10 Most Beautiful National Parks Visit in New Zealand

With its incredible scenery, exquisite mountain ranges, lust forestry, abundant glacier, geothermal treasures, breathtaking coastline, and remarkable caves. New Zealand surely is a place to visit. The country has about 30000 square kilometers of natural diverse scenery ready to be observed and explore. National Parks are the treasures of our natural heritage, wildlife, and landscape. In order to understand New Zealand from a whole new perspective. start planning for an adventure trip and book air new zealand reservations right away to reach your preferred National Park of your choice from the below list.

Here are the top 10 most beautiful national parks in the country


As one of UNESCO’s world heritage sites, Fiordland National park has the most gorgeous and breathtaking scenery in New Zealand. It has dramatic landscapes and glaciers cab be explore while experiencing the fresh atmosphere of the park. It has become a haven for hikers due to its vast lakes, craggy mountain peaks, and offshore islands. 


Known as New Zealand’s Great walks the 51 km scenic hikes lie in the sunniest region in the country. The hike can take about 4 days and accommodation can vary from the campground and private lodges. Tasman Bay is also located in this park.It offers sparkling water that kayaking and snorkeling to explore its beautiful coast. Tours to spot penguins, dolphins and different bird species are offered. Abel Tasman has one of the best panoramic views accompanied by rugged coastal cliffs. 


The Tongariro National park is the first national park in New Zealand. This park has a diverse range of ecosystems includes untamed forests, active volcanoes, herb fields, and lakes. In order to explore the said park visitors can take a three-hour trek and be amaze by the stunning Taranaki Falls and the scrubland forests.


Westland Tai Poutini National park’s main tourist attractions and one of the most accessible glaciers in the world Franz Josef and Fox Glaciers are remarkably spectacular. Being accessible, walking up to the glacier and glacier valley is possible in Fran Josef Glacier.  It has ice flow rivers and a gentle coastline climate, making it easy for visitors to explore them on foot. It has frozen landscapes, ice caves, hot pools, and pinnacles that can be experienced by guided hikes. 

Seaplanes and helicopters can also be rented to view the scenery aerially Westland Tai Poutini National Park is a domineering gigantic peak which is a picture-perfect sight that truly awe-inspiring. This park has an indomitable range that stretches to the coastline and creates a panoramic view of the mountains almost touching the sea. With its serene lakes and unbelievable views, Westland Tai Poutini National park is truly incredible.

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With its abundance of geologic formations and distinct pancakes, rocks draw attention to tourists. Paparoa is located on the coast of South Island, New Zealand, and has lovely landscaped with lust forests feature overlooking the great Tasman Sea. With steep cliffs, sparkling rivers, and stunning canyons cutting through the ancient rock, Paoaroa National Park is a lovely place to experience New Zealand’s natural beauty. So, book American airlines reservations at very affordable rates and reach any of the locations to start exploring it.


Nestled between rocky ravines and valleys, with surrounding scenic lakes and dreamy mountains, Nelson Lake National park has one of the most picturesque sceneries in the country.  Lakes of Rotoiti and Rotora surrounds the park and gives a very calming and breathtaking scenery to every visitor. The lake provides the national park scenery of blue hues reflecting the sky and mountains that serves a plethora of postcard-perfect photo opportunities. Nelson Lake National park is also a great place to camp and goes fishing.


With about over 3000 meters in height, this snow-topped mountain that rises above the ravine and valleys is consider a national park. With its high altitude, Mount Aspiring national park offers a wealth of incredible sights to behold, with its craggy cliffs and rocky rides to be explored. This national park is popular among mountaineers and nature lovers. Mount Aspiring has a lot of hidden paths and trails surrounded by a healthy wilderness. This park is known for being unspoiled and untouched, preserving the beholding sights of mountains with tranquil lake


Located in the Southen Alps of New Zealand. Arthur’s National parks has two sections divided by the range. Another side of the park is covered with lush forests and riverbed while the remaining side consists of rocky peaks. Arthur’s National Parks has a wide range of viewing sites, especially when the sun sets, highlighting the mountain with its golden hues and rays of bright yellow and deep orange before slowly fading into the darkness. 


Mountain cook is the highest peak of New Zealand that raised above 3724 meters. The mountain is covere with a glacier on top and a combination of rich flora and fauna and rocky mountainside surrounds the remaining sides. Being the main attractions of its region, Mountain cook shines vividly reflecting both the sun and the moon’s beams. 


Napier is a seaside resort and know as the Art Deco Capital of New Zealand. One of its main attraction is the National Aquarium In New Zealand, this aquarium is consider home to everything from turtles to crocodiles. 

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