How to Spend 48 Hours in Alicante

Deciding that you want to go on holiday in Spain (again!) is easy. Making up your mind about which cities to visit can be tough. How are you supposed to choose from such a huge list of best places in Spain? The trick is to visit several. Alicante should be one of them. Read this article on how to spend 48 hours in Alicante, and you will understand why this coastal city is a hidden gem that you will thoroughly enjoy exploring.

Why Visit Alicante?

The bright sunshine, gorgeous beaches, fantastic attractions, excellent services, and fun atmosphere are some of the reasons why thousands of people choose to travel to Alicante. It’s a must-visit summer destination and an excellent choice for those who are not fans of winter weather conditions. Exciting outdoor activities, bustling markets, history lessons, and amazing food are offered, ensuring that all types of travellers can have fun.

How to Arrive in Alicante?

By Train

After exploring major Spanish cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia, you can take the train to get to Alicante. The Alicante train station is centrally located, making it convenient for travellers to arrive in the city and start exploring immediately.

By Bus or Car

The road network in Spain is great, making driving here and there effortless. If you want to peacefully enjoy the scenic routes, you can simply book a coach ticket.

By Plane

Another effortless way to arrive in Alicante is by plane. Alicante-Elche Airport offers domestic and international flights, making it possible for people from all over the world to visit this gorgeous Spanish city.

How to Hire a Car at Alicante-Elche Airport?

You can cover the 9 kilometres that separate Alicante-Elche Airport from the city centre and explore the entire city by car. Where can you find one? There is a plethora of car hire companies operating at the airport complex. All you have to do is discover the perfect deal for you and go on exciting road trips.

Where to Hire a Car at Alicante-Elche Airport?

You can find all the best airport car hire services in Alicante on Thanks to the neat presentation and the concise descriptions, it is easy for everyone to compare deals and discover the one that ticks all their travel boxes. The simple booking process and the absence of hidden fees creates a transparent and stress-free car hire experience for everyone.

How to Spend 48 Hours in Alicante?

The best way to spend 48 hours in Alicante is to learn about its history and admire its beauty. You can do both of these things at Santa Barbara Castle, the most iconic Alicante attraction. There are many museums, such as the Archaeological Museum of Alicante and the Gravina Museum of Fine Arts, and historical buildings, like the Basilica of Santa Maria and the Co-cathedral of Saint Nicholas of Bari. Of course, you should spend hours upon hours sunbathing at gorgeous beaches. Some of the best beaches there are Playa del Postiguet, Playa de Muchvista, and Platja del Carrer de la Mar.