Bandarban Tour Best View,Natural Beauty of Bandarban
Bandarban Daylight view

Bandarban Tour, The Beauty of Paharikanya:

Bandarban is a charming place in world history & Bangladesh. Paharikanya Bandarban is filled with natural beauty. Anyone who wants to touch the cloud they can tour there. The green hills of Bandarban and the attraction of the cloud-like friendship. The relationship between the cloud and the hills is very close here. The mountains are covered with a sheet of clouds. Wherever the eyes go only green and green. The hill princess captivates all the tourists

Location & Maps:

Bandarban district includes of ​​Chittagong Division in the southeast of Bangladesh. It is the least populous district in Bangladesh. It belongs to the Chittagong Hill Tracts. Distance from Chittagong is 75 km and 325 km from Dhaka city. Bandarban district’s volume 4479 square kilometers.


Best Time to Visit in Bandarban:

The best time to visit 19th November to 7th March. January is the busiest month of tourism there, then July and June. Prices will be the most expensive for hotels and flights during these months. you can save money if you purchase in advance. Tourists are unlikely to visit Bandarban in October. Those who wish to visit at this time will probably find it the least expensive month. but then you can’t enjoy the proper natural beauty of Bandarban. At this time the weather not suitable for traveling. on the other hand, there is no crowd of people. You can’t enjoy your time but if you think the cheap cost of traveling you can travel that’s time. It is the best time to low cost travel.

How to Go Bandarban :

There is no direct airline communication from Dhaka to Bandarban. First, you need to go to Chittagong then you can go by bus. There are many bus services available from Chittagong city.

The roadway is the best way to go Bandarban. There are many bus services to go to Dhaka to Bandarban. Available bus services are Shyamoli Paribahan, Saudia Paribahan, S.Alam Paribahan, Dolphin Services, Unique Services. The fare for bus services is 650-1500 taka. Non Ac services are 500-650 taka and Ac bus services are 900-1500 taka. It may take 6-10 hours journey to go Dhaka to Bandarban. You can travel with your own transportation or hire a car rental. It has no railway connection to go from Dhaka. First, you may go to Chittagong then go there by bus. Purbani, Pubali & Purobi bus services are available to go there.

There is no waterway communication to go there. Because it is a hilly region.

Where to Stay in Bandarban:

There are many hotels, resorts, and a cottage. Hotels and resorts are located around the city. These hotels & resort are:

Hotel River View Bandarban
Address: Sodok O Jonopod Rd, 4600
Maps: 56V7+69 Bandarban
Mobile: 8801733-115585
Tel: 880361-62707
Rating & Review: According to google maps 4.2 ratings by 280 review

Hotel Hillton (Residence)
Address: Officers Club, Islampur Rd, 4600c
Maps: 56R7+6X Bandarban
Mobile: 01551-712111
Rating & Review: According to google maps 3.9 ratings by 628 review

Hotel Hill View
Address: N108, Bandarban 4600
Maps: 56Q7+VV Bandarban
Mobile: 01828-866000
Rating & review: According to google maps 4.2 ratings by 235 review

Hotel Green Land
Address: Z1811, Bandarban
Maps: 56Q9+HH Bandarban
Mobile: 01845-995575
Rating & review: According to google maps 3.8 ratings by 231 review

Hotel Plaza
Address: Bandarban Sadar 4600
Maps: 56V9+R7 Bandarban
Mobile: 01791-688501
Rating & review: According to google maps 4.4 ratting by 7 review

Nilgiri Hill Resort
Address: Banda -Thanchi Road, Nilgiri
Maps: W86G+P5 Barpara
Mobile: 01769-299999
Rating & review: According to google maps 4.5 ratings by 3352 review

Nilachal Escape Resort
Address: Nilachal Parjatan Center
Maps: 5687+X6 Laimi Para
Rating & review: According to google maps 4.4 ratings by 550 review

Hillside Resort, Milonchhori
Address: Band-Thanchi Road, 4600
Google Map: 569F+8C Milon Chori
Mobile: 01730-045050
Rating & review: According to google maps 4.3 ratings by 364 reviews

