Majestic Fast Ferry

Nestled amidst the vast archipelago of Indonesia lies a hidden gem, Batam, a metropolitan oasis that beckons travelers from across the globe. With pristine beaches, majestic mountains, and thriving business districts, Batam is a haven waiting to be explored. And what better way to kickstart your Batam adventure than through the swift and stylish Majestic Ferry?

The Gateway to Batam: Sekupang International Ferry Terminal

Our journey starts in our destination, the Sekupang International Ferry Terminal, located in the northwestern region of Batam. The terminal is bustling and serves as an important connection between Batam and neighboring countries such as Singapore or Malaysia. The most appealing aspect? It’s only a 45-minute ride out of Sekupang’s Harbourfront Centre to reach Sekupang which is a great convenience for tourists. Notably,  Ferries like Batam Fast and Majestic Ferry can be a good choice for those who are planning to explore Batam.

When you arrive at Sekupang the moment you arrive, you’ll feel Sekupang’s warm and welcoming atmosphere. Sekupang’s central location means that you have access to tourist attractions and leisure zones within minutes. For instance, the lively Nagoya Hill is just a short drive of about 25 minutes away and offers a variety of dining, shopping and entertainment choices.

Majestic Fast Ferry: Your Ultimate Travel Companion

Let’s discuss the main attraction on the screen: Majestic Fast Ferry. In December 2014, Majestic Fast Ferry was founded. Majestic Fast Ferry has emerged as Singapore’s most prestigious ferry operator, known for its luxurious and contemporary journeys towards Batam Island. With 14 high-tech vessels, Majestic Fast Ferry prioritizes passengers’ safety and comfort over everything other considerations.

Passenger Experience:

  • Safety and comfort: Majestic Fast Ferry does not compromise regarding your safety and comfort on the trip.
  • Modern amenities whether you’re travelling on business or pleasure there’s a wide selection of modern amenities that will make your travel experience enjoyable.

Fleet Highlights:

  • High-Speed Ferries: Majestic M200 317, M317, and Wavemaster series guarantee an efficient journey with elegance.
  • Capacity Choose between vessels that can hold 317 and 168 seating, making sure that you are able to choose the best option for your requirements.
  • Comfortable seating Enjoy a relaxing seat in comfy leather seats, handcrafted equipped with Norwegian armrests made of oak guaranteeing a peaceful ride.
  • accessibility: Majestic Fast Ferry is able to accommodate all passengers with access to a wheelchair or stroller.

A Smooth and Luxurious Ride

Majestic’s fleet, which includes the M317 Series (Dream Pride, Faith, and Wisdom), as well as the M317 series (Dream, Pride, Faith, and Grace) and the M200 series (Majestic 7, Majestic 9), provides the perfect mix of speed and luxury. The Wavemaster ferries are designed in Australia. Wavemaster ferryboats ensure an enjoyable and smooth cruise, allowing you to get to your place of departure rejuvenated and eager to explore Batam’s many amazing treasures.

Conclusion: Discovering Batam Through Majestic Fast Ferry

Once you’ve stepped out onto the Majestic Fast Ferry onto the shores of Sekupang you’ll be in the middle of an adventure that’s waiting to unfold. Batam’s attractions, from its clean beach to the bustling commercial districts, are all within reach. It’s Sekupang International Ferry Terminal and Majestic Fast Ferry have opened the door for tourists like you to enjoy this paradise island, unlike any other time.

What do you have to be still waiting to do? Take your bags out, book your tickets through Majestic Fast Ferry, and prepare to embark on an unforgettable journey and unlimited exploration of Batam, Indonesia.