Atlas Mountains Trekking in 2 Days

 People who visit Morocco are not very much aware of the fact that they may require to do more than just wandering into the souks and enjoying camel rides through the desert. To enjoy the real thrill in Morocco, you should trek Mount Toubkal which is on the backdrop of the Atlas Mountains. Mount Toubkal trek will take two days including the summit and return. Though it is ideal to take three days to trek Mount Toubkal if you want to make it down to two days, then it will be an ideal option to go with our plan as follows:

Mount Toubkal isn’t so popular among the people who are non-mountaineers. It stands with an incredible height of 13,671 feet (4,167 meters). On the Toubkal trek for 2 days, you need to trek till you reach the village of Imlil on the first day. When you reach that mountain village, you can take a short walk to the Aroumd. You are recommended to settle there for the night to enjoy the traditional mountain gate.

Later, your journey will begin from the Aroumd and will end in the base camp. This whole trek will be very challenging. Therefore, you should be prepared for the long tiring journey. You should always trek with your mind, never with your muscles because the mind never gets tired. The Ait Mizane Valley is a zigzag trek where you will trek for almost six hours including taking pictures and rest while trekking. The path of this trail will be steep as well as rocky, so you need to be careful about that.

But the natural beauty of the surrounding will take your breath away. As you will get closer to the camp, you will find a path where there will be no real trail rather it will be a pile of stacks of stones. This trail will be dangerous to trek but with proper concentration, you can easily make it. After that, take food and proper rest at the camp in the afternoon.

The next day, you need to start trekking early in the morning to summit Mount Toubkal. If you can manage to have a good sleep while resting in the base camp, then you will find the right energy to trek through these early morning trails. After five hours of trekking, you will reach the peak of Mount Toubkal and you will be more than 4500 meters above sea level.

If you stay there for some hours, then you will find many interesting views to see. First of all, you will see the plays of the clouds now and then. Secondly, when the clouds will be parted then you will be able to see the Atlas Mountains. These moments will help you take all the memories of your summit into your memory lane.

When we are done with all the take-ins and enjoying, we are ready to trek back to our earlier destination. But walking back down is more challenging than going up. But this time you can enjoy watching the nature and mountains. You will remember how amazing a trip you had with each of your steps towards home.

 Toubkal trek 2 days are so interesting to the people for some other reasons as well. You will get to travel with groups and share many things and stories with them and they will also do the same. Even if you never climb a mountain before, you should trek on this to experience the joy. Therefore, this can be a lifetime experience for you.  


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