Why Put a Crayon in Wallet
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“Why put a crayon in your wallet?” is a recent travel question that has been going around the internet. I didn’t know anyone who had ever used this hack, so I did a little research to find out if it worked. I found a few ideas that were often repeated and of varying quality.

I put these ideas in order of how crazy they are, so you can decide how crazy you want your day to be. In this article, you will read about “Why put a crayon in your wallet?”

What is the Crayon?

A crayon is a tool that can be used to draw or color. It is often made of brightly colored wax crayons. In 1824, an Englishman named Derwent made the first crayons. They are made to make different colors on paper or to help make designs on fabrics and other surfaces, like plaster, where oil-based paints can’t be used. Artists and kids often use crayons to color in or draw over pictures that have been blacked out with an eraser.

How To Put Crayon In Your Wallet?

You may be curious about the technique of placing a crayon in your wallet. It’s quite straightforward. Just put a crayon in your purse or wallet. For convenience, you might want to wrap it in a piece of paper to use as a writing surface.

The crayons can be borrowed from your child’s art supplies or purchased; they are inexpensive and readily available at local stores.

How Does it Help?

You might have read about the crayon-in-wallet trick on the internet and thought it was just another way to money saving tips while traveling. You’d be wrong, though, because the crayon in Wallet Life hack can help parents and kids while traveling, but more importantly, it could save someone’s life.

There are a lot of good reasons why this life hack is so popular. This article will explain the crayon and wallet life hack and how it can help.

Which Crayons Are Best to Put In Your Wallet?

Crayons, among various tiny essentials, can significantly simplify travel. They’re useful not just for entertainment during dull moments but also for jotting down crucial details on a notepad. Additionally, in a pinch, a crayon can serve as a makeshift tool for minor repairs.

When choosing crayons for travel, opting for ones with a slim profile and a light hue is ideal. These characteristics ensure they don’t occupy much space and are easy to carry.

Why Would You Keep a Crayon in Your Wallet?

Crayons are a type of drawing tool that has existed in one form or another for hundreds of years. Crayons can be made from different things, but wax is the most common material. People like to draw and color with crayons because they are easy to use and come in many different colors.

You might keep a crayon in your wallet for more than one reason. One reason is that crayons are small and portable, which makes them easy to take with you. Another reason is that crayons can be used in many different ways like drawing on paper, coloring in a coloring book, or even making temporary tattoos.

A crayon is a good choice if you want to draw with something that is easy to use and comes in a wide range of colors. They are also small and easy to carry, so you can always have one in your wallet.

Why Put a Crayon In Your Wallet?

Here are the reasons to keep crayons in your wallet:

  • Putting crayons in your wallet will protect your plastic cards.
  • The best way to keep your wallet organized is with crayons. You can draw or write with crayons while you’re on the road.
  • You can use crayons at the zoo or in an art museum.
  • Because crayons are made of wax, they won’t hurt your bag or car if you use them to draw.

So you can put crayons in your wallet and use them when you travel.

4 Benefits Of Keeping A Crayon In Your Wallet When Traveling

Carrying a crayon in your wallet is a lesser-known but beneficial tip. It offers several advantages, from quickly writing down information to potentially being a lifesaver in a child’s emergency. Here’s a look at why having a crayon at all times in your wallet can be advantageous:

1. Entertain A Child

When traveling, you might encounter loud children or need to entertain one. Keeping a crayon in your wallet is handy for these situations. Give it to the child, and they’ll likely be captivated by the crayon’s color, or if older, they might start drawing on any surface, keeping busy.

This activity distracts and quiets them down. That’s why restaurants often give crayons to kids, to ensure they don’t bother other diners.

2. Save A Child’s Life

If you’re traveling and notice a child in discomfort, possibly in danger, a crayon from your wallet can be a discreet aid. Handing the small, brightly colored crayon to the child can attract their attention without drawing others’.

They might use it to write a note signaling danger or leave marks for tracking. Thus, a simple crayon can potentially be crucial in helping a child in danger.

3. Prevent Cards From Bending

The softness and flexibility of many wallets can cause credit cards and business cards to bend easily. Over time, this bending can lead to the cards breaking in half. To prevent this, a useful tip is to place a paper-wrapped crayon in the wallet’s card slot.

The crayon’s firmness helps keep the cards straight and maintains their shape.

4. Write On The Go

Keeping a crayon in your wallet is mainly useful for writing whenever needed, as it doesn’t break or need sharpening like a pencil.

It’s also great for drawing or doodling to ease stress or anxiety, especially during plane journeys. Additionally, a crayon can be used to jot down creative ideas or reminders.

How to Store a Crayon in Your Wallet?

Most people don’t know what a crayon in your wallet is for. It is actually a very old belief that goes back to the early 1900s. People think that carrying a crayon in their wallet will bring them luck.

Most likely, the belief came from the fact that crayons used to be made of lead. People used to think that carrying a lead crayon would bring good luck because lead is a very lucky metal. Even though crayons are made of wax now, the superstition has stayed the same.

A common superstition, especially among school kids, is to keep a crayon in your wallet. People think that it will help them do well on tests and exams. So, if you ever feel nervous about a test, grab a crayon and put it in your pocket!

