Rajasthan for Next Vacation

Rajasthan, the vibrant desert destination of India, the land of palaces and Kathputli and the home to age-old temples and heavenly delicacies, has a number of faces that many are unaware of. The enchantment of this “Land of the Kings” can be found in its sand dunes, the history of the forts and the rhythm of its folklore. There isn’t any dearth of reasons for one to make a visit to this epicentre of cultural and historical beauty. Be it the beautiful sunsets or the rich cultural and architectural past — Rajasthan has it all. But still, if you are undecided, here are five reasons why you should plan a trip to Rajasthan.

1. Explore The Art and Culture

Although most Indian cities are famous for their customs and art forms, the beautiful contrast of hues and textures Rajasthan offers makes it a unique destination. You find colourful and radiant shops selling authentic textiles and bangles in vivid hues, even when you’re visiting the farthest regions of Rajasthan.

Rajasthan’s connection with creative activities dates back to the time when the place was ruled by Maharajas (kings). Legend says that the kings, especially from the ‘Hatodi’ and ‘Baroli’ regions of the state, had a special interest in everything art-related, especially paintings. The place is well-known for its hand-made jewellery. Interestingly, it is one of those cultures that cherishes both men’s and women’s jewellery.

The traditional art forms and folklore of Rajasthan are widely admired. Puppetry, or ‘Kathputli’, is a popular art form here. What makes it unique is the amazing storytelling of the puppet artists. Ghumar, Kachhi, and Gaitti are the traditional dance forms of Rajasthan.

2. Get a Taste of Traditional Indian Cuisine

Rajasthani cuisine, as you may already have heard, is to die for. A traditional meal is often a simple but delicious combination of buttermilk, vegetables, and natural spices that are homegrown. These food items are often called “dishes from the royal kitchen” due to the traditional ways of serving them. Apart from its spices and large variety of vegetarian food, Rajasthan also has a rich variety of desserts. Rasgullas, Dil Jani and Mishri Halwa are some of the dishes you simply must sample when visiting Rajasthan. One of the best activities to engage in while in Rajasthan is getting a taste of its authentic food from local stalls and markets.

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3. Take Part in Festivals and Fairs

The ‘Land of the Kings’ offers many festivals and fairs all year long in different parts of the state. Rajasthan’s festivals are associated with the state’s rich culture and heritage. The place doesn’t disappoint anyone as there will be an event that suits your taste. For instance, if you are an animal person, take part in the ‘Camel Festival’. Or if you are interested in literature, the ‘Jaipur Literature Festival’ is one you shouldn’t miss. Kite festival, Desert festival, Pushkar Fair and Teej festival are the most popular events here. People from different parts of the world come to take part in these festivals.

4. Visit The Forts and Wildlife

Without any doubt, the major highlights of Rajasthan are its magnificent forts and ancient temples. Mehrangarh Fort, Jaisalmer Fort, Chittorgarh Fort, Amber Fort, Jaigarh Fort, and Amer Palace are must places to visit in Rajasthan. The ‘Great Indian Desert’, which is near the international border, is another attraction.

If you are a wildlife enthusiast, let’s remind you that Rajasthan has some of India’s best-ranked sanctuaries. Another interesting activity you can try in Rajasthan is to sign up for a tiger safari at the Ranthambore Tiger Reserve. The Desert National Park and Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary are a few other places that will entertain nature and wildlife enthusiasts.

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5. Experience The Unique Ways of Living

If you want to learn more about the place’s heritage and culture, you should stay somewhere unique. The Land of the Kings has both hotel palaces and cosy homestays where you can learn so much about the way of living here. If you want to experience the royal lifestyle, you should opt for a stay in the palace hotels, which are incorporated in almost all Rajasthan Tour Packages. A homestay with a local family will be a different type of experience, and you will be able to see how modern Rajasthani families live and eat.

Rajasthan is truly a state of colour and art. Each and every corner of the state is filled with historical and cultural richness. If you haven’t made a trip to Rajasthan yet, this is your sign to plan one.