Reconciling the Different Plans in a Group Holiday

Going on a holiday with your friends sounds like a guaranteed good time – and it likely will be. However, in the planning of such an event, it can be easy to forget about a lot of the issues that can arise from spending so much time with people in a relatively high-stress environment. One such issue could come in the form of the different intentions that people naturally have for a time like this.

That’s natural, though. It’s not something to be avoided; to avoid it would be to cancel the whole holiday. You simply need to understand to expect this, and that there are ways to deal with it that can be satisfying for everyone.

The Sightseers

For some, the travel doesn’t stop once you arrive – the intention of the holiday for some will be to soak in as much culture, history, and local flavor as possible, spending the time away getting as familiar as they can with the destination.

The immediate solution to the problem that can arise when some people want to stay home while others yearn to see more of the area is to split off into multiple groups that reconvene later – though this solution can be unworkable if only one person wants to go somewhere and lacks the means to do so individually (such as not being able to drive). However, it could be that as a group you operate on more of a give-and-take compromise model that allows each party to see what the other has to offer.

The Loungers

What this other party might suggest is that everyone parks themselves up on the beach or by the pool, grabs a cocktail, and simply unwinds – fully embracing the opportunity to do nothing at all. This can be difficult for those who naturally find themselves of a more restless disposition – it could be that the idea of disconnecting so entirely from the commitments and responsibilities of your everyday life leaves you unsure of how to let go to this degree.

However, it might be about finding your rhythm. Some people take the idea of ‘doing nothing’ very literally. Others might be happier to have an activity here – a relaxed one, but something to do nonetheless. Reading a book, visiting a casino online France to play slots or blackjack, or maybe just enjoying some puzzles – as long as it feels like something is the focus.

The Adventurers

Sightseeing is an active approach to take, but the goal is ultimately still a relatively relaxed one – seeing an area and getting a bite to eat is still calm in comparison to what some people have in mind. This category of people might want to jump into water sports, see the geographical features on foot or by cycling, or otherwise spend as much time as possible embracing these possibilities. If the group is divided on this approach, it could be that selecting some of the more relaxed options like cycling can keep everyone on board – or simply allocating one day of many towards the adventures people had in mind.