Parjatan Motel
Address: N 108 Chittagong -Bandarban highway
Maps: 55HP+8W Bandarban
Mobile: 01991-139026
Rating & review: According to google maps 4.1 ratings by 182 review

Venus Resort and Coffee House, Bandarban
Address: Bandarban Hwy, 4600
Maps: 55MV+4X Bandarban
Mob: 01552-808000
Rating & review: According to google maps 4.1 ratings by 278 reviews

What to Eat in Bandarban:

There are many Bengali and aboriginal’s food hotels. They serve normal & their local food. Mundi, as a traditional food for the small ethnic group of Bandarban, its reputation increases day by day. Some of the “Mundi houses” in the district are selling these dishes like noodles. The restaurant is crowded with people from the afternoon tonight. Along with locals, the food has come up on the list of tourists traveling from home to abroad.

Best Attraction in Bandarban Tour:

There are many attractive places around there. Many hills and waterfalls are situated in Bandarban. People are fascinated by the natural beauty of it.

Nil Giri:

Nilgiri is an attractive tourist spot. It’s 225 feet above sea level, which is situated in Lama Upazila and 50 km southeast of Bandarban district headquarters. Which is called Darjeeling in Bangladesh. Where the mountains and the mistletoes of the cloud go day and night. You can also come to that cloud country. However, those who love the cloud will have more fun when traveling in June-July, which is rainy. Because the cloud has more than.


Nilachal tourist hub situated just 5 km from the city. It is located about two thousand feet above sea level. The entire Bandarban city is seen from the Nilachal. If there is a cloud-free sky, the beaches of Cox’s Bazar will offer tourists a chance. The paved roads of the mountains are equally enticing to tourists. Clouds play near the hand during monsoon, autumn, and autumn.


Tajingdong is a mountain range in Bangladesh. Officially, it is the highest mountain in Bangladesh. Tajingdong also refers to “Bijoy” is that the best mountain in Bangladesh. Tajingdong is about 4300 ft (1310 meters) high from the ocean level. it’s situated in Remakri Pangsha union under Ruma Upazila of Bandarban in Bangladesh

Keokradong :

Keokradong is the third highest mountain in Bangladesh. It is located in Ruma, the southeastern district of Bandarban. It was once considered the highest peak in Bangladesh and its height was 1230 meters. According to the GPS, its height is 974 meters(3196feets)

Buddha Dhatu Jadi / Shorno Mondir:

Buddha Dhatu Jadi is known as “Shorno Mondir.” It is located in the Balaghata area of ​​Bandarban, Bangladesh. This Buddhist temple has the second largest Buddha statue in Bangladesh. The temple was built in 2০০০ under the supervision of Burmese architects in the Southeast Asian style. There is a pond on this hill, named Deity Pond. The goddess pond is 550 feet high and there is water all season. According to Buddhist vane-de, it is a god’s pond so there is always water here. Buddhist Dhatu Jadi is one of the tourist hubs of Bandarban, a land of natural beauty. This Jadi is now a pilgrimage spot in the Buddhist community and has become one of the most attractive destinations for foreign tourists. Although it is known as the “Shorno Mondir”, it is not made of gold. Originally named as the Swarna Mandir for its golden color.

Rijuk Waterfall:

The water from this fountain is about 3০০ feet high and falls in the Sangu River all year long. The Rijuk fountain is shiny like pearl water, a unique symbol of the beauty of nature. There are different kinds of trees and plants that surround this shrub. You can visit this fountain any time of the year but you can really enjoy the beauty of the Rizuk fountain here during the rainy season. From Ruma, I reached the fountain by boat.

Shoilo Propat:

The “Shoilo Propat” is located in the Bandarban-Thanchi road, 8 km from the city of Bandarban district. Shoilo Propat is one of the most popular fountains in Bangladesh. The tourist city is close to Bandarban all year long, this clear and cool water fountain is in front of the tourist community.

