Berlin Electrifying Nightlife and Entertainment

The sun is setting. You imagine yourself sitting at the edge of your bed, and you are watching in awe, like a child for the first time, as the last lingering rays of sunlight gently wave across the walls of your room. The day is officially over and the time of the night has come. You stand up, dress with your best and most comfortable outfit, apply that cologne that boosts you with confidence, and you look outside the window. Man, you can feel it! You can feel the city’s heart beating! Berlin is beckoning to you.

Before jumping into action though, we are going to provide you with a unique tip. There are several ways to travel to Berlin. If you find yourself flying your way there, make sure to book an AtoB airport transfers in Berlin. Oh, you are in for a ride – literally! We know you are looking for a stress-free, safe, and fun ride to your hotel and AtoB airport transfer service is here for you. Don’t miss out!

Did you know that Berlin is considered as the party capital of Europe? Or as the city that never sleeps? Well, it’s true! Berlin offers a diverse range of nightlife and entertainment options, so everyone will find their place. Its vibrant nightlife and numerous night clubs, bars, restaurants, and music venues are going to sweep you off your feet! Without further ado, let’s dive into some options.


The first thing that comes to mind when you are thinking about Berlin’s nightlife, it’s nightclubbing. And that’s true as 1 in 4 people from all backgrounds that visit Berlin, prefers to spend their night clubbing. We are talking about you, partygoer.And we know what you do. You have a big, full afternoon sleep so you can party till morning since Berlin is the city that, well, never sleeps! So, call the AtoB airport transfer (did you think that it was just an airport taxi service?) and your driver will get you to your favorite club in no time. What? You don’t have a favorite club or you don’t know where to go? We’re not going to say “shame on you” as your driver is going to provide you with several suggestions – not all heroes wear capes. For us, clubs like the Berghain, Watergate, and Tresor are leaving their own legacy in the world-class techno and electronic music scene, so, keep them in mind!

Live music

So, you are a live music aficionado, a concertgoer. Man, do we have great news for you! We’re sure that you are aware of the legendary Mercedes-Benz Arena. Pray there is a live concert during the time of your visit and you are going to have an experience of a lifetime. There is also the Columbiahalle for the most electrifying experience you have ever lived. You can feel the audience’s emotions and the band’s palpable energy in the air. You just can’t miss the opportunity. If you are more of an Average Joe type of person, there are also intimate, smaller, and some could say cozy, clubs where you can enjoy both local and international music bands and artists. Such places are Wild At Heart, Kilkenny for the Irish folks (and not only), The Hat Bar and Gaststatte Speiches Rock – & Blueskneipe for Jazz and Blues, Klunkerkranich, Yorckschlosschen, and Aufsturz. All ideal places for you to visit and enjoy a relaxing late night with drinks and good company. Just remember to tell your driver from the AtoB airport taxi service the place of choice.

Bars and Pubs

Bars and Pubs

You don’t need live music to have a good time and enjoy your night with your friends. We get it. Deep inside you feel old-school. You want to enter a bar with dim lighting, you want to see the bartender faithful at their post with the never-ending glass cleaning ritual, and you are curious to see the walls’ decoration. After all, a pub’s or bar’s “personality” is the kind of posters, pictures, quotes, and celebrities hanging from their walls. You are still in the right city. Berlin offers countless bars and pubs. You could begin your night at the Kreuzberg area in West Berlin which is famous for its bohemian style and try the bars this neighborhood has to offer. Otherwise, you can visit the Mitte District for more elegant pubs, wine bars, and beer lounges. Still not convinced? Do you want to judge the city’s beer and spend your night in a beer garden? Two words. Prater Garten. Your Berlin airport taxi driver knows all the ways.

Theaters and Shows

Theaters and Shows

Berlin offers a great theater scene with many options based on your liking. From classical performances to avant-garde plays and musicals, everything is within your grasp during your time in Berlin. The historic Chamaleon Theater is an explosion of colors and feeling and it should be your first choice for musical shows. If you like dancing plays then Friedrichstadt-Palast is for you. The Wintergarten Variete offers plays based on the vaudeville tradition, while the Stage Theater des Western, being Berlin’s oldest musical stage, is for the lovers of the more musical classics. Pick your favorite venue and your AtoB airport taxi driver will drop you (and pick you up) there.


Last but not least here come the food suggestions. The long-awaited section. Clubbing, partying, sightseeing, everything comes down to this first. You eat, you fill up your energy levels and then you are ready to rock the city. Not to mention the aftermath cravings. And not only that, eating is a form of sightseeing. By indulging in the local cuisine, you live and become part of the city’s culture and history. Oh, you are in for a treat. First, and foremost, currywurst. The best and most easily accessible late-night street food that you can find in Berlin. Wurst with a pinch of curry (we know, hold your horses). Wiener schnitzel. Boy does this bring back memories from your childhood. Something bad happened to you and your mother or grandmother used to cook that for you to make you happy. And happy you were. You can still be here in Berlin. Whoosh! Doner Kebab. THE after-party street food. No need to say anything more. Kartoffelpuffer, for the potato and pancake lovers. And finally, Berliner Pfannkuche and Bretzels for your sweet and savory tooth.

And there you have it! There is your guide that you should follow if you want to enjoy your time in Berlin. We know that everything is new and you need to explore your options, but you’re a step ahead. Party or not, casual or formal, there are plenty of options to spend your nights during your stay. It’s your time to check “that night in Berlin…” from your checklist.