Budget Your Orlando Vacation

Orlando remains one of the most visited vacation destinations in the world, with more than 70 million visitors yearly due to the theme parks and other natural attractions here. But it is no doubt that a trip to Orlando, FL, can be quite draining for your bank accounts.

You certainly would want to spend your days in the famous Walt Disney Resort and other renowned tourist attractions in Orlando, but these places never go easy on the pocket, and only the tickets would cost you a handful of dollars.

To assist you in having the time of your life in Orlando, FL, without costing you an arm or a leg, we have gathered a few tips to make budgeting easier. Continue reading our guide on budgeting your Orlando vacation so you do not have to compromise on the fun and save a handsome amount of dollars.

Rent a car

The first thing you must do upon landing in Orlando, FL, is find a way to reach your hotel. Sure, there are cabs at the airport and other services like Uber that you can book a ride with, but you must remember that these options extend no mercy to your wallets.

The smart thing would be to rent a car from the airport to your hotel in advance. There are several different rental service providers in Orlando, FL, and to pre-book a ride, all you need to do is Google rent a car Orlando Florida airport to receive a list of the best car rental service providers from the airport in Orlando. From there on, you can select the best one according to your budget and book a ride. Examples of such service providers include:

  • MacksRide
  • Easirent Car Rental Orlando Airport
  • Dollar Rent a Car
  • SIXT Rent a Car

You can easily book a vehicle of your choice depending on the number of people you are travelling with and the luggage in hand to ride to your hotel comfortably. These rentals from the airport are not only economical, but they are also much safer than Uber and random cabs. The service providers ensure they hire only trained and professional drivers to make your journey comfortable, safe, and smooth.

Hire from any rent-a-car Orlando Florida airport options and make your trip easier on you and your pocket.

Choose off-site hotels

Staying at the hotels and resorts within theme parks, such as Walt Disney World, might sound exciting, but they rarely go easy on your bank accounts. With all the perks they offer, the thought of staying at such hotels may be on your bucket list, but if your priority is to travel to Orlando on a budget, you might want to avoid these overpriced resorts.

Instead, you can stay at hotels outside these famous resorts but still close enough so you do not have to travel for hours just to reach your destination. The greatest benefit of opting for an off-site hotel is that they are affordable and will not ask you to unload your entire pocket for a one-night stay.

Shop outside Theme parks

Sure, the Mickey Mouse merch and Ariel hairbands at Disney World are cute, but they also cost more at the shops inside these parks. Food, water, and souvenirs – all these items are much more economical if you shop for them outside theme parks. Theme parks often overcharge for the same water bottles you could get for a lot less if you step out of the dreamy place. This is a subtle way of saving a few dollars, but it is successful.

You can plan your days so that you can dine outside these spots at local restaurants that are much more affordable and offer a variety of cuisines. You will also get to taste the local Orlando food and items if you dine at the local cafes and try out the street food.

You can easily shop for fruit or souvenirs, or anything local from the local markets in Orlando. You will find masterpieces of arts and crafts there at extremely low prices. These small items will make you feel more connected to the city and not cross your budget.

Visit during non-peak months

Since it is well-known that Orlando is a magnet for tourists, June and July are packed with visitors. Even the beginning of August and January are bustling with tourists from all over the world. During such months, high demand for all products – travel tickets, theme park tickets, cruise trips, accommodation, and food – contributes to the price rise.

It would be better to visit during the off-season, like February or September, when you will find cheaper accommodation and lower prices for everything else in the city. With fewer crowds around, the queues and waiting lines at every attraction, especially the theme parks, will be smaller too, and you will enjoy yourself without others close to others.

Also, during such off-seasons, many theme parks and amusement parks offer deals to visitors. You can take advantage of those packages and deals to save extra dollars.

Visit natural attractions

It is no doubt that Orlando is the most famous for its resorts to the point that it is renowned as the “theme park capital of the world.” Everyone who lands in Orlando aims to spend a day or two at the fascinating Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, or Sea World. However, these places are extremely expensive, and only the entry tickets would cost you a hefty amount; food and accommodation here are other added expenses.

To have a memorable trip without putting your wallet through a lot, we advise you to pay the natural attractions in Orlando a visit. Several enchanting spots in this city do not cost a kidney but bring such feelings of peace and calm that you would not want to leave.

The Alaska Farms, where you can spend quality time with baby goats, the beautiful Harry P. Leu Gardens, the various hiking trails that provide breathtaking scenery, and so many more spots remain unvisited because of the famous resorts most visitors prioritize. But you do not have to miss these places’ unforgettable experiences. You must visit these beautiful places for a wholesome time while saving a few hundred dollars simultaneously.


There will always be ways, tips, and tricks to avoid unnecessary expenses on a trip to your dream destination. For Orlando, we hope our tips help you save on dollars and remain within your budget without missing any fun. The city is filled with adventures for each visitor, and you must ensure you stick to the plan with your expenses to enjoy all these adventures. The first step to having an incredible time in Orlando on a budget remains the most important one, and you must look up a list of all the rent a car Orland Florida airport service beforehand to have the right start! So, ready, set, go!