How to Make Sure Your Power Bank Allowed in Plane

When you travel, you always need that extra power and getting a power bank is one of the best ways to achieve that. With the right power bank, you can get that. The thing is, not every type of power bank will be suitable for aeroplanes.

In some cases, some companies will end up not allowing your power bank on the plane, so you need to know what’s ok and what you can’t use on a plane. It might not seem like much at first, but it can become problematic.

Where Can You Take Your Power Bank?

Generally, if you have a smartphone battery, laptop battery or power bank or anything with a battery that’s Li-Ion, then the best approach here is to add it to the carry-on. You want to ensure that the item is easy to monitor. In case anything goes wrong, then you can easily address the issue and ensure there are no problems, which is really important.

When it comes to power, most power banks that are allowed on a plane need to have 100 Watt Hour. If yours has more than that, then it becomes an issue and you have to address that properly. How do you know this info? You get the mAh number, and find the voltage after that.

What you need to do is to divide the mAh number by 1000, and then convert it into amp hours. Now you multiply the Ah number you got by the voltage. It’s not that hard to do, and it will show you if the device has over or under 100 Watt Hour or not. Understanding all of this might not be hard, but it will certainly make a difference.

Can You Take a Larger Power Bank with You?

What you will notice is that most airlines will not allow large power banks. However, if you have a larger battery that has 100 to 160 WH might still be allowed on the plane, but it’s up to the airline. You need to talk with them first and see if they allow that or not. If they allow it, then you can take the power bank with you, and that’s what makes it such an exceptional option to take into account here.

Veger offers a multitude of power bank models that are suitable for aeroplanes, so you can buy these and not have to worry about any airline restrictions. Depending on the airline, you might even have the opportunity to bring 2 smaller power banks at a time. So even if one might not be ideal, you might be able to bring 2 of them, which is exactly what you need to consider here!


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