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WiFi is as important as food and water in this day and age. Back in the day, people who flew couldn’t even imagine having the Internet on their flights. Now, though, it’s a big deal. A lot of questions about WiFi are asked of customer service staff at airlines. Forums for air travelers are full of people complaining about bad WiFi.

Even bad WiFi is better than having none at all. If you are flying on a very cheap airline, you probably won’t have it. Rarely do these types of airlines offer any kind of entertainment on board. This is about to change for Spirit Airlines.

Here’s what you need to know to connect to Spirit Wifi and browse, chat, or stream while in the air.

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What is Spirit WiFi?

Spirit WiFi is the leader when it comes to offering flexible travel options that allow guests to pay only for the things they want, like bags, seat assignments, refreshments, and now WiFi service.

Guests can buy WiFi on the plane, but starting July 13, 2022, they can also buy it when they book their flight on spirit.com and on the mobile app for flights on or after August 24, 2022. With the pre-purchase option, you get a code that lets you into the online WiFi portal on the plane.

How to Work Spirit WiFi?

Spirit’s business model is to give customers options for how they want to travel and only charge them for the services they choose, like carry-on bags, seats, drinks/snacks, etc. With the addition of WiFi as the latest option in its La Smarte model, Spirit is sticking to this model. People will be able to buy WiFi on the plane, but starting today, they will also be able to add it when they book their flight on the Spirit website.

Then, on August 10, Spirit will add this option to its mobile app for flights starting on August 24. If a customer buys WiFi before the flight, they will get a voucher code that they can enter in the online WiFi portal onboard the plane.

How to Install And Connect to Spirit WiFi?

Spirit Airlines plans to put wifi on its entire Ultra Low-Cost Carrier (ULCC) in the summer of 2019. This is different from what other discount airlines have done. It has taken most of the last three years to install wifi services on its “fit fleet,” which is made up of all relatively new Airbus A320 family planes. However, the work is almost done. With the “Ka” band receivers, you could get high-speed internet while you’re in the air.

Frontier and Allegiant, two of America’s other ULCCs, don’t have wifi on their planes. Southwest, which is one of the best low-cost airlines in the country, added Internet access as it started to compete for business travel. Spirit has made other business-friendly changes in the last couple of years, like adding wifi.

How To Connect Spirit WiFi?

  • The latest version of “Spirit Settings” can be found on Google Play.
  • Go to Android’s Settings/WiFi and look for a new network.
  • Join the network “Spirit Wifi-Link…”
  • Open the app for setting up Spirit.
  • Go to Connection and choose WIFI device from the list.
  • Click “Connect,” and you’re all set.

Spirit WiFi Packages

  • Browsing: Starting at $2.99, you can browse the web and stay in touch through email, chat, and social media.
  • Streaming: Stream, browse, and chat on board with high-speed internet that’s 20 times faster than our browsing option and starts at $5.99

Features of Spirit WiFi

  • Ka-band high-throughput connectivity at its most advanced
  • SES and Hughes’ next-generation aviation satellite network and technology are used by FlytLIVE.
  • Ka-band coverage was added to SES-17 so it could serve routes across the Americas and Atlantic.
  • SES-17 is the company’s first satellite with a completely digital payload. It is powered by a Thales advanced digital transparent processor (DTP), which gives it more flexibility and efficiency than before. Using Thales’s FlytLIVE and SES-17, Spirit hopes to offer the best service in the Americas and be faster than other airlines, according to data that has been made public.

How Much Does WiFi Cost on Spirit Airlines?

Spirit Airlines has two different pricing plans for WiFi, and the price depends on how long the flight is:

  • The browsing plan is good for surfing the web and staying in touch through email, chat, and social media. It starts at $2.99 per flight.
  • The streaming plan is good for streaming and other things, and it’s 20 times faster than the browsing plan. It starts at $5.99 per flight.

You can always buy WiFi on board by connecting to the “Spirit WiFi network” or going to spiritwifi.com in your web browser.

Spirit is now letting guests buy WiFi when they book a flight. This can be done on spirit.com starting July 13, 2022, and on the Spirit mobile app starting August 10, 2022. This is good for flights starting on August 24, 2022, in both cases. Those who buy a plan ahead of time will get a code that they can use on the flight.

How Much Would I Pay For in-flight WiFi On Spirit Airlines? Is There A Refund Policy?

Spirit Airlines hasn’t set a price for WiFi yet because the service is still being tested on some planes. WiFi internet access is available on some flights for a low price for the time being.

