Best Must-Try Tours in Dubai
10 Best Must-Try Tours in Dubai

Dubai is not just the heart of eccentric sightseeing and incredible skyscrapers. It is filled with art, preserved culture, natural assets, and exhilarating adventures as well. Dubai is a heavenly tourist spot whether the visitor is an adrenaline junkie or an aspiring photographer, this place has well-defined charms and attractions for all.

This Emirati stopover has created opportunities for everyone to explore its vicinities far and wide. Upon your visit to this middle eastern wonder, you are exposed to explore the amazing rare wildlife, create a mood over the rhythm of the dancing fountain, hail to the mighty Arabian tradition at Creek, and a lot more.

Get fascinated by some of our best picks of the coolest spots that are a must-try whenever you get a chance to visit this amazing Persian gulf city.

Top 10 Mind-Blowing Attractions in Dubai

1. The Insane Golden Dunes

The breath-taking golden landscape of the high dunes of Arabia is the ultimate exotic destination for a travel enthusiast. Desert safari Dubai is a preserved natural asset of the UAE keeping the ancient Arabian culture alive. Here you can get fascinated by enthralling sand sports including dune bashing, sandboarding, ATV & fat biking, and exotic camel and horse riding.

These exhilarating sand sports are the ultimate reasons why desert safari is always jammed with tourists from all over the world.

The pristine dunes of Arabia are not only the center of crazy sand activities but also a spot for portraying art and culture. The heritage sport Falconry, myriad live shows, the traditionally themed campsites, artistic application of henna & Arabian attiring opportunities make this barren a hub for escapers to snoop in the well-preserved Arabian culture which can be seen nowhere else.

2. The World’s Tallest Tower

There is no need to remind a traveler to visit this amazing marvel of the Emirates. It has taken alignment in the imaginations whenever Dubai is referred. The busiest tourist attraction of the UAE, Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest tower that offers its visitors breath-taking views of the entire Emirates.

Seeing a thousand colors of the city from the renowned 124th top is an extremely delightful experience for a beholder. Enjoy the majestic dance of the dancing fountain, located in the Khalifa lake underneath this mighty skyscraper. The night view of Burj Khalifa in the landscape of the colorful fountain dance is super star-studded representing the legit glamor of the city of man-made marvels.

3. A Luxurious Shopping Hub

Here comes the number of the second most busy place in the city. The famous Dubai mall is the number one luxurious shopping mall in the world, displaying more than 1300 outlets based on a huge variety of goods. It’s not just heaven for shopaholics, but also a great place for wanders. The diving men sculpted waterfall is installed here which is a legit beauty for a wanderer.

The famous underwater zoo and aquarium is home to around 140 aquatic species including sharks, rays, tigers, and giant groupers. You’ll see artificial mermaids waving at you meanwhile wandering around this incredible masterpiece of architecture. Not just that, the mall is a hub of eccentric eateries carrying many cafes and dine-ins to elevate your mood with divine food.

4. Catch  the Traditional Belongings

Also known as Khor Dubai, the 14km spread creek is a hub for trying local restaurants, shopping ventures, and the discovery of traditions. Take an abra ride in just 1 dirham which takes you across the banks of Deira and Bur Dubai, and explore the traditions of the old city along with visiting its souks and markets.

It’s a.great place to discover the historic lifestyle of the natives and their ancient belongings which you can encounter widely and deeply on your way from Al Fahidi Heritage fort to Al-Seef. Buy little souvenirs of Arabian architecture from the local shops, explore the gold and spice souks, and get fascinated by the precious Arabian cultures preserved in modern cloaks.

5.   Feel the Fairy Tale Bliss at Miracle Garden

The wonderful miracle garden of this skyscraper marvel is home to around 100 million flowers. The fantastic views of this world’s largest flower garden consist of florally decorated buildings, houses, windmills cottages, vehicles, even the floral Burj khalifa. This vivacious fairyland is an ultimate goal for social media activists, bloggers, and photographers who want to cover their visit in colorful tones of nature. The Guinness record holding the greatest flower garden of the world carries infinite charms to set the wanderers on the seventh sky of gratitude and mindfulness. 

