Countries Begin with 'S'

When it comes to global geography, an interesting way to categorize countries is by their initial letters. For those curious about how many countries begin with the letter ‘S,’ you’ll find that there are 27 such nations. Let’s explore these countries, highlighting key details about each.

1. Saint Kitts and Nevis

  • Location: Caribbean
  • Highlights: Known for its beautiful beaches and vibrant culture.

2. Saint Lucia

  • Location: Caribbean
  • Highlights: Famous for the Pitons, volcanic spires, and luxurious resorts.

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3. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

  • Location: Caribbean
  • Highlights: Comprises 32 islands and cays, known for sailing and marine life.

4. Samoa

  • Location: Pacific Ocean
  • Highlights: Known for its rich Polynesian culture and stunning natural beauty.

5. San Marino

  • Location: Europe
  • Highlights: One of the world’s oldest republics, famous for its medieval architecture.

6. Sao Tome and Principe

  • Location: Central Africa
  • Highlights: Known for its biodiversity and coffee plantations.

7. Saudi Arabia

  • Location: Middle East
  • Highlights: Home to Islam’s two holiest cities, Mecca and Medina.

8. Senegal

  • Location: West Africa
  • Highlights: Known for its vibrant music and the historic island of Gorée.

9. Serbia

  • Location: Europe
  • Highlights: Rich in history, with Belgrade as its bustling capital.

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10. Seychelles

  • Location: Indian Ocean
  • Highlights: Renowned for its pristine beaches and coral reefs.

11. Sierra Leone

  • Location: West Africa
  • Highlights: Known for its beautiful coastline and wildlife sanctuaries.

12. Singapore

  • Location: Southeast Asia
  • Highlights: A global financial hub known for its modern skyline and vibrant multicultural society.

13. Slovakia

  • Location: Europe
  • Highlights: Known for its castles and mountainous landscapes.

14. Slovenia

  • Location: Europe
  • Highlights: Famous for Lake Bled and its stunning natural scenery.

15. South Africa

  • Location: Southern Africa
  • Highlights: Famous for its diverse cultures, wildlife, and landmarks like Table Mountain.

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16. South Sudan

  • Location: East-Central Africa
  • Highlights: The world’s youngest country, known for its cultural diversity.

17. Spain

  • Location: Europe
  • Highlights: Known for its rich history, architecture, and vibrant festivals.

18. Sri Lanka

  • Location: South Asia
  • Highlights: Famous for its ancient ruins, beaches, and tea plantations.

19. Sudan

  • Location: North-East Africa
  • Highlights: Known for its ancient pyramids and the Nile River.

20. Suriname

  • Location: South America
  • Highlights: Known for its vast tropical rainforests and diverse culture.

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21. Sweden

  • Location: Scandinavia, Europe
  • Highlights: Famous for its innovative design, scenic landscapes, and high quality of life.

22. Switzerland

  • Location: Europe
  • Highlights: Known for its neutral stance in politics, luxury watches, and the Alps.

23. Solomon Islands

  • Location: Pacific Ocean
  • Highlights: Known for its WWII history and diving spots.

24. Syria

  • Location: Middle East
  • Highlights: Rich in ancient history, though currently impacted by conflict.

25. São Tomé and Príncipe

  • Location: Central Africa
  • Highlights: Renowned for its biodiversity and cocoa production.

26. Saint Helena, Ascension, and Tristan da Cunha

  • Location: South Atlantic Ocean
  • Highlights: Known for its remoteness and historic significance related to Napoleon.

27. Somalia

  • Location: Horn of Africa
  • Highlights: Known for its long coastline along the Indian Ocean.

These countries span various continents and offer a rich diversity of cultures, languages, and natural wonders. From the bustling streets of Singapore to the serene beaches of Seychelles, each ‘S’ country has its unique charm and significance in the global tapestry.