Ways to Celebrate Christmas When Traveling
Ways to Celebrate Christmas When Traveling

Celebrating Christmas surrounded by your closest ones never gets boring. It’s the season when we gather and make up for the time we couldn’t meet and have fun during the passing year. Sometimes, however, you can land in distant places far from your family. Worse yet, it can be just before Christmas. But hey, it’s not that bad. You can still spend a good time with your family in mind while exploring different countries, their traditions, and cuisines. Let’s take you on a tour of ways to celebrate Christmas when traveling. After all, you better have plenty of emotions and things to share with your family when you return.

Exploring Christmas Markets

Christmas Markets are a vibrant spectacle worldwide, offering an intriguing exploration for traveling individuals and families alike. There’s something unique in each country’s Christmas Markets, but two particular ones stand out – Austria and Germany. They’re called the cradle of Markets, and that’s not for no reason. 

You will find Markets in even the smallest cities in these countries, adorned with glittering lights and eye-popping ornaments. You can savor roast sausages and gingerbread there while buying traditional handcrafted Rauschgoldengel (gold foil angels) or Zwetschgenmännle (prune figures). Germanic countries are your go-to if you want to savor Christmas’s authentic spirit and essence and realize how it transformed how your country celebrates it.

Considering going up north to explore how Christmas is celebrated over there? It’s an excellent but bold choice, especially if you’re not ready to wrestle with wind and snow. If you are, a quick, snowy ride to Scandinavia will tickle your senses with a unique Nordic Christmas flavor. Stockholm’s Skansen Market blends traditional crafts like glass-blowing with heartwarming Swedish food favorites like gingerbread cookies and mulled wine. 

The ambiance over there is just unexplainable – it’s like a fairy tale where you don’t want to do anything but wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Don’t forget your closest ones, though. Seize the moment (and your elevated mood) and make your family members and friends feel valued with a mindful gift. Approach this task creatively with VistaCreate. Use any free gift certificate template to pair it with your gift. For example, if you happen to be in Denmark at Christmas, create a gift certificate for a free sweet, like traditional butter cookies or chocolate with licorice. Yum!

The list can continue, with each country offering something unique. Visit Poland, Ukraine, or Romania, and you’ll see a completely different celebrating tradition between those three. Each is beautiful and awe-inspiring!

Indulging in Food and Drinks

Indulging in Food and Drinks

If anything, food and drinks are those things you can’t miss out on trying during the holiday. From hot beverages providing winter warmth to unique holiday feasts, a new location could pamper your taste buds with novel flavors. Don’t hesitate to try something you have never and probably will never taste. In France, for instance, ensure to savor the culinary masterpiece ‘Réveillon,’ a long dinner on Christmas Eve. It’s teeming with exquisite aftertastes and will carve out in your sensory feeling memory for years. 

As you visit the Southern Hemisphere, Australian Christmas could surprise you with a backyard barbecue or seafood. It might sound simple, especially compared to those previously mentioned. But make no mistake, as those seemingly basic meals are cooked in an exceptional, festive way, in a way you won’t experience throughout the year. 

The key takeaway is eating and eating it well, as food is among those few elements countries have managed to preserve despite rapid and overarching globalization. Let these unique culinary traditions guide you on a gastronomic journey this Christmas, turning each meal into a story filled with rich flavors and newfound traditions. As somebody once said, the more languages you know, the more personalities you have. The same goes for cuisines and tried meals, no doubt.

Giving back

Christmas is a season of love and giving. You may have just one Christmas outside your home, which you would otherwise enjoy. But some can be left apart every year. Use this time during your travels to contribute to local communities. Volunteering is your go-to if you’re willing to make Christmas a bit more humane for others. You could do that by serving meals at shelters and soup kitchens or participating in gift drives for children and older people. 

Even the smallest act will do it, like purchasing from stores that donate commission from sales. You don’t necessarily have to do much to make a difference. Any action goes a long way to making our world a better place to live. Participating in charitable activities imbues your Christmas celebrations with compassion and goodwill, helping you connect with the essence of the holiday more profoundly.

Documenting the journey

Documenting the journey

Living in the moment is what makes traveling so desired by people. It helps us unwind and explore. But the more time passes, the more feelings and emotions will vanish from your memory into thin air. The best way is to create a keepsake and preserve those moments. 

Documentation is a powerful tool for reflecting on your experiences and telling your travel stories. You can capture the essence of spending Christmas abroad through photographs, videos, sketches, and narrative writing. Your tangible traveling collection will be a cherished memoir recounting precious episodes and interactions. A travel journal helps freeze each memorable moment on paper, creating a legacy of your unique holiday experiences. 

Syncing for Wishing

As you traverse the globe during this sacred holiday, connecting with your loved ones via video can ensure they are part of your journey and celebrations and vice versa. Thankfully, technology allows it, so you can share moments, traditions, and discoveries in real-time. 

Organize a virtual Christmas sync for wishes, and feel free to extend it if the circumstances support it. You can initiate online games or arrange virtual gift exchanges to share excitement and surprises. Even a brief call can reduce the miles between you and your family, serving as a comforting anchor to home traditions. 


Traveling during Christmas has its ups and downs, but it’s definitely worth trying, especially since it can be affordable if you approach it wisely. Many cities offer cost-free activities, like breathtaking window displays, city light decorations, or free-entry Christmas concerts. It may not be much, but it certainly adds to an overall Christmas atmosphere and shows the city’s essence and how it’s used to spend this holiday. What’s more important is to embrace the journey and celebrate the universal spirit of joy these days signify.