Nusa Penida Diving Courses

Penida Scuba Diving is well known worldwide for its spectacular marine life and Nusa Penida is located in the middle of the Coral Triangle- home to the world’s most diverse marine life! The Coral Triangle covers 6 million km squared, providing divers with amazing spaces to explore.

If you’re already in Bali or have plans to visit Bali, ready for a diving course, IDC Nusa Penida is the best place for your diving courses. Here you will be tutored with the requisite theoretical knowledge, confined water skills, and open water skill demonstrations. To prove our point, here are some reasons why you should take diving courses at IDC Nusa Penida.

1. Crystal Clear and Clean Waters

The ocean waters in Nusa Penida are crystal clear, providing breathtaking views and perfect conditions for swimming, snorkeling, and diving. From small shoals of colorful fish to the majestic manta ray, the colorful aquatic life here never ceases to amaze. This is thanks to the hardworking citizens of Bali who are dedicated to preserving the island’s environment. With its clean and well-maintained waters, Nusa Penida is undoubtedly one of the best spots for taking diving courses.

2. Amazing Manta and Mola Mola Sightings

Nusa Penida is the perfect place to see manta rays. These gentle and giant sea friends are a bucket list item for many. The manta ray dive sites at IDC Nusa Penida are safe and suitable for all levels. Whether you want to learn diving for the first time or perfect your navigation skills, you will be gliding alongside manta rays while taking your diving course in Nusa Penida. Additionally, IDC Nusa Penida is home to a beautiful turtle population, especially on the north coast of Nusa Penida. Plus, during the Mola Mola season, you will get a chance to spot this famous fish that frequents Penida’s dive sites from June to late October every year.

3. Variety of Dive Sites

Unlike other places in Bali, taking a diving course in IDC Nusa Penida gives you an amazing variety of dive sites. You can dive into different beaches and sites ranging from sheltered bays featuring sandy areas that are ideal for practice to stunning coral reefs, where you will learn to drive safely.

Boat rides range from 2 to 45 minutes, so, you can take a short jaunt to nearby sites or head south for an adventure along Penida’s rugged coastline and stunning viewpoints. And with more free time available after your classes, you can even explore the island itself! So whichever experience you’re looking for, IDC Nusa Penida has something amazing in store for you.

4. Diving Conditions

IDC Nusa Penida offers a diverse range of environments for those embarking on their diving course: there are areas with no current, ideal for learning and helping the more nervous divers gain their confidence, as well as various sites with more challenging conditions. In these spots, you can become an all-rounded diver, as you’ll learn to drift dive in the currents and anticipate surges and waves during your dive. IDC Nusa Penida will guide you safely through these different areas so you can master each skill. So, whatever your experience level or confidence when it comes to diving, people of all abilities can benefit from the amazing diving courses.

5. IDC Nusa Penida Standards

At IDC Nusa Penida, your safety is their top priority for your diving course. They have experienced and friendly PADI instructors that ensure you have an amazing time and get the best out of your course. The dive boat is very spacious and has all the necessary safety equipment, which includes marine radio, emergency oxygen, life jackets, a first aid kit, and spare gear. Some courses range from small student to instructor courses to ensure safety and control. Beginner-level courses will have two students per instructor for the open water dives while continuing education courses will have four students per instructor.

Final Take Away

Nusa Penida is the perfect place to take your diving courses for many reasons including its crystal clear and clean waters, amazing Manta and Mola Mola sightings, variety of dive sites, and great diving conditions. IDC Nusa Penida has high standards for its diving lessons, so you can be sure you’re getting quality instruction along with a well-planned diving itinerary. With all of that in mind, your diving lessons at IDC Nusa Penida are sure to be a memorable adventure!