island in The Philippines

1st Largest Island in The Philippines

In the Philippine archipelago, which has about 7,641 islands, the Philippines claim about 7,641 of them. People live on only about 2,000 islands, and...

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