Best Greek Islands for Honeymoon

In 2023, many people chose Greece for their honeymoon trip. Today, we found the best Greek islands for honeymoon in 2024, to choose from, in case you want to have your honeymoon in Greece, too.

Is there any place more suitable to celebrate your marriage and spend romantic moments with your partner than a Greek island for a honeymoon in Greece? While Greece has many mesmerizing places to visit, Greek islands are more romantic than others. Santorini, Mykonos, and Rhodes are among the best islands for couples to spend the first days of their married life.

Let’s see which are the best Greek islands for honeymoon in 2024:

While the most famous Greek islands for honeymoon are Santorini, Mykonos, Rhodes, and Crete, there are many more Greek islands that have a lot to offer to their visitors. Zakynthos, Skopelos, and Milos are only a few of the best Greek islands for honeymoon, among others. Let’s dive into each Greek island individually to unveil its magic.


Santorini is a popular honeymoon destination and a must-visit for romance. Enjoying the well-known Santorini sunset before returning to a gorgeous cave hotel for a little post-marriage ecstasy can make your honeymoon perfect. Also, the island offers a variety of activities for thrill-seekers. These activities include cliff jumping, hiking, and ATV riding. Do you want to relax and spend romantic moments with your significant other? You will be pleased to know that you can find several well-known black sand beaches. Still, almost everyone agrees that a hot spring swim is the ideal pastime for a Greek honeymoon.


Although Mykonos is known for being the best party island in Greece, it’s also a fantastic place for a romantic honeymoon trip to Greece. You can wander around Little Venice and then have a romantic meal for two. Likewise, who wouldn’t want to decompress on Paradise Beach during their honeymoon in true heaven? You can spend the day diving or visiting the bordering island of Delos. This island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Mykonos offers world-class shopping experiences for luxury specialists. Make sure to pack extra space in your bag!


For sentimental lovers, Rhodes island can offer them unique moments. If you visit the island, proceed to the stunning town of Lindos for a Rhodes honeymoon. This village boasts incredible beaches and historic white-washed cliffside homes. Don’t hesitate to go for adventures and discover many secret romantic spots known for wedding destinations. Except for Rhodes town, you may explore the Acropolis of Lindos and go on day trips to some of the other significant locations on the island. Visit the UNESCO World Heritage site in Rhodes Town if you decide to stay there for a day or two. Rhodes is one of the most visited islands. Reserve your accommodations in advance.

Zakynthos (Zante)

Usually, when people imagine spending their honeymoon in Zakynthos, they picture themselves playing and unwinding at the island’s most well-known beach, which locals call Shipwreck Cove or Navagio in Greek. The beach gets its name from the boat that sank there in 1982. This name’s fame extends far beyond the shipwreck; its sheer rock faces make it one of the most stunning locations in Greece. But what is the best part of your visit there? You have to travel there by boat, which ups the adventure factor. Enjoy the Kerri Cliffs sunset on a romantic evening.


Known as the “Mama Mia” island, Skopelos is the ideal destination to live your romantic musical fantasies. Even though the island has a different name in the movie, you can be sure that the island is much more lovely. It is the place where most of the film was filmed. While you are there, you definitely have to discover the stunning village of Chora; it has the best food on the island. And if you want to bathe, there are many excellent beaches to choose from such as Velanio and Limnonari. Don’t forget to stroll to the white church by the sea with the name Agios Ioannis. Yes, it is that church.


Crete is the biggest Greek island. It is also one of the best Greek islands for honeymoon. What can you do there? First, you can visit the quaint town of Chania, which has a beautiful Venetian harbor and is a spectacular site to wander hand in hand. In this area, you can find many restaurants with views of the sea. The lighthouse also provides picturesque vistas. Crete is the southernmost point in Greece where you can go and still be in Greece, which is another reason to choose it for your Greek honeymoon. This implies that the island experiences ideal weather for long periods, with 300 days of sunshine annually, allowing you to enjoy several of Crete’s breathtaking beaches. Riding a horse and visiting opulent spas are a few activities you can enjoy with your honeybee.


Want to go to an island in Greece without the need to take another plane ride? Visit Tinos, an island reachable from the mainland via ferry. This island has a lot of churches. The religious celebrations you can attend have helped Tinos to earn the title “spiritual heart of Greece”. Though it’s not as well-known to visitors, the island’s true beauty lies in that. Greek people love it for domestic vacations since it offers the same gorgeous coastline as anywhere else but with significantly fewer sun worshippers.


Milos is a popular destination for honeymooners, as it is a little away from the main path. This island is a perfect area to cuddle up on a four-wheeler because its streets are small and mainly composed of mud. Explore the island, see stunning beaches one after the other, and cap off each day with a glass of wine and delectable seafood meals at any one of the many waterfront cafes.


Beautiful Greek island life is a somewhat different perspective on Corfu. Take an Olive Oil Tasting Tour to savor the authentic Greek cuisine, or visit one of the hundreds of stunning Orthodox churches and monasteries on the islands to experience Greek culture. While you are there, do not forget to visit a beach called Canal D’Amour, a tranquil and extraordinary destination for couples in love.

The natural habitat of Greek islands can set the scenery for many romantic moments with your partner. Santorini, Mykonos, Zakynthos, and Skopelos are among the best Greek islands for honeymoon in 2024. Sunny and picturesque beaches, unique sunsets, and quaint streets are waiting for you to discover them.