Celebrate New Year's Eve in Dubai

We didn’t imagine 2022 would end this really quickly. Only a few months left, and we are in 2023. If you are in UAE, New Year Dubai 2023 is waiting for you. The fireworks and the wholesome moments.

New Year’s Eve in Dubai is a dramatic and thrilling experience. People from all around the world visit Dubai just to celebrate the New year. There are exquisite and throbbing parties in which people entail themselves and enjoy the moments.

In this article, we will guide you about some of the top places to celebrate New Year Dubai 2023. Let’s burn your curiosity bubbles in the next section of this blog.

Al Barsha

Al-Barsha is in the South of Dubai with the finest collection of sub-communities. It has favorite restaurants where you can make your New Year’s Eve wonderful. Olea and Salero are the two most popular restaurants in Al-Barsha, where you can enjoy sub-continental food.

Both restaurants have a friendly environment and delicious servings for your family. It’s a perfect place to make your New Year’s Eve memorable. There will be peace and calming music, which will light up your New Year’s celebrations.

Burj Khalifa

Who doesn’t want to see the fireworks at the world’s largest and tallest building? Burj Khalifa becomes mesmerizing on the 31st of December night. There are hundreds, even millions of tourists visiting Burj Khalifa for New Year’s Eve.

The scintillating fireworks fill up the sky. There are adrenaline rush and haphazardly beating hearts. There is a countdown before the fireworks; millions wait for that to complete, so they can enjoy picturesque fireworks hitting the sky at Night. It’s just indescribable for tourists.

Desert Safari

The Desert Safari is not only famous for its activities and other stuff. It can also light up your New Year celebrations in a much different style. You can wear an exquisite Arabic dress and ride a camel on NewYears’ Night, which is an amusing way to celebrate your New Year Dubai 2023.

There will be mouthwatering food, and ample dishes await you! There will be belly dance and fireworks at Night, which will take your celebration on the next level. You can capture these moments with your camera or phone.

Dubai Creek

Do you like romantic nights? Then Dubai Creek is an ideal place to celebrate your New Year’s Eve. You can sail for 3 hours on a boat under the sparkling sky with a bottle of champagne and a piece of cake. This long ride will let you experience and capture Grand Mosques, Old Souk, Parks, and many other things. In the end, there will be dramatic fireworks that will boost up your celebration at Dubai Creek!


In the above article, we have discussed the top New Year’s Eve destination for celebration. You can explore one of these and light up your new year in a different style. There are many other locations in Dubai, like Dubai Fountain, Downtown Dubai, etc., which are also one of the best places to visit on the 31st Night.