Why Travel Influencers Should Use Stock Footage in Social Media Content
Photo Credit: istockphoto.com

Planes move pretty quickly, but even the fastest globetrotter can’t keep up with the insane demand of social media audiences. Influencers are recommended to post at least 2-3 times per week per platform. That’s 15+ posts per week, even if you’re only on the biggest social platforms.

How are you supposed to keep up? That’s where stock media can be a lifesaver.

Your subscribers demand beautiful high-res videos of sweeping vistas, rollicking nightlife, cityscapes, waterfalls, monuments and so much more. Here’s a little travel hack. There are thousands of stock images, videos, and audio clips from every popular travel destination on the planet.

Do you want the Eiffel Tower? You got it. How about the pyramids? Done. And we’re not just talking about cheesy old stock footage. These are new, 4K clips shot with high-tech cameras and drones.

Stock footage makes it easy to supplement your own content with high-quality media, helping you produce more content while boosting the quality of your output.

You can even get free stock video if you’re traveling on a budget.

Still not convinced? Keep reading to find out why you need to use stock footage for your social media travel content.

It Makes Your Content Stand Out

Let’s face it: there are a lot of travel influencers out there, and many of them have a way higher budget than you do.

How can you hope to compete? You’ve got to work smarter—not harder.

Stock resources are cheap (and sometimes free), and they make your videos look and sound better.

Viewers like dynamic content with lots of images, quick shots, and fun sounds. With stock media, you can add a bunch of those to your content without ever having to press record.

And thanks to high-quality stock resources, your videos can look even better than the ones made by the big-time influencers in your niche.

Your face is beautiful, but your viewers don’t want to see your talking head all day long. Use stock resources to add more flare and dynamism to your content. That’s how to stand out from the pack.

It Makes Your Content Immersive (and Engaging)

People love travel content when it makes them feel like they’re traveling with you. If you film your dirty hotel room, your viewers aren’t going to feel very captivated.

You can use stock video and audio to help immerse your viewers in the culture, giving them a more accurate representation of what it’s really like to be in your shoes.

Whether it’s clips of food, landscapes, or local people, you can find media that puts your viewer in the middle of the action.

Audio is also a huge factor in immersion. With stock audio, you can pair your videos with authentic sounds from your region. This helps to set the scene quickly and keep your audience glued to the screen.

It Saves You Loads of Money

Doesn’t stock media cost money? Yes, it often does. But once you purchase some stock media, you can use it again and again.

If you’re serious about travel, you’ll want to maintain a library of media from destinations around the world. You’re probably going to go to places like Italy, Thailand, and America multiple times throughout your career. Now, whenever you return to a country, you can reuse media from your library to make new videos.

This is also an easy and free way to make recap videos, best-of content, and travel previews.

Don’t wait to start building and organizing your global media library. You can start now by downloading free stock video.

It Helps You Build a Brand

Your image is your business, and that means you need a strong brand. Using stock media, you can piece together professional content that reflects your unique personality.

It can be hard to do that with your random travel shots, and hiring a professional crew is costly.

You can use stock media to create assets like:

  • Intro videos
  • Background videos
  • Theme music
  • Recurring sound effects
  • Much more

Using consistent imagery and music helps your audience recognize you and remember you.

Yes, you have a beautiful face, but you need more than that to build a brand. Stock media provides you with the resources you need to turn your travels into something bigger than yourself.

Influencers are Embracing Stock Media. Don’t Get Left Behind

It’s not getting easier to stay afloat as a travel influencer. You need all the tools you can get. Luckily, stock media is a tool that doesn’t require a subscription or a tutorial. And, you can start supplementing your content with stock travel media right now for free.

Other influencers are using stock media to create high-quality content while building their brands. You should be doing it too. Start building your stock media library today to spend less time working and more time traveling.