Wall Tents

Perhaps one of the main things in camping is a tent.

Today, it is easy to find a variety of shelters in sports and camping equipment stores: from small summer solo tents to spacious winter tents for a group of people. With such a wide range of options, camping is a genuinely versatile hobby accessible to everyone.

Depending on the season, the number of people on the trip, planned activities, and personal preferences, each traveller can choose the tent that best suits their particular case.

Among the popular options for camping is the wall tent. You have probably already seen such shelters in many campgrounds. They are usually quite spacious, tall, and large compared to other tents with a more “traditional” shape.

Wall tents have several advantages you may find helpful while camping and travelling. Let’s look at some of the core benefits of such a type of shelter as wall tents. Maybe these tents will become your favorite. It remains only to find your best wall tent and start your journey!

Protection From Weather

Camping is an all-season hobby, so when choosing a tent, you should pay attention to its protective characteristics in the first place.

You can go on a trip at any time of the year, so it is essential to have a well-protected tent from water, moisture, and wind.

Even on hot summer days, the weather can change dramatically, especially if you’re camping on the ocean or somewhere in a tropical climate.

The design features and thick walls of wall tents provide good protection from rain, snow accumulation, and even hail! And if your tent is made of reliable and durable materials, then in combination with straight walls, such a shelter becomes one of the most suitable for camping in bad weather conditions like winter or fall. So whether you’re going on vacation or doing your favorite hobby as fishing, hunting, or active sports, a wall tent is a great investment to protect you from the weather!

Advanced Sustainability

It is another advantage of wall tents, directly related to the design features.

Such tents, especially all-weather models, are made of durable fabrics with break and tear protection. In addition, wall tents generally use strong metal poles for their frame. They provide greater sustainability and wind protection than tent frames with thin and fragile poles.

So the combination of more durable fabric and metal poles in the frame gives you better protection from thunderstorms and strong winds. Moreover, the stability of the wall tents also means that the tent will withstand the load even in the case of heavy snowfall.

More Space and Comfort

When planning camping, it is crucial to pick a tent that will be comfortable for your stay. Often, travelers consider a tent only as a place to sleep. And if for a short summer trip for two or three days, such shelter may be enough, then in the case of a camp for a week with a group of people or in cold weather, the tent should provide comfort for living first.

One of the main advantages of a wall tent is space. Because of the vertical walls, these tents give you more headroom, which means you can stand in such a shelter and not feel constrained in your movements. Moreover, the extra space allows you to use the tent as a “house,” where you can spend time with friends, play board games or hide from the weather.

Many wall tents also include additional rooms. Thus, several people can comfortably accommodate in such tents along with their luggage, which is often crucial in the case of group camping.

In addition, if we are talking about winter camping, it is worth taking a portable heater or wood stove into the tent to maintain a warm temperature. And for such tasks, the design features of wall tents are perfect since these types of shelters often have enough space to use the stove inside without any risks.

A spacious tent interior where you don’t feel constrained brings camping comfort many travelers often miss when having “traditional” small overnight tents. That is why it is a great option if you like to spend time in nature and enjoy your stay.

Use It The Way You Want

When it comes to tents, we usually consider them a place for spending the night in nature. However, tents come in different types and models. So you can use them for other purposes as well.

The features as height, space, and vertical straight walls make this type of shelter quite versatile. For example, when going on a winter camping trip, you can take a wall tent with you, which you can use as a field kitchen for cooking so as not to freeze outside in cold weather. In addition, fishermen and hunters often use wall tents as warehouses for storing equipment, supplies, firewood, and other items.

The versatility of such tents makes them perfect if you want to set up a comfortable camp, which can even resemble a small “commune” because here you may have something like a house, kitchen, storage, or common space to play and spend time with friends! And such shelters can easily be the best hot tents, as they provide both versatility and comfort.

As a bonus, wall tents may come in handy for other uses too. For example, if you don’t have enough storage space in your garage or basement, you can set up a tent in your yard and use it until you find a longer-term solution.