How to Make the Most of Layovers

One of the worst parts of traveling and the thing people forget about is the time you spend waiting. Whether you’re waiting for a transfer, a later flight, or have a layover, for some reason, this time seems to go a lot slower. This can also be worse as you’re tired or jet-lagged most of the time. The key to getting this time to pass quickly is to find things to do that you enjoy, and that is going to make the time fly.

You might find that your usual activities to pass the time, such as reading or watching a movie or TV series, for example, are starting to get old. Therefore, this article is here to give you a few ideas on how to pass the time while you’re waiting for your bus/train/flight or transfer.


Online gaming is a great way to keep you entertained. There are thousands of games out there, meaning you will be able to find something you’re going to enjoy. With the rise of online gaming, you could even use the time to connect with friends and family back home and play online with or against them. Whether you’re a fan of puzzle solving, action or even simulation, you will be able to find plenty of options that suit your preferences. If you’re an avid casino goer, then visit an online casino to play some of your favorite casino games.

If you’re struggling with an internet connection, there are also many games you can download to handheld consoles, smartphones and tablets. This way, you can carry on playing when you get on the plane or if you end up not having access to the internet.

Connect with Loved Ones

Of course, this is fully dependent on the connection you have and the time zone you’re in compared to where your friends and family are. However, this is a great way to use your time as it means you’re catching up with your friends and family while also passing the time. Time always disappears when you get caught up in conversation.

This means you are also, in a way, ticking off another task while you’re waiting. Keeping up to date with family and friends can be really difficult when you’re on the move. With the different timezones, their busy lifestyle and your full itinerary, it can be hard to find a time that works for everyone. Therefore, if the timing adds up, use this time for a much-needed catch-up with the people back home.

Get Creative

While there isn’t much you can do when it comes to creativity when you’re on the move, you still have some options. Doing something creative is always a great way to pass the time as it gives you a chance to get sucked in, and it can also be very rewarding when you have a finished product.

As a traveler, you probably don’t have the space to carry around a lot of items, but even a sketch or coloring book could do the job. If you’re up to a challenge, you could try out crocheting. This equipment won’t take up much room in your bag, and it’s also a different task that takes your eyes away from the screen for a while. You could also try using your smartphone or tablet to get creative too. One way to do this could be by creating an online photo book or travel diary. You could use the time to create and update your journal and showcase your adventure; whether you went bamboo boating in Vietnam or visited India in winter, you could record all of it to post on social media or show your friends and family at a later date.

In summary, there are so many different ways to keep yourself entertained. The most important thing to remember is that you need to find something that’s going to stop you from looking at the clock.