Also, if you had a bad time using the WiFi onboard, you can ask for a refund by going to their website and filling out a refund request form.

When will WiFi be available on Spirit Airlines?

Since making its plans public in 2018, the airline has changed them a few times. At first, a lot of their fleet was supposed to be up and running by Thanksgiving 2018. Those plans didn’t work out, and the latest estimates say that 97% of their planes will have WiFi by the end of this year.

Here’s a quick list of all their WiFi plans and how they’ve changed over time:

  • Spirit said in the middle of 2018 that all of their planes would have WiFi by the summer of 2019.
  • In the fall of 2018, the work began.
  • Due to problems with the antennas, which had to be fixed on several planes, the plan had to be changed.
  • The new date for the roll-out is set for the summer of 2020. When that time comes, most of their planes will have WiFi.
  • Thales is making a new satellite that should cover their whole fleet by 2021. Both speeds and coverage will improve because of the satellite.


Customers of Spirit Airlines should welcome this extra fee with open arms. It’s cheaper than wifi from other carriers, faster than most (uploading large attachments would be hard, but sending emails is easy), and customer-friendly.

Some power ports need to be put in for business travelers to have no problems, but being able to connect during flights is a key and welcome change.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Spirit WiFi

Does Spirit Airlines offer WiFi?

Spirit doesn’t have WiFi yet, so the answer is no. It’s great to hear that they are working hard to get it put on all of their vehicles. In 2018, they said they would start making plans, but there have been some delays since then.

Spirit teamed up with Thales Group in the meantime. They are putting in their Ka-band HTS system, which they say will give them fast and reliable WiFi.

Will the WiFi on Spirit let you watch Netflix?

This is a nice surprise: you’ll be able to watch Netflix and get to your content on Hulu and other similar sites. Many other airlines have good WiFi but don’t let you watch Netflix or visit other high-bandwidth sites.

How much does it cost to use WiFi on a Spirit Airlines flight?

Spirit thinks they’ll be able to offer WiFi for about $6.50 per person. This deal is pretty good. Their website says that for that amount of money, you’ll get high-speed Internet and be able to surf the web and stream videos. They also say that the real price may be different, depending on the route and how many people want to go. It’s still not clear how it will change.

Does Spirit Airlines Have WiFi? What’s the speed of the network?

YES. Spirit Airlines now has WiFi in the air, though it depends on which plane you’re on.

Also, because the SES-17 satellite is so powerful, it is a high-speed network system that lets you stream videos.

Would I be told if my plane has WiFi while it’s in the air?

Customers are told before their flights which planes have WiFi. These planes would also have stickers with their names on them.

Who provides the WiFi on Spirit Airlines flights?

Spirit Airlines’ WiFi services are partnered with and provided by Thales InFlyt.

Can I watch Netflix while I’m flying on Spirit?

Yes, you can watch Netflix or stream it on Spirit Airlines planes that have WiFi. But keep in mind that the speed of the wifi on the plane is not always the same. So you should know that it may sometimes buffer or stop.

How much does Spirit’s WiFi cost?

Passengers will be able to choose between two levels of service: browsing, which starts at $2.99, and streaming, which starts at $5.99 and is 20 times faster than browsing.

Do Spirit planes have WiFi?

We now have fast, state-of-the-art WiFi so that you can stay in touch. Stream your favorite TV shows and movies, play games, and connect to social media on your own devices without spending a lot of money. Look for the WiFi symbol when you book your next flight to buy WiFi ahead of time.

How fast is the WiFi on Spirit?

In my experience, download speeds were always just below 10mbps, which was a pleasant surprise compared to other GoGo services. I had to work, so I didn’t have time to try streaming. I regret not at least starting up a streaming app for a few minutes to see if it worked.

Is Spirit’s WiFi free in 2022?

Yes, most Spirit Airlines planes do have WiFi in 2022. However, some of the A319 planes and other newer planes that were just added to the fleet might not have WiFi yet. And Spirit does not, of course, offer free wifi.

Is there WiFi on the Spirit A320?

Spirit Airlines has finished putting WiFi on all of its A320 and A321 planes. This means that about 80% of Spirit’s fleet has WiFi. The A319s are the only planes that don’t have WiFi. Spirit is the only ultra low-cost carrier in the United States to offer WiFi, so this is a big deal.

Does WiFi work on Airbus A319?

For a fee, all A319 planes have WiFi. GoGo’s 2Ku satellite-based technology is used on the old US Airways planes, while the old American planes use ViaSat.

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