Discovering Alaska Together
Discovering Alaska Together

The wild expanses of Alaska are one of the last true wildernesses in the United States. The Last Frontier is an extraordinary treasure trove of natural wonders and makes a truly spectacular destination for an adventurous family vacation.

From scrambling across glaciers or cruising through frozen bays to hiking mountain trails and discovering remarkable wildlife, Alaska is a feast for the senses and offers a unique setting for families to bond. So if you are planning to board a cruise in Seattle or touch down in Anchorage to discover the 49th state, here’s a guide to discovering Alaska’s wonders as a family.

Cruise the Inside Passage

Alaska’s Inside Passage is one of the most scenic spots in the Pacific Northwest. This incredible route filled with picturesque islands, breathtaking fjords, and charming coastal towns is one of the best ways to appreciate the stunning natural beauty of the state from the comfort of a luxury cruise ship, and a great way to introduce your family to the great outdoors.

Wildlife Encounters

Alaska’s wildlife is truly incredible and the chance to encounter the stunning creatures that call the state home in their natural habitat is unmissable. Head out on a boat to see whales, dolphins, sealions, and a remarkable array of seabirds, or trek into the wilderness to catch a glimpse of moose, beaver, and even bears! Your kids will be in awe when they see these wonderful animals amidst the beauty of nature.

Glacier Exploration

Alaska is one of the best places in the world to see glaciers up close, and is home to some of the most impressive examples on the planet. Whether you take the family on a boat trip, a helicopter ride, or a glacier hike, discovering the majesty and power of these frozen behemoths is an awe-inspiring way for a family to bond.

Dog Sledding Adventure

Dog sledding has been an important part of Indigenous Alaskan culture for centuries, and embarking on a sledding adventure as a family is both an exciting experience and a chance to engage with Alaskan Native traditions.

Hiking in Denali National Park

Denali National Park is one of Alaska’s most remarkable open spaces, so exploring it is a must for adventure-loving families. Hiking through the park’s diverse ecosystems on well-marked trail is a delightful experience, whether you stick to the easier paths or attempt to take on Mount Denali, the highest peak in North America!

Fishing Fun

Fishing is a wonderful activity to do as a family, a combination of excitement and fun that always brings kids and adults together in the satisfaction of great day’s catch. Alaska’s waters are literally teeming with fish, making it a great place for anglers of every age and ability. From hunting down salmon in Alaska’s rivers to hauling in halibut on the open ocean, a fishing trip guarantees excitement for the whole family.

Railroad Journeys

Nothing says ‘family adventure’ like a train journey, and Alaska’s scenic railways offer a wonderfully relaxed way to see the state’s breathtaking landscapes. The railroad runs right the way through the state, taking in some of the best scenery it has to offer, from picturesque valleys to mindblowing mountains. Some trains even come with kid-friendly themes and activities, making this the perfect way to enjoy Alaska as a family.

Alaska’s wild landscapes are one big playground for adventurous parents and kids, making the state a truly spectacular destination for a family vacation. From frozen glaciers and breathtaking fjords to wild creatures and thrilling experiences, Alaska is the perfect place to bond as a family.