What is the Crayon in the Wallet Trick?

If you’ve ever been to the doctor, you’ve probably seen the crayon in the wallet trick. It is an easy way to keep kids busy while they wait for their appointments. How it works is as follows:

1. Give each child a piece of paper and a crayon.

2. Have them draw a picture of what they like best.

3. Fold the paper and put it in their wallet when they’re done.

4. When it’s time to leave, have them pull out their wallet and show you their picture. This trick works because it is an easy way to keep children busy. They’re so focused on drawing that they don’t even realize they’re waiting.

It’s also a great way to get to know the kids you’ll see often.

It Could Save a Child’s Life

Children can’t always ask for help when their lives are in danger. But you can give a crayon to a child who might be in trouble if you see them. When kids have written notes asking for help, it has saved their lives. A child using a crayon to draw won’t get much attention.

Even if they don’t write a note at the time, they can leave clues or write a note on a bathroom wall later if their life is in danger. The first person to use this method was Sarah Elrod-Ashbrook. She had learned it in a class about putting children in danger. Then, when she was in Knoxville, Tennessee, she had a feeling that a girl was in trouble. She put a crayon in a girl’s pocket after seeing red flags.

It Can Save Your Life

People who have been taken away have often left clues behind. These are marks or arrows that are put on the walls and floors.

You probably won’t get kidnapped on the street near your house, but when you travel, things are different. The U.S. State Department says that the number of kidnappings in other countries is going up. And Americans who travel abroad are often a target.

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Advantage of Crayon In Your Wallet

1. You can always find it when you need it. When you are in your room, you never think you might need a crayon, but when you are in an airport, walking around a city, or in a taxi, the possibilities are endless!

2. There is almost no chance that someone will check your wallet.

3. A crayon is more convincing than a pen because you can’t use a pen to get rich.

4. It’s easy to write with and hold.

5. Unlike pens, crayons don’t dry out (of course, you can buy brand-new ones at any office supply store).

6. You can also draw a picture of your house on the check.

What is a professional traveler? You can read it. The top 5 advantages of being a professional traveler

Disadvantages of Crayon In Your Wallet

1. Your bank might not take the check because they don’t know who you are or if you have enough money in your account, but that’s your problem, not the thieves.

2. You could get arrested for fraud or forgery, but don’t worry: the police will take you to a nice, private room and look for you. (While you’re there, you can give them all your cash and credit cards.)

3. If someone tries this trick on you, tell them you’ll go to a bank and cash the check. The thief might take off! In this situation, you should call the police and tell them to bring a net.

4. If you need a crayon right now, you might not be able to get one. Maybe there is no one at the front desk of your hotel or no one on the street speaks English.

5. If you go overdrawn, the bank will charge you a huge fee and may even try to sue you.

Snopes Crayon in the Wallet

Experts say that you should keep a crayon in your wallet if you want to add a little more color to your life. Yes, it’s a crayon. There are a lot of ways that a crayon can be useful.

For instance, if your child is getting restless at a restaurant, you can give them a crayon and a piece of paper to color on while you wait for your food. You can also make labels for things on the spot with crayons. If you’re staying in a hotel and want to make sure your luggage doesn’t get lost, you can write your name and contact information on a piece of masking tape with a crayon.

And if you ever need to make a sign quickly, a crayon can help. Just get a piece of paper and start writing. So, the next time you want to add a little more color to your life, pick up a crayon and see where it leads you.

Why Keep a Green Crayon in Your Wallet?

In 2015, there was a rumor going around on social media that if you found a crayon in your wallet, it meant that a child trafficking attempt had been made against you. The rumor said that a trafficker had put the crayon there to mark their victim. This story is not true.

There is no proof that people who traffic children mark their victims with crayons. Most likely, the rumor started when someone misunderstood the real way that people are trafficked. Sometimes, traffickers will put a business card or some other small item in the purse or wallet of a possible victim to show that they want to traffick them.

It’s called a “toss card.” But there’s no proof that crayons are being used in this way. If you find a crayon in your wallet, it’s probably just a fluke.

But if you think you might be a victim of trafficking, there are some things you can look out for. For example, if someone comes up to you and offers you a job or opportunity that seems too good to be true, if they ask you to keep a secret, or if they offer you money for sex, these are all signs that you might be in danger. You can call the National Human Trafficking Hotline at 1-888-373-7888 if you are worried that you or someone you know is being trafficked.

Why do Some Folks to you to Put a Crayon in your Wallet While Travelling?

People endorse this “travel” hack for various reasons, tailored to different situations and preparedness needs.

One key reason is to have a distraction tool for children. Wrapping a crayon in a thin paper avoids wax residue in your wallet while ensuring you always have a tool for drawing or doodling.

Crayons are chosen because they’re reliably functional under most conditions. The paper wrapping prevents damage to other items in your wallet. While pencils could serve a similar purpose, a broken pencil tip requires sharpening, which is less convenient than a crayon.

