Atlantic City Compare to Vegas

If you are looking for a holiday destination where you can take part on thrilling casino experiences like the Bally casino site, eat five-star food, and watch top-level music and theatre, then you might immediately think of Las Vegas – the ultimate bucket list vacation.

You might want to consider Atlantic City, however. Often referred to as ‘Little Vegas’, Atlantic City has been modelled on Vegas in terms of what is available to tourists – so what should you choose?

Atlantic City

Let’s start with Atlantic City.


One of the biggest and most obvious differences between Atlantic City and Vegas is the surrounding scenery. Atlantic City is in New Jersey, right on the Atlantic Ocean, so beaches and oceanfront views are the scenery you have to enjoy.

It was originally developed as a health resort and has since developed as a glitzy and glamorous place to game, to enjoy entertainment, and to relax in high-class hotels.


Casinos are rife in Atlantic City, and you won’t get far on the Boardwalk without seeing some of the most iconic casino brands. Many of the casinos are also huge hotels and restaurants, full-on resorts that are as lavish and wonderful as you would expect.

You can visit Caesar’s Atlantic City, the Borgata, and Ocean Casino Resort, as well as Bally’s Atlantic City Hotel and Casino.


There is a wealth of eating out opportunities in Atlantic City. Whether you want Japanese or Italian, American or seafood, the culinary options are outstanding – with multiple restaurants in each resort. Maybe not as much choice as in Vegas, of course, but more than enough to satisfy even the most adventurous foodie.

Things to Do

Shop till you drop, party the night away in ritzy nightclubs, and spend lazy days at the beach. Spot celebs playing in the casino, then chill out in exclusive spa facilities for the ultimate in an all-round experience.


There aren’t many people in the world that wouldn’t choose Vegas as a bucket list destination, especially if gaming is your aim.


In the heart of the Nevada desert, Vegas is in reach of some of the biggest and most dramatic natural wonders – and even the immediate scenery of high-rise hotels and ostentatious resorts are enough to take your breath away.


While the casinos in Atlantic City snuggle along the infamous Boardwalk, in Vegas there are casinos along the Strip as well as downtown, so no matter where you are in the city you are in reach of some of the biggest brands.

The MGM Grand, Luxor Hotel and Casino, Paris Las Vegas, and the Cosmopolitan, as well as the world-famous Bellagio that has been featured in major motion pictures like Ocean’s 11. All are there to be visited by tourists, and just as grand and ostentatious as you imagine.


It might be a mecca for the casino goers, but Las Vegas is a beacon for foodies around the world who seek the very best in Michelin starred restaurants. Some of the world’s greatest chefs have designer restaurants there, such as Hell’s Kitchen and Bouchon, while other restaurants are typical of the Vegas theme, like Blackout, where the food is served in the pitch darkness to enhance the flavours.

Things to Do

Vegas is known as the biggest party in America, and while the bright lights might be the obvious draw for tourists, there is so much more to do there. You can take advantage of the year-long sunshine and hike the desert or visit one of the hundreds of museums or art galleries. You can relax in world-class spas, watch the best musicians and artists, and even catch some of the biggest sporting events there too.

Which is Best?

The obvious answer is Las Vegas, in normal circumstances.

Las Vegas offers year-round sunshine, more than double the number of casinos, and the opportunity to make memories and enjoy the one-of-a-kind experiences that only the city of sin can offer. The entertainment and things to do are spread throughout the city, and it is a bucket list destination for more than one reason – which makes sense.

Don’t discount Atlantic City though. The experience might be considered ‘Vegas Lite’ by those who love Vegas, but there are some bonuses to visiting the smaller cousin. Less tourists are probably one of the bigger draws for those who don’t want to fight through the crowds, of course. It isn’t as popular, so you are less likely to have to queue for hours or fight for the perfect Instagram picture. Weather-wise, it isn’t an all-round summer – in fact during the winter you are likely to see snow – which might suit those who are not into the hot sun aspect.

What should you choose when you get started on your casino holiday? Why not both?