Bagakine lake/Boga Lake:

Baga lake is one of the highest freshwater lakes in Bangladesh. it’s located about 70 km from the Bandarban city and is situated on the foothills of Mount Keokardong, Ruma Upazila. Its height is about 2400 feet above sea level. The strange structure of the Boga Lake at the base of another small hill is very much like a volcanic eruption.

Chimbuk Hills:

Chimbuk Hills, the Darjeeling fame of Bengal, is one of the most beautiful aspects of Bandarban. Due to the natural beauty of the country, beyond the boundaries of the country, the Chimbuk Hills have also been recognized abroad. The queen of mountain beauty, Chimbuk Hills, is the third-largest mountain in the country. It is located about 26 km from Bandarban district and is about 2600 feet above sea level.

Milon Chori:

Milon Chori falls 5 km southeast of Bandarban city on its way to Chimbuk. There is a police station here. Standing on the side of the road at the high altitude of the hill, the charming river, called Sangu, spirals in the spiraling motion of the green and chests of nature.

Meghla Parjatan Complex:

The Meghla Tourist Complex is located in the area adjacent to the Hill District Council along the Bandarban-Keranihat road at the entrance to Bandarban district. Meghalaya is only 5 km from Bandarban city. There are two hanging bridges on Lake Meghalaya. Apart from this, there are also safari parks, children’s parks, zoos, open stage, tea gardens, cable cars and paddle boats for recreation.

Dim Pahar:

The boundary of the two Upazilas has been established through this hill between Alikadam and Thanchi district of Bandarban district. The highest road of Bangladesh has been constructed at the height of two and a half thousand feet above sea level. The shape of the mountain peak is two and a half thousand feet high and the locals know it as an egg hill.

Sangu River:

The Sangu River descends from the top of the eastern high mountain and flows along with the city of Bandarban and merges into the Bay of Bengal. A great sight to see Sangu river, who on the hill slopes east of Bandarban.

Rijuk Waterfall:

The continuous stream of natural mountain water is located at Ruma Upazila 66 km southeast of the district headquarters. From Ruma to Thanchi on the way to the river, from the height of 300 feet on the river Sangu, the water of the waterfalls all the year. From Ruma, it is easy to get to this place by an engineered domestic boat. In the Marma language, it is called Ri Svab Svab. Boats can be rented from Ruma Bazar. Boat rent 500-550 Taka.

Nafakum Waterfalls:

The waterfall is located in the Remakri union of Thanchi Upazila. Thanchi, 5 km away from Bandarban. Thanchi Bazar, situated on the banks of the Sangu River. The boat has to rise slowly over the Sangu River towards Remakri. Because the river flows slowly downstream from Remacri to Thanchi and there are many streams. The boat has to rise slowly over the Sangu River towards Remakri.

Because the river flows slowly downstream from Remacri to Thanchi and there are many streams. After some distance of the river, the slopes have dropped down to 1-2 feet or even down to 4-5 feet. On both sides of the river, there are high mountains covered in green. Some of the mountains are so high that their apex is covered by a cloud. Occasionally two tribal settlements can be seen in those hills surrounded by greenery. On the slopes of the hills, tin and fence houses say in the Marma language, ‘Khum’ means waterfall. The waterfall is three hours’ walking distance from Remacri.

Emergency Services of Bandarban:

Fire service
Google Maps: 56VF+V5 Bandarban
Phone: 0361-62222

Sadar Hospital
Google Maps:
56QG+RH Bandarban
Phone: 01730-324765

Bandarban Sadar Thana
Google Maps: 56V8+QH Bandarban
Phone: 0361-62233

MDS Bandarban
Google Maps:
6647+H4 Bandarban
Phone: 01769-293322

Tips for a Tour in Bandarban:

  • you can bargain for a hotel room and car.
  • Can book a hotel in advance if you go on holiday during the season.
  • You can eat local food for taste.
  • Be careful when bathing in the fountain.
  • Travel other than in the offseason or holidays for a lower cost.
  • Be careful when traveling on mountainous terrain.
  • Avoid doing anything that damages the environment of the tourist spots.
  • Put the garbage in the specific place.
  • Be careful when walking below rock falls.