Southwest Airlines Flight 5850, en route from Phoenix’s Sky Harbor International Airport to Columbus, Ohio, was compelled to make an unscheduled return shortly after takeoff due to a mechanical malfunction, the airline confirmed. The incident occurred at 8:04 p.m. on Thursday, with the aircraft, a Boeing 737, being in flight for merely 29 minutes before heading back to Sky Harbor.

The specifics of the mechanical issue were not disclosed by Southwest Airlines, but the plane was immediately taken out of service for a thorough maintenance examination. Despite the setback, the airline promptly arranged for an alternative aircraft to transport the affected passengers, who reached Columbus with a delay of approximately two and a half hours.

Southwest Airlines underscored their commitment to passenger safety while addressing the inconvenience caused by the delay. The company has yet to provide further details regarding the mechanical fault or when the aircraft will be cleared to fly again, as inquiries from The Arizona Republic remain unanswered.