How to Plan a Trip to Disney World

Disney World, nestled in Orlando, is recognized globally as a must-visit travel hotspot. Not only does it house the renowned ‘Mouse House’, but it also offers close proximity to stunning beaches, thrilling theme parks, mouth-watering eateries, and luxurious resorts.

Visiting Disney World is a cherished dream for countless individuals. Whether it’s meeting beloved characters or wearing your very own pair of Minnie or Mickey ears, the Magic Kingdom and the rest of Disney World offer unlimited memorable experiences waiting to be created.

Discover and Secure Affordable Airline Tickets

If your residence is a considerable distance away, it might be necessary to arrange air travel for your journey to Disney. The Orlando International Airport (MCO), conveniently situated only 20 minutes by car from Disney World, is the closest airport.

With over 600 daily flights run by more than 20 diverse airlines, securing a flight to and from Orlando is typically straightforward. In terms of securing affordable flights, adaptability is crucial. Airfare during peak seasons will almost always be pricier than during shoulder or off-peak seasons. Given the multitude of airlines servicing Orlando, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to utilizing airline miles for flight redemption.

Get to the Park Slightly Before it Opens

If you’ve previously visited Disney, you’re likely familiar with the convenience of FastPass for bypassing lengthy queues. However, FastPass (which was complimentary) has been phased out and succeeded by the newly introduced Disney Genie+ service.

The Genie+ service not only assists in planning your day but also provides the advantage of avoiding long lines, albeit at a price. According to Magic Guides, the cost to go to Disney world varies depending on the park crowd level.

According to Disney’s announcement, this feature entitles guests to bypass the queues only twice or thrice daily. An additional purchase option is available for individual Lightning Lane entries for specific rides, which also incurs a fee.

If you’re unwilling to spend extra to minimize waiting time in long lines, it’s advisable to arrive at the parks as early as possible. Queues grow rapidly, but if you reach the gate before park opening time, you can head directly to your preferred rides when the rope is dropped.

Divide Your Trip

Your vacation to Disney doesn’t have to revolve solely around the theme parks. Though they are incredible, remember that Orlando has much more to offer under the sun. For instance, you can visit Disney Springs. It offers free admission and hosts shopping, dining, and entertainment experiences. And the best part? It’s still on Disney property, so you’ll continue to feel the enchantment.

Consider staying at a hotel or resort outside the Disney property to explore a host of other activities without incurring additional costs. Facilities like Spa and Westgate Vacation Villas Resort and Westgate Lakes Resort offer their own swimming pools, water parks, fireside lounges, spas, and many delicious yet affordable dining options. Choosing the right accommodation can provide countless hours of fun without even needing to step out for the day.

Consider the Ages of Your Children

While theme parks can be a thrilling experience, they may also be quite challenging for infants and toddlers. The hustle and bustle can overwhelm small children, leading to fatigue that could potentially truncate your park visits for nap and quiet times.

Consider the scenario of spending an afternoon navigating Disney as your toddler snoozes in their stroller. Although adults might enjoy this solo time, it might not align with your vacation expectations.

Weigh the expense against the long-term value of your holiday. Your two-year-old might be a Disney fanatic now, but their recollection of this pricey $3,000+ adventure may be non-existent. Note that children aged three and below gain free entry to the parks, which could result in savings on admission fees.


Disney World is brimming with endless attractions and activities, making it almost impossible to experience everything in a short period. To truly appreciate what Disney World has to offer, a minimum of five days is recommended for your holiday. This allows for a day at each theme park, providing a general understanding of their unique offerings.