Shop The UK for Your Travel Packing List
Shop The UK for Your Travel Packing List

As you prepare to visit London for the first time, you might wonder what to pack. Is everyone super formal or trendy? Should you leave your jeans and sneakers at home? So, what should you bring with you to London?

From my experience when I visited. I’ve packed my bag for London more than any other destination I have ever visited, and I have it down to a science. If you’re wondering what to pack for London, I’m the gal who can help you. Now that we’re ready to dive into my packing list for London, let’s take a quick look at why some items are recommended.

How to Shop the UK for Your Travel Packing List

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Your Travel Packing List

The Lonely Planet London Travel Guide

Whenever I travel, I always check out the Lonely Planet guide to wherever I’m going. They always have the most up-to-date information and recommendations for packing as much into a trip as possible. In London, a book is written about the city, which is available in an ebook format, or you can purchase specific chapters.

A Burberry Trench

Even if you don’t need it in London’s summer months, the classic Burberry trench coat is a staple in any London wardrobe, and always looks good. It’s a bit of a splurge, but you’ll still use it after your trip. It’s also possible to fall in love with London and move there, which is definitely worth it!


There are some great sunny, warm-weather months in London, so on those days, the city is more beautiful than anywhere else in the world, and you’ll want sunglasses.


While visiting London during the rainy season, you should bring stylish rain boots to keep your feet dry. I know rainboots take up a lot of space in your bag, but you can either pack them with socks, underwear, and other small clothes or wear them on the plane.

With the Burberry-like look (but without breaking the bank), these plaid pattern boots are cute yet not too crazy. You could also go with black if that works better for your wardrobe.

Cross-Body Purse/Day Bag

Cath Kidston, a designer of London bags, caught my eye while I lived there. I love her funky and colorful designs (yet not too outlandish because after all, this is London).

I used to buy a style that isn’t in production anymore (it’s similar to this saddle bag), but there are tons of other great cross-body bags to choose from.

Oyster Card Wallet

In order to be completely transparent, you do not need to buy this and pack it for London in advance. When you buy an Oyster card, you can ask for a free wallet, and Transport for London usually gives them away free of charge for travelers. If you do it that way, you risk not getting a cool design!

Instant Camera

London is one of the world’s most iconic destinations. In addition to bringing your camera and/or smartphone, it’s fun to get actual printed photos from your trip – and the Fujifilm Instax works just like a Polaroid camera.

I take this style of camera on Special Trips, but there are other styles if you don’t like the vintage look.

Universal Adapter

When traveling internationally, you need to stay fully charged to take all the photos and keep up with any online stuff. This universal adapter is ideal because it covers all the main zones, including the U.K. It also has two USB ports that you can use to charge everything overnight at once.

The London Pass

In my guide to visiting London, I recommended the London Pass for first-time visitors. Reduced or free admission is available to sights throughout London, so you can make the most of this amazing city.

Depending on the length of your trip, you can purchase a London Pass that is valid for 1, 2, 3, 6, or 10 days.

What to Pack for London when it Rains

If you happen to check the weather forecast for your trip and realize it won’t cooperate, never fear – I also have suggestions about what to pack for London when it rains!

Proper Rain Coat

You mentioned bringing a Burberry trench for your London trip, but this may not be the best option if the weather is forecast to rain. For women, I recommend the Shoreside from Joules, the Curve Jacket from Danish company Rains, or the waterproof Original Cotton Smock from Hunter. For men, GQUK has a great selection.


As for Hunter boots, they’re a great option for another rainy-day essential in London: Wellington boots! Since they were designed in British style in the early 19th century, these boots are essential for keeping your feet dry. As well as the budget option I mentioned above, Hunter has great Wellies and I love the XtraTuf Legacy Boot, though they are a bit more utilitarian in style.


Londoners seem to have a split opinion about umbrellas; I have never used one, but I know Londoners who do. You need to be conscientious with your umbrella – it doesn’t entitle you to the entire sidewalk! Among the many budget-friendly umbrellas available from JUKSTG, this one is a good choice.

Waterproof Bag

There’s nothing worse than dressing in waterproof digs only to discover your bag is made from a material that gets wet! I don’t have any specific recommendations, but I love waxed canvas bags to keep the rain out.

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