Honeymoon Destinations in November

Are you planning a honeymoon in November? Explore the top honeymoon destinations in November to begin crafting your ideal escape. November is a month like no other for couples embarking on their honeymoon journey. It’s a time when the world’s weather patterns offer a canvas of choices, ranging from the rustic charm of autumn to the warm embrace of tropical paradises, and even the early whispers of winter’s magic. 

This diverse climate spectrum makes November an enticing month for newlyweds to explore the globe, finding places that resonate with their dream honeymoon vision, be it amidst the fall’s colorful tapestry or on sun-drenched beaches.

16 Best Honeymoon Destinations in November

1. Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy

For couples seeking the ideal European honeymoon destinations in November, Venice stands out as a superb option.

Let’s be honest, packing a reliable raincoat or umbrella might be wise. However, a gondola ride along the canals remains delightful regardless of the weather, and cozying up with a glass of wine and a serving of spaghetti alla vongole at Trattoria Dona Onesta will make you forget all about the outdoor conditions during your romantic escape to Italy.

Romantic Activities:

  • Gondola Rides: Glide through Venice’s canals in a private gondola, soaking in the city’s timeless beauty.
  • Exploring Hidden Gems: Discover lesser-known areas like the Cannaregio district, home to quaint cafes and beautiful, quiet canals.

Recommended Stays:

  • Boutique hotels with views of the Grand Canal, such as Hotel Canal Grande or Ca’ Sagredo Hotel, offer a romantic and authentic Venetian experience.

2. Maldives

In November, the Maldives emerges as a paradise for honeymooners, with its crystal-clear waters gently kissing the shores of countless secluded islands. This month is a fantastic time to visit as it marks the beginning of the dry season, offering sunny skies and ideal conditions for underwater exploration and beach relaxation. Resorts here are synonymous with luxury and privacy, providing overwater villas that offer direct access to the turquoise waters below.

Best Resorts for Honeymooners:

  • Conrad Maldives Rangali Island: Known for its underwater restaurant and luxurious beach villas.
  • Soneva Fushi: Offers an eco-friendly yet opulent experience with private beach access and open-air cinemas.

Key Activities:

  • Snorkeling: Discover vibrant coral reefs teeming with marine life.
  • Spa Treatments: Indulge in couples’ spa treatments with ocean views.
  • Sunset Cruises: Enjoy the breathtaking Maldivian sunsets from a private boat.

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3. Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Bora Bora is a jewel in the crown of the South Pacific, renowned for its unmatched beauty and romantic ambiance. In November, as the high season winds down, honeymooners can enjoy this paradise with more privacy and less crowd. The island’s climate is delightful, with warm days perfect for exploring the lagoon’s crystal-clear waters and relaxing on its powdery white sands.

Luxury Overwater Bungalows Perfect for Couples:

  • The St. Regis Bora Bora Resort: Offers exquisite overwater villas with private plunge pools and butler service.
  • Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora: Known for its stunning views of Mount Otemanu and luxurious amenities.


  • Lagoon Excursions: Explore the lagoon’s vibrant marine life on a guided snorkeling or diving tour.
  • Diving: Discover the underwater wonders of Bora Bora with a certified diving excursion.
  • Cultural Experiences: Engage with local culture through Polynesian dance shows, traditional cooking classes, and visits to local villages.

4. Kyoto, Japan

Are you in search of the best honeymoon destinations in November that provide an extraordinary mix of dining, history, and romance? Kyoto is an outstanding selection for those desiring a spellbinding experience in one of Japan’s most remarkable cities.

You’ll be greeted with fantastic weather and abundant sunshine as you explore renowned temples such as Tō-ji and Kinkaku-Ji, not to mention the stunning autumnal hues of red, orange, and yellow among the ginkgo and Momiji maple trees.

Taking the Eizan Train from Demachiyanagi Station to Kurama Station, you’ll be treated to the spectacular Maple Tree Tunnel, showcasing its most vibrant colors.

5. Seville, Spain

Seville, Spain

As the late fall brings cooler temperatures to many beloved European honeymoon spots, Seville shines as an exceptional choice for a visit in November.

