Jacks Flight Club

Jacks Flight Club, a private entity with 8 years of experience under its belt, is carving a niche in the realms of Leisure, Travel & Tourism, and Business Support Services. Co-founded by Philip Wintermantle, the company prides itself on its strategic base in London, England. With a lean and dynamic team of 1 to 25 employees, Jack’s Flight Club operates on the principle of delivering exceptional value to its members.

The club’s annual revenue oscillates between $100K and $5.0M, a testament to its growing influence and success in the travel industry. At its core, Jack’s Flight Club is dedicated to unearthing the most affordable flight deals, making travel more accessible to a broader audience. This commitment to affordability without compromising on quality has set Jack’s Flight Club apart as a trusted source for travelers seeking value and adventure.

Stay tuned as we dive deeper into how Jack’s Flight Club has revolutionized the way we discover and book flights, offering insights into their strategies, success stories, and how you can become part of this travel-savvy community.

What is Jacks Flight Club?

What is Jacks Flight Club

Jack’s Flight Club offers an email subscription service delivering unbeatable flight deals primarily from the UK and Ireland. If you’re based in the US, Scott’s Cheap Flights is a similar service tailored for you.

Ideal for UK residents or those who frequently travel from the UK to Europe, Jack’s Flight Club is your go-to for discovering the lowest-priced flights. Leveraging travel hacking techniques, Jack and his team meticulously comb through airfare matrix systems and the internet daily to unearth the finest deals for flights departing from the UK and Ireland, keeping an eye out for significant price reductions and error fares.

Subscribers are promptly informed about these fantastic finds, covering a range of travel plans from quick weekend escapes to major long-distance journeys. What sets this club apart is its focus on deals for flights scheduled between 3 to 11 months in advance, allowing both spontaneous and forward planners to benefit greatly.

Here’s the information about Jack’s Flight Club organized into a table:

Social LinksJack’s Flight Club
IndustriesTourism, Business Support Services
Headquarters LocationCamden, US
Employees Size10-50 employees
SIC Code7380
Estimated Annual Revenue$100K – 5.0M
Operating StatusSubsidiary

How Does it Work?

Joining Jack’s Flight Club starts with selecting your country, although it’s worth noting the service isn’t available worldwide. Currently, it serves several European countries—including Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden—alongside the United Kingdom and 25 cities in the United States.

Membership tiers offer customizable alerts, allowing you to choose your preferred departure airport(s), even across different countries, ensuring you receive deals that are most relevant to you.

Alerts from Jack’s Flight Club are swift, with the timing and detail level of the deals you receive depending on your membership status. Each alert provides a snapshot of the best booking dates within a flexible period, along with pricing and essential details to help you make informed decisions.

Moreover, the newsletter points you to the lowest fares for each deal, specifying the airline or booking site. It’s like having a personal travel agent at your fingertips, ready to offer the most cost-effective travel options tailored to your preferences.

Is Jack’s Flight Club Legit?

Certainly! With over 1.6 million members and still growing, Jack’s Flight Club is making a big splash in the travel world. Their secret? They’re experts at spotting airlines’ pricing mistakes or catching wind of their special promotions. The best part is, that these deals are completely legitimate, so there’s no need to worry about any catch. Plus, Jack’s Flight Club is upfront about the chances of airlines honoring error fares, so you can book with confidence.

But here’s a tip: the deals they find are often hot commodities and don’t stick around for long. They’re shared through their newsletter, and if you hesitate too long, you might just miss out. So, when you see an amazing deal, act fast – these bargains wait for no one!

Is Jack’s Flight Club Worth It?

Absolutely! The savings you can score from just a single flight found through Jack’s Flight Club can more than pay for a premium membership. This makes it a smart choice even for those who don’t travel frequently. And if you’re not ready to commit to a premium membership, don’t worry – their free option still gives you a shot at incredible deals.

A standout aspect of Jack’s Flight Club is their focus on both immediate getaways and future adventures. They offer deals on flights that might take off anywhere from 2 months to almost a year away. This gives you the flexibility to plan your holidays well in advance, making it a perfect option for planners and early birds.

Is Jacks Flight Club Free?

Is Jacks Flight Club Free?


Yes, Jack’s Flight Club does offer a Free membership. Here’s a step-by-step guide to sign up:

  • Visit the Website: Go to Jack’s Flight Club’s official website.
  • Sign Up: Find the sign-up section for the free membership.
  • Enter Your Details: Provide your email address and any other required information.
  • Select Your Country: Choose your country from the list, if prompted.
  • Confirmation: Complete the sign-up process by confirming your email address, if required.
  • Start Receiving Deals: Once signed up, you’ll start receiving a selection of flight deals directly to your inbox.

This free membership is a great way to get acquainted with Jack’s Flight Club and start saving on travel.