The Crayon in Your Wallet Could Save a Life

A green crayon can be useful for many things, like making a quick note or calling for help. You might want to keep a green crayon in your wallet for the following reasons: A green crayon is a great way to write something down quickly.

A green crayon can help you remember something, whether you’re at the grocery store and need to remember an item or you’re in a meeting and need to remember a key point. If you ever need to signal for help, a green crayon can help. For instance, if you get lost in the woods and need help, you can use a green crayon to signal for help.

You can also make art with a green crayon. If you ever feel like being creative, you can make a masterpiece with a green crayon. If the power goes out, you can use a green crayon as a flashlight.

Holding the crayon up to a piece of paper will make it bright enough to see. 5. Finding things in the dark: If you drop something in the dark and can’t find it, a green crayon can help. Just hold the crayon close to the ground, and it will light up the area so you can find what you’re looking for.

So, there you have it: five reasons why you might want to carry a green crayon in your wallet. Does your wallet have a green crayon?

Tips for Using a Crayon When Traveling

Tips for Using a Crayon When Traveling

Traveling offers the exciting opportunity to discover new and fascinating destinations. Bringing a crayon along can add an extra layer of enjoyment to these explorations. Here are some suggestions for incorporating a crayon into your travel adventures:

  • Before your trip, inquire about nearby attractions or sights where you can creatively use your crayons. This can enhance your travel experience.
  • If you’re heading to a new city, consider pre-drawing your must-see spots on paper. It’s a great way to ensure you remember them during your visit.
  • While sightseeing, use your crayons to mark notable features in your surroundings. It’s a fun way to make your travel memories more vivid and lasting.

But Why a Crayon?

Strangely enough, this “hack” was featured in an ad for travel supplies and goods. When I first read this tip, I thought it was a joke, a scam, or, even worse, an invitation to a dirty part of the Internet. But this slightly strange travel tip has turned out to be different from the water bottle on your tires or the stuffed animal in your bathing suit. If you want to find out about the other two stories, you can look them up on Snopes.

But Wait, There’s More

People always give crayons to kids. You know, in restaurants, at fairs, and at the dentist’s office, so if a random adult gave a child a crayon to play with, it wouldn’t set off any alarm bells or whistles. The child can write a note or just the word “HELP” on the piece of paper that is wrapped around the crayon.

Oh, and there’s one more thing about the crayon. They are always writing. Unlike a pencil, which can break its lead, or a pen, which can dry up or need a lot of work to get the ink flowing, a crayon will make a mark even if it is just a nub.

Tell Me About the Serenity Aspect of Carrying a Crayon in My Wallet.

I talked about safety in this tip, which also has to do with kids. As many of you know, there are a lot of children and young adults who are being held against their will or who feel like they are in danger. Still, they have no way to ask for help without making their captor angry. Tell me about how having a crayon in my wallet makes me feel calm.

If you’ve ever been on a trip with a child who was bored, you already know this. A crayon and a blank piece of paper can keep that child busy for hours and hours. A busy child is a quiet child, and the only kind of child that should be on an airplane is a quiet child. So, even if you only use the hack once, it will have already paid for itself.

What is the Actual Tip or Hack?

This is how the hack is described in the words I found on Distractify, a site that collects and looks into tips and stories like this one. When you go somewhere, it’s a good idea to keep a crayon in your wallet. Now, the article on Distractify also says that you should wrap the crayon on a piece of paper. The reason for that will become clear shortly.


Having a crayon in your wallet can be helpful when you’re on the road. This can be used to color in maps and help you plan your route or to keep track of where you’ve been and what you’ve seen.

You can also use it to write down the contact information of people you meet or to keep track of the money you spend. Keeping a crayon in your wallet can help you keep track of your travels and make sure you have all the information you need on hand.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Why Put a Crayon in Wallet While Traveling?

Here you can find a few commonly asked questions about Why Put a Crayon in Wallet While Traveling.

Why should you keep a crayon in your wallet?

When traveling, keeping a crayon in your wallet can be very useful for taking notes, keeping kids entertained, or keeping your cards from bending. Giving an abducted youngster a crayon so they can write a letter or leave a trail after them can also help save their lives.

Why should you put a crayon in your wallet before you go out at night?

Wallets have a tendency to bend, distorting the original shapes of any plastic or paper items you may have stored inside (if credit and ID cards can be called “goodies”). However, it is claimed that doing so can be avoided by keeping a crayon inside.

Why should you carry a crayon in your purse?

Nevertheless, a crayon can save a life. The crayon can be a tool to stop child endangerment, which is the major benefit of keeping one in your wallet. A crayon can be a covert technique to assist a child acting concerned or appearing to be in a difficult circumstance while you’re out in public or while traveling.

Why do men put a crayon in their wallets?

To prevent your wallet from bending is one reason. Credit cards and ID cards that are stored inside your wallet are susceptible to damage or bending. Your wallet has a crayon that will stop it from happening. The fact that a crayon is the best writing implement, however, is a greater justification.

What should I keep in my wallet to attract money?

Even if you have a few bank notes, keep them in your wallet since money always draws more money. Additionally, it is unlucky to carry a blank wallet. Rice: Rice is a symbol of prosperity and a good life.