6.   The Sail Shaped Epitome of Luxury

The most luxurious hotel in the world -Burj Al Arab is the iconic signature of the UAE. The mesmerizing views of this sail-shaped hotel can be seen through the gulf of Palm Jumeirah beach. Palm Jumeirah is a public beach that invites every visitor without any entrance fee.

Burj Al Arab is showcasing its beauty by standing still in the heart of palm Jumeirah -the Man-made island. Must visit this jaw-dropping Emirati wonder to capture some coolest snaps covering the beautiful landscape. Or just wander barefooted beside the bank of Jumeirah and wonder at the mind-blowing architecture.

7.   Chase the Colors of Kite Beach

The colors are in the air! Once you visit the kite beach, you’ll see by yourself the floating colors in the air. Kite beach is located across Al Manara Road Junction. At this pristine landscape, you can enjoy crazy water sports including Paddleboarding, kitesurfing, and beach sports as well as beach volleyball, kayaking, and beach tennis. Lock your gaze over the mighty Burj Al Arab which can be viewed from the bank of the serene Jumeirah beach.

The gulf sideways remains busy because of cafes, dine inns, local shops, and aligned luxuries of the city. There are various events going on this colorful beach the whole year because it carries the city’s largest skateboarding park. Bless yourself with a soul-refreshing treatment of a phlegmatic walk at the seashore and cherish your presence at the kite beach.

8. The Indoor Skiing Resort

The ethereal pleasure of skiing on a snow filled land is heavenly for thrill-seekers. Ski Dubai is the world’s first indoor skiing resort which offers you to breathe in freezing cold temperatures even in the terribly elevated outdoor temperatures. The resort carries five magnificent ski runs one of which is the longest i.e. 1300 feet with 197 feet vertical drop. Other means of amusement in the indoor skiing resort are snowball fights, toboggan run, chairlift ride, and freestyle snowboard zone.

Other than this, the first-ever indoor black run of the world is also arranged in the resort. Pose with the adorable penguins, residing in their habitat snow colony. These penguins greatly attract kids to play and lure in the snow with them. Carry extra accessories with you to remain protected from shivering at the dropped temperature of -6. However, all the gear is given there according to the atmosphere inside.

9.  The Cultural Souk Markets

Catch the alluring shine of the city by exploring its gold souk. The heavenly treasures of gold are located at Deira which lies on the south side of the  Creek. There are more than 300 retail stores where vendors showcase tempting gold jewelry including beauteous earrings, necklaces, bangles, bracelets, anklets, rings, and other embellishing accessories. This gold souk has a firm identity of supplying near 20 percent of gold to the entire globe.

Other precious metallic accessories which are available here are diamonds, platinum, and silver. The opposite side of the creek contains the renowned spice souk which attracts you by the pungent smells of hundreds of spices including the essence of zingiber, different species of chili, Sativa, high valued saffron, and myriad seasonings. Visit this trade of nifty resources and cherish your whereabouts in the city of gold from each and every aspect and discover its majestic treasures.

10. Cherishing Night Life in the Heart of Marina

Dhow cruise at Dubai Marina is on the hit list of almost every traveler who visits Dubai. These luxurious floating hotels offer a great number of divine eatery including continental buffet, veg, and non-veg cuisines, and inclusive refreshments along with the delicacy of various dessert dishes.

Classic dinner at dhow cruise is the dynamic means of witnessing the city’s charisma at night. Meanwhile, you’ll get to see the amazing nightlife glamour of the Marina Mall, JBR, and the Bluewater island being the main eye-catching spots. This two hours ride of dhow cruise at the marina is filled with joy, entertainment, and stunning spectacles which you’d never want to miss out on when checking in Dubai.


The specified tourist spots in Dubai are extremely appealing that they can make a travel enthusiast plan his next holiday in Dubai. There is a lot more to discover in Dubai for a wanderer and adventure freak because this not just a land of empires It’s a golden inspiring state on earth that has made its identity by modest hospitality out of its natural resources.