Does Jacks Flight Club have a Premium Membership?

Yes, Jack’s Flight Club offers a Premium Membership. Here’s how to sign up for it:

  • Visit the Website: Head to the official Jack’s Flight Club website.
  • Find Premium Option: Look for the option or link to upgrade to Premium Membership.
  • Select Membership Plan: Choose the Premium plan that suits you best (monthly, yearly, etc.).
  • Enter Your Details: Fill in your personal information and preferred payment method.
  • Payment: Complete the payment process for your selected Premium plan.
  • Confirmation: Wait for a confirmation email or notification that your Premium membership is active.
  • Enjoy Premium Benefits: Start receiving all the premium flight deals, including more frequent alerts and access to exclusive offers.

By following these steps, you’ll unlock the full potential of Jack’s Flight Club, with access to more deals and personalized options.

Jack’s Flight Club Customer Reviews

Jack’s Flight Club has received a range of customer reviews highlighting various aspects of its service:

1. Pricing and Membership Value

The annual premium membership is priced at $49, making it a cost-effective option compared to competitors like Dollar Flight Club. This membership plan offers significant benefits, suggesting good value for the money.

2. Customer Service

Jack’s Flight Club is noted for its excellent customer service, with a highly responsive support team. This level of service, combined with the user-friendly nature of the service, reduces the likelihood of needing extensive support.

3. Deal Frequency and Quality

Premium members receive deals more frequently and have access to a broader range of offers compared to free members. The alerts include detailed information on the best booking dates, pricing, and additional details necessary for making travel decisions.

4. Flexibility and Planning

The service is praised for not just focusing on last-minute deals but also offering deals for flights 3 to 11 months in advance. This allows for better planning and flexibility for travelers.

In summary, customer reviews of Jack’s Flight Club are generally positive, emphasizing its affordability, excellent customer service, quality and frequency of flight deals, and the added benefit of planning trips well in advance.

Pros & Cons


  • Cost Savings: Members can save significantly on flights, with deals often covering the cost of the membership.
  • Frequent Alerts: Premium members receive frequent alerts, increasing the likelihood of catching a great deal.
  • Advanced Planning: Deals for flights 3 to 11 months in advance allow for better travel planning.
  • Global Coverage: While primarily focused on the UK and Ireland, the service offers deals for various international destinations.
  • User-Friendly: The website and email alerts are easy to navigate, making it simple to find and take advantage of deals.
  • Excellent Customer Service: The responsive support team enhances the overall user experience.


  • Limited Free Deals: The free membership offers fewer deals, which might not satisfy the needs of frequent travelers.
  • Geographic Limitations: Deals are mainly out of the UK and Ireland, which might not be ideal for users in other regions.
  • Membership Cost: While the premium membership offers great value, it still represents an upfront cost that some users might hesitate to pay.
  • Deal Specificity: Some deals might not match every member’s specific travel dates or destinations, requiring patience and flexibility.
  • Email Volume: Premium members might find the frequent email alerts overwhelming, especially if they are not currently planning a trip.

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Jack’s Flight Club stands out as a valuable resource for travelers seeking to save on flights, particularly for those based in or traveling from the UK and Ireland. Its blend of free and premium memberships caters to a wide range of budgets and travel frequencies, offering significant cost savings through meticulously sourced deals. 

While the service is more beneficial for users able to act on deals quickly and those flexible with travel plans, the potential savings, and advanced booking options justify the membership cost for many. Overall, Jack’s Flight Club’s dedication to uncovering the best flight deals makes it a go-to for savvy travelers looking to stretch their travel budgets further.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who owns Jack’s Flight Club?

Jack’s Flight Club was co-founded by Jack Sheldon. However, specific ownership details, such as whether Jack Sheldon remains the sole owner or if there have been changes in ownership or additional stakeholders, may vary over time. For the most current information regarding the ownership of Jack’s Flight Club, it’s best to consult the latest official sources or the company’s About page.

Is Jack’s Flight Club a real company?

Yes, Jack’s Flight Club is a real company that specializes in finding and alerting members to low-priced flight deals from the UK and Ireland to destinations around the world. It offers both free and premium subscription services to travelers looking to save on airfare.

How many members does Jack’s Flight Club have?

Jack’s Flight Club had over 1.6 million members. This number may have changed, so it’s a good idea to check their official website or recent publications for the most current membership count.

How does Jack’s Flight Club find deals?

The team uses advanced flight search technology, monitors pricing trends, and looks for airline pricing errors to find the best deals on flights.

Does Jack’s Flight Club cover flights from countries outside of the UK and Ireland?

While the service primarily focuses on flights departing from the UK and Ireland, it occasionally includes deals from other countries, depending on the membership level and selected preferences.