Moving to Baltimore Maryland

Baltimore has always been getting great publicity. It is familiar as a charming city for some reasons. People love moving to Baltimore for its bohemian vibe, affordable houses, vibrant arts, and music scenes, great food, growing job market, and more.

Besides, there are many things to do in Baltimore for fun when living in this vibrant city.

Important things to know before moving to Baltimore Maryland

Although this is the largest city in Maryland, people tend to move to Baltimore. However, there are some important things you need to learn about it here before moving.

So, here we go:

Baltimore is centrally located on the East Coast

Do you need to travel up and down the East Coast? Baltimore is the best place to get a home for you. Baltimore is located at a convenient distance from Washington, DC. It takes only half an hour to be there by train.

Similarly, it also offers a convenient option to travel to New York City and Philadelphia. Baltimore is also Maryland’s central city. You can easily go on hiking and beach trips in an hour which is considered the best thing to do in Baltimore.

Baltimore is a place of neighborhoods.

Baltimore has above 200 neighborhoods. Which one you choose to live here will be a key to your living experience in Baltimore. Because of so many neighborhoods, the locals have also divided this city by West or East Baltimore, using I-83 or Charles Street as its dividing line.

You will never prefer to leave your neighborhood.

Baltimore has unique neighborhoods with all the amazing amenities you need next door. People who love a neighborhood want to stay there forever. Therefore, you must choose your neighborhood while moving to Baltimore based on your wants and who you are.

  • Research properly to explore the qualities of each neighborhood and determine what’s more important for you.
  • For example, you want to stay close to a bar or park next to your house.

Your choices can make it easier to choose the right neighborhood for you to move to.

Baltimore has more rowhouses

When you start exploring the charming city of Baltimore, you will find plenty of rowhouses. You can even find an inspiring range of styles these rowhouses take on. The scenes beautifully painted scenes on the window screens are an inspiring Baltimore tradition. This tradition allows the insiders to look out while the painted windows maintain their privacy from passersby.

The work of public transportation is in-progress yet

Most of the people in Baltimore agree that the public transport here needs to work in different areas. The city has only one metro lane and one line for light rail. However, city buses have been overhauled recently to enhance efficiency. This isn’t the best way to roam around the city.

However, if you want to drive, you can be advantageous. It is because traffic isn’t that bad here in Baltimore.

Summers in Baltimore is hot

The weather here will make you sweat from late spring to the summer. Humidity in the air can keep your hair frizzy. So, whenever you are moving here, prepare for the hot and sticky summer in Baltimore.

Final Verdict

Overall, Baltimore is a great place to live full of amenities and neighborhoods. However, those mentioned above are some of the most important things you must learn before moving here.