With fewer tourists, the city’s museums, restaurants, and hotels become more serene, providing a quiet ambiance before the festive season kicks in.

Explore UNESCO World Heritage sites such as the Moorish and Gothic Catedral de Sevilla and the Royal Alcázar, then enjoy a meal at the lively Andalusian hotspot, Manzil.

Though it might be too cool for a swim at the nearby beaches, November is the perfect time to enjoy Flamenco performances without cost at local favorites like La Carbonería.

6. Patagonia, Argentina, and Chile

Patagonia, straddling Argentina and Chile, is a land of untouched wilderness that beckons outdoor enthusiasts with its springtime beauty. November is an ideal time to explore this region, as the melting snows reveal accessible trekking paths, vibrant wildflowers, and the opportunity to see unique wildlife such as pumas and Andean condors. 

The iconic Torres del Paine National Park in Chile and Argentina’s Los Glaciares National Park offer some of the most breathtaking trekking experiences in the world, set against the backdrop of glaciers, lakes, and mountains. Patagonia’s remote beauty creates a sense of adventure and closeness to nature that is perfect for couples seeking both excitement and solitude.

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7. Bali, Indonesia

As the rainy season winds down, Bali emerges as a dream honeymoon destination in November, with ideal beach weather setting the stage for a romantic getaway. The island’s unique culture, reflected in its temples, dances, and art, offers an enriching experience for couples. 

From the serene beaches of Nusa Dua to the vibrant nightlife of Seminyak, and the cultural heart of Ubud, Bali presents a mosaic of experiences. Couples can indulge in spa treatments, explore terraced rice fields, and enjoy sunset dinners on the beach, making their honeymoon truly magical.

8. Seychelles


For couples seeking a secluded paradise, the Seychelles archipelago, with its less crowded beaches in November, is a dream come true. The islands’ nature reserves, like Vallée de Mai, offer tranquil walks through ancient palm forests, and the crystal-clear waters are perfect for snorkeling and exploring marine life. 

Luxury resorts provide privacy and pampering, ensuring that honeymooners can enjoy their time together in blissful seclusion. Seychelles’ blend of natural beauty and exclusivity makes it an ideal destination for a romantic getaway.

9. New Zealand

As the southern hemisphere welcomes the start of its summer in November, New Zealand becomes a haven for adventure seekers and nature lovers. The country’s diverse landscapes — from the serene beaches to the rugged mountains — provide the perfect backdrop for a variety of adventure sports, including bungee jumping, skydiving, and jet boating.

For couples who prefer a more laid-back experience, New Zealand’s wine regions, like Marlborough and Hawke’s Bay, offer exquisite wine-tasting tours. The combination of thrilling activities and peaceful moments makes New Zealand an unmatched destination for those looking to add a dash of adventure to their honeymoon.

10. Maui, Hawaii

Maui is a jewel in the crown of Hawaii, especially appealing in November. The island boasts a perfect mix of tropical climate, stunning landscapes, and rich cultural experiences. November is also the beginning of the whale-watching season, providing couples with the chance to witness these majestic creatures. 

The island’s beaches, from the famous Kaanapali Beach to the secluded sands of Waianapanapa State Park, offer sun-kissed relaxation and adventure. Whether it’s exploring the Road to Hana or enjoying a traditional Luau, Maui creates memories that last a lifetime.

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11. Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech, Morocco

As the temperatures cool down in November, Marrakech becomes an ideal spot for couples to explore the rich tapestry of Moroccan culture. The city’s colorful souks are less crowded, allowing for a leisurely exploration of spices, textiles, and artisan crafts. 

The Majorelle Garden offers a tranquil escape with its exotic plants and vibrant colors, while the historic medina invites couples to lose themselves in its winding alleys. Dining under the stars in a traditional riad, while enjoying Moroccan cuisine, adds a romantic touch to the adventure.

12. Thailand

Thailand is a fantastic choice for those seeking extraordinary honeymoon destinations in November. You’ll arrive as the rainy season concludes, steering clear of the intense heat seen in prior months—what a win!

