Lost to Heaven The World's Most Beautiful Cliff Hotels
Lost to Heaven | The World's Most Beautiful Cliff Hotels

Located in special locations – these cliff hotels will be a unique destination. Giving you many new experiences, and unforgettable moments of relaxation for your travel. The hotels on the majestic cliffs are sure to be a great destination and destination for your travel. From a hangar in Peru to a small Italian beachfront resort. These craggy spots cater to all your tastes, so hurry up and pack to explore this interesting place.

Cliff Hotels with Enchanting Beauty

Casapueblo, Uruguay

Hotel Casapueblo is one of the hotels on the cliff. It is near the famous coastal city of Punta del Este of Uruguay. It is a beautiful sight to behold, an interesting destination that is loved by many tourists. The Casapueblo looks like molten candle wax running along a hillside, hand-designed and designed. It was over 36 years by the late artist Carlos Páez Vilaró.

The famous Casapueblo hotel with 72 apartments overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. In these apartments, you can enjoy the beautiful sea views and sunsets so you can enjoy an unforgettable vacation. The options at Casapueblo are diverse with a variety of rooms. All are fully equipped, with cable TV, telephone, and a fully equipped kitchen for a complete stay. Best.

Natura Vive, Peru

If so, head to the world’s first hanging cliff lodge in Peru’s Sacred Valle. Natura Vive is this transparent glass capsule complex called the Skylodge Adventures Suites. It is located at an altitude of 400m, voted one of the most beautiful cliff hotels in the world.

Each Skylodge room has an area of ​​about 18m2, equipped with 4 beds, a dining area, and a discreet toilet area. The beds are fully equipped with blankets and pillows to ensure you have a good night’s sleep if you do not watch the stars overnight.

Coming to Natura vibe, guests will have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful view of the Urubamba Valley below and watch the galaxy at night. The price of a room per night is 1,335 sole per Peru (about 400 USD). The price includes transport, climbing equipment for visitors, guides, dinner, and breakfast.

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The Twelve_Apostles Hotel and Spa, South Africa

Voted one of the premier luxury hotels in Africa for many years. Twelve Apostles Hotel and Spa boasts a stunning location – perched on the cliffside of Cape Town. Named after the beautiful mountain range lurking behind. The Twelve Apostles boutique hotel sits on a small cliff overlooking the Atlantic with the stunning surrounding landscape. It makes every visitor here feel amused.

The hotel has a total of 55 classic-style rooms and 15 luxurious suites with terraces surrounding the green sea. On-site facilities include two restaurants and bars, a fitness center and spa, and a free shuttle that provides guests a great stay at The Twelve Apostles.

Country Villa Hotel, Nepal

Country Villa Hotel, Nepal

The next hotel on this list is the Hotel Country Villa, perched on the top of Nagarkot Hill, Nepal. The hotel is built on an area of ​​more than 10,000 square meters and at an altitude of 2,193 meters above sea level. Once at the top of the world’s most beautiful cliff hotels, Country Villa was built in 1996 with 8 rooms, a restaurant, and a bar. Then 22 rooms were added with a conference room accommodating 90 people.

Visitors here can “hover in the clouds and enjoy the sunrise and sunset right in front of you”, the hotel wrote on its official website. The hotel is surrounded by trees. Tourists have to pay about 100 USD / night to stay at Country Villa. Most of the visitors have had good feedback on the service here, especially the great view overlooking the valley.

Divisadero Barrancas Hotel, Mexico

About 7.5 hours drive from the nearest city Chihuahua, the famous Divisadero Barrancas hotel is perched atop a cliff overlooking Mexico’s Copper Canyon. The hotel has a total of 52 rooms with full amenities to bring guests the most relaxing moments. In addition, there is a restaurant, bar, and balcony with great views of the canyon and valley below.

Here visitors can admire the mountains mixed with the clouds and especially have the opportunity to admire the magnificent sunrise and sunset. In the winter, both the hotel and the valley below are covered with the white of majestic snow, this is also a great time for you to choose the Divisadero Barrancas hotel as the ideal stopover for your trip. his Mexico tour. The price for a night here ranges from 100 USD.

Hotel Belmond Caruso, Italy

Located high on a cliff, atop the romantic hilltop of Ravello town is a beautiful pearl of Italy – the picturesque Belmond Hotel Caruso. Built in the 11th century as a palace before it turned into a vast hotel in the late 1800s, with enchanting views of Salerno Bay below and stunning views of the green beaches.

Caruso Hotel offers guests something unique – an interesting, discreet place of refuge, away from prying eyes, the noise of traffic, of the urban people. With more than 50 rooms with private terraces and gardens. The hotel offers guests a great deal of space to see the nature around you at any time. The spacious rooms and suites have their own style, with large beds and many other high-end highlights that you will experience when you come here.

The highlight of the Caruso Hotel is the Instagramizable infinity pool. which is one of the best hotel pools in the world thanks to its impressive clifftop location and magical vistas. The glamorous cocktail bar and piano come to life in the evening with a variety of unique and impressive drinks that are also the most exciting spot in Caruso.

Post Ranch Inn, California

Located on the top of a high cliff in the Big Sur region. The Post Ranch Inn resort is the ideal destination for those who want to find a quiet space with great romantic scenery in America. In the list of hotels on the famous cliffs. The Post Ranch Inn hotel has only 39 rooms, equipped with extremely luxurious furnishings with glass walls, a fireplace, and a private hot tub. Tourists feel relaxed and immersed in nature.

In addition to a private hot tub outside the room. The resort features two infinity pools with magical panoramic views, as well as a dedicated swimming pool for swimming. If you only come to Post Ranch Inn to enjoy the romantic beauty of nature. You will definitely not retain visitors. So the hotel also organizes many free daily activities, such as health care, yoga, staring at night … Especially Sierra Mar restaurant with an extremely rich menu. For attractive local dishes to European and Asian dishes with great taste.

San Antonio, Santorini

Built on a volcanic cliff in the famous village of Imerovigli in the famous Santorini region. the San Antonio hotel with a unique architecture that has been nominated on the list of the world’s most beautiful cliff hotels is a great stopover. visitors cannot miss when coming here. San Antonio Hotel consists of 25 rooms. It suites with luxurious interiors and main views of the shimmering and romantic Aegean beach.

The Cliffside Dinner Restaurant is another highlight here. With dishes inspired by the Mediterranean heritage of Santorini and an assortment of local wines. In addition, San Antonio has an infinity pool on the edge of the cliff and a very quiet sunbathing balcony giving visitors the most enjoyable, unforgettable experience.

The hotels on the cliff always have a special position, with a unique architectural style. That will give visitors great moments of relaxation. If you have the opportunity to travel in these countries. Visit these cliff hotels to make your trips much more enjoyable.

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