Marketing Strategies to Promote Events at Your Hotel

Are you an event planner at your hotel? Do have an upcoming event that you need to market, but you’re only depending on physical marketing strategies? If so, then this is the guide for you. Here, we’ll discuss 6 ways you could advertise your upcoming event effectively. Though we’re already in a digital age, traditional ways of marketing are still as effective as ever. There are a lot of ways to do physical marketing, but these are the most common and effective ones you can try.

1. Print Media for Advertising

The most basic one you can do is print media for advertising. Though this method is simple, don’t underestimate it because it’s highly effective. It’s one of the quickest ways you can spread your event out there. Whether you’re printing newspapers, door hangers, flyers, magazines, or brochures, pick one that works for you. These days, it’s easy to prepare and print media with the help of online tools like PosterMyWall to create customizable content with ready-made templates. 

What’s great about printing media is that you can choose where to advertise your event. Since you’re doing a hotel event soon, why not go to travel and hospitality agencies where a lot of tourists and locals go? In this way, you can gain organic traction effortlessly.

2. Do Outdoor Marketing

Outdoor marketing is another form of physical marketing. This requires you to go out and spread your event by reaching out to potential audiences. Here, you have to know who your target is. Regardless of where you’re located, you must find the right area to advertise. There is no point in marketing your event if you don’t have the right audience. Your safest bet is to go to a busy part of your city and stay near hotels.

This way, you’re able to maximize your visibility. Once you’re settled, make the most out of your position and start advocating for your event in a friendly and vibrant manner. Consistency and persistence are the keys to gaining the interest of your audience. 

3. Try Telemarketing

Another way to gain an audience for your events is to try telemarketing. Telemarketing is the process wherein you do cold-calling and SMS. While it’s challenging to do telemarketing, it’s still one of the go-to methods of physical advertising. The success rate is not as high compared to other means, but telemarketing can be effective if you know how to filter out the people you’re going to reach out to.

When you do try telemarketing, just make sure that you prepare a solid script. Cut the fluff and just be straight to the point. Also, don’t forget to be convincing because the tone of your voice plays a major role in taking the interest of your audience.

4. Go for Vocal Marketing

Vocal marketing is a type of physical advertising where you market your upcoming events by word of mouth. What’s great about this type of marketing strategy is that it’s free, and you also have a chance of other people naturally marketing the event for you. If they’re interested, they won’t hesitate to share your hotel events with their friends and family.

To do word-of-mouth marketing, you can simply encourage your patrons to share your events. Especially if you’re already a popular hotel, it’s not so hard to spread the word when the people themselves do the talking. Hence, if you want natural word-of-mouth to happen, make sure that your hotel has good reviews. You only want positive commentary. So, investing in keeping a pristine reputation.

5. Conduct Face-to-Face Meetings

Since you’re advertising for a hotel, you’re in the hospitality industry, so face-to-face meetings are quite effective, especially when you’re advertising for corporate guests. The bigger the guests, the more you should do a face-to-face meet-up. While giving out brochures and business cards would do, it’s not enough when you want to win the warm interests of your guests.

So, conduct a simple meeting. Discuss want your hotel’s upcoming events are, and don’t forget to throw in some complimentary gifts. Sure, it will cost you, but when you do a meeting successfully, you’ll surely gain the interest of your audience favorably.

6. Travel to Marts and Fests to Advertise

Lastly, this is where you start traveling. Sounds exciting? For sure, but you don’t just randomly travel anywhere. You have to go to relevant places to find your ideal audience. These classic avenues are where you can have a wider reach when it comes to attracting potential clients. 

Some places you can go to are our travel expos, hospitality fests, city fairs, travel marts, and the like. Once you’re here, don’t forget to forge connections and build a solid image of your hotel. Naturally, you’ll gain an organic audience who’ll check out your upcoming hotel events. 

There are some simple yet effective methods to market your hotel events traditionally. Match these with digital marketing, and your hotel will surely start making headlines soon.