Discover incredible deals in the vibrant markets of Bangkok, then take a leisurely walk by the scenic Chao Phraya River for a touch of romance. Venture south for a stay at a lavish beachfront resort in Koh Lipe, or continue your celebration on the lively Koh Phi Phi.

Thailand’s enchantment stems from its vibrant mix of culturally rich cities, stunning beaches, and serene island-hopping opportunities. Regardless of the type of winter honeymoon you envision, Thailand offers a myriad of experiences to make your post-wedding getaway unforgettable.

13. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Puerto Vallarta shines as a top honeymoon destination in November, with its inviting warm climate, stunning beaches, and an array of activities, including hikes in the surrounding jungle.

Activities like snorkeling near the Marietas Islands, strolling through the Botanical Gardens, and parasailing over Banderas Bay highlight the allure of visiting Puerto Vallarta. This destination ranks highly among the best beach honeymoon spots for November, promising a blend of relaxation and adventure.

14. Fiji


If you’re pondering over honeymoon destinations in November, Fiji stands out as an idyllic choice, offering an exquisite blend of tranquility and adventure.

Fiji is celebrated for its impeccable beaches and top-tier honeymoon accommodations, alongside a dramatic landscape featuring volcanic mountains, dense rainforests, and its renowned status as the “soft coral capital of the world.” This combination earns it the title of a prime honeymoon spot in November.

While brief, potent rain showers might occur, especially as the month progresses, they typically pass quickly, ensuring that most of your stay is spent enjoying the sunshine and the warm climate.

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15. Playa Conchal, Costa Rica

Consider embarking on a honeymoon to Costa Rica in November for an exceptional experience during the country’s shoulder season, a prime time to explore one of Central America’s gems.

By November, the rainy season is nearing its end, so while you might encounter some rainy afternoons, the weather is generally warm, with average temperatures around 85°F (29.4°C), complemented by abundant sunshine, particularly on the Pacific coast.

This time of year is particularly appealing because the rainforests boast a lush, green vibrancy, the waters near the pristine white-shell beaches are invitingly warm, and the jungle treks are adorned with active waterfalls, remnants of the rainy season’s bounty.

16. Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada

Where can you find top-tier entertainment, gourmet dining, renowned shopping, and casinos that keep the excitement alive till the early morning hours? Las Vegas, without a doubt.

Opting for a Las Vegas honeymoon destination in November is ideal for couples looking to blend adventure with their celebration. This period offers the perfect weather for hiking, cycling, and venturing out to the Grand Canyon.

As autumn ushers in cooler temperatures in Las Vegas, you’re almost guaranteed sun-filled days ideal for wandering through the vibrant red rocks and desert landscapes. And for those eager to experience the city’s renowned nightlife, catch Usher’s final performances at Dolby Live before his residency concludes in December.

Tips for Planning a November Honeymoon

Weather Considerations and What to Pack: Research the typical weather for your destination in November. Places like Kyoto will require warmer attire for cooler temperatures, while Marrakech still enjoys mild warmth, necessitating a mix of light clothing and layers for the evenings.

Booking in Advance to Secure the Best Deals: November can be a transitional month for many destinations, offering the chance for better deals on flights and accommodations. Book well in advance to take advantage of lower prices and availability, especially for exclusive experiences like ryokan stays or luxury riads.

Navigating Holiday Crowds, Especially Around Thanksgiving: Be mindful of holiday periods like Thanksgiving, which can see increased travel within and to the United States. Destinations outside of the US may offer a quieter escape, but it’s always wise to book early and plan for any potential travel surges.


The diversity and beauty of honeymoon destinations in November offer something for every couple, from the early touches of winter in places like Iceland and Banff to the warm embrace of tropical paradises and the rich tapestry of cultural experiences. This month presents a unique opportunity to explore the world in its myriad forms, whether you’re seeking adventure, relaxation, or a deep dive into new cultures.

Choosing a destination that aligns with your preferences for weather, activities, and experiences is crucial. November’s varied climate across the globe means there’s a perfect place waiting to be the backdrop for the start of your marital journey. Embrace the possibilities and set off on a honeymoon that reflects your shared dreams and aspirations, creating memories that will last a lifetime.