Best Things To Do On Crete Holidays With a Rental Car For 2022

Looking for the best things to do on Crete holidays with a rental car in 2022? Look no further! This comprehensive guide will teach you all you need to know about finding the best places to go and what to pack for your trip. From the popular beaches of Heraklion to the stunning mountainous areas of Rethymno, there is sure to be something for everyone on your Crete holiday. Be sure to check out our top picks and our detailed description of each destination before making your booking.

Hitting the beaches, hiking through the national parks, spending time in cities like Heraklion and Volos – or doing all of that and more with a rental car! With so many amazing places to explore and sights to see, a rental car makes it easy for you to get around and see everything that Crete has to offer. So start planning your next Crete holiday now and get rental car advice from our experts to make sure you hit all the highlights. The Greek island of Crete has been a popular holiday destination since ancient times. But it’s also one of the safest places to rent a car on Crete holidays. Check out this blog post to find out about Crete car hire.

Things to Do on a Crete Holiday with a Rental Car

1. Crete, a fascinating windy island with Africa at its feet. It’s one of those places where you take a holiday because it’s there and not necessarily because you want to go somewhere else. Crete is more than just white houses set against blue hills

2. For beyond being friendly locals and contented Greeks Cretan culture embraces many different influences from all over Europe 3. church bells that call people home are thoughtfully synched with the village’s daily breakfast and people dress up for their cultural festivals. So when we bring a hire car to Crete it’s often because there are too many other things not worth doing in our tour or just that we CAN get away from everything and be anywhere, if only on this island.

3. The White Mountains offer great drives with sweeping crested views over towns, valleys & villages. Climb around to peeks of the sea – get lost in a cave –take the steep hike to see “Old Man” (the shipwreck they call “Parochni”)

4. The ancient capital Aptera and its fortifications offer many historic hikes into other settlements like Kasos or on through parts of Vlora.

5. Limenas Gorge is one of the main coastal routes where you can drive your hire car up & down sheer mountain cliffs for mile after mile until.

Travel Tips for Hiking in the National Parks

No matter where you’re staying, always take a detailed route map with you and make sure that during your drive back from the National park sites, follow at least one main road all the way back so as not to foreshorten your travels or add unnecessary stress.

Never camp in any part of a forest without permission; ask for permission if necessary! Even though it appears safe and secure, there are wild animals living around every corner, both above and below ground (more often than not in the cities too).

If you’re traveling to Northern Greece between May and October, never assume that you won’t see any bears. They are on heightened alert during this season because they want their spring rapes of berries; better make sure they don’t get ideas! Stay away from all-mountain summits – it’s not safe at this time as everyone is pushing each other up.

Best Rental Cars on Crete

If you are looking for the best things to do on Crete holidays with a rental car for 2022, then we suggest you book your car from Hertz. Hertz offers a wide range of cars and vehicles, so you can pick up the best rental in Crete car for your needs. From compact cars to SUVs, there is something to suit everyone’s needs. We have found that most people prefer to rent a car rather than travel by train or bus. So you can be sure that Hertz.

It is time to leave the cold winter behind and enjoy the sunny Crete in the summer. Whether you are looking for a great beach holiday or a day trip to see the archaeological sites, there are many great things to do on Crete holidays with a rental car. With a rental car, you can explore the island in all its beauty and find the perfect spot for your next vacation.

How To Choose Best Rental Cars on Crete

It is important to have a well-organized car hire policy in order to guarantee your safety while driving. Having this kind of document will make the whole vehicle rental process more organized even if it might seem boring at first:

  1. Private Vehicle Conditions Checklist
  2. Global Rental Loss and Damage Cover Guide
  3. Vehicle Inspection ChecklistThe global car hire service
  4. Choose which car you’d like to rent.
  5. Check what you can do with your rental car in Crete on Scooter Rentals
  6. Take this information and complete our online form so we can make sure that the best cars available for rent are sent to you.

Car Rental Crete Included in the price

  • Theft Insurance & Fire Insurance
  • Third-Party Liabilities & Personal Insurance
  • Collision Damage Waiver Insurance, excluding the deductible amount which varies by car group
  • Unlimited Mileage
  • No charge in case of delayed arrival
  • No cancellation fees, book now and pay on arrival
  • New safe vehicles, free-of-charge car upgrades in winter and the low season
  • Deliveries/Collections at the ports and airports

What You Have To Notice Before Hiring Car?

There are various things to consider when hiring a car:

Identification – It’s always best to ensure that you have the proper identification at all times, and the easiest way of doing this is by making use of your name badges or business cards with your name on them. You don’t want any confusion about who’s the vehicle you’re driving!

Insurance- Most companies offer comprehensive insurance cover for hire cars including breakdown cover which often includes repairs

Driver Details – If you wish to drive the car, a driving license is also required

Cancellation- Staff is always on hand at all times (up until 2 pm from Tuesday – Friday) when there’s really no need for any of us to take time off work but if your plans do change because, for instance, something happens at home we should give 48hrs notice before canceling the deal due to laws in Greece.

We will arrange a driver for you by 8 am every Monday unless otherwise requested, so while the car is on hire please ensure that everything is correct and get any parts needed to be fitted or replaced at this time too

“Content” – always check what’s inside your rental vehicle before renting it out! It’s always best not to take anything like laptops, plates, etc.

In short, always be on your guard and respect Greece’s environment, culture, and traditions. It’s the duty of anyone who so much as sets foot in this wonderful country. While common sense is important, do not take risks. If you see a couple of people standing there and looking up the slope of Agrafiotis Mountain then don’t go along with them down there alone because it means they are gambling on a chance someone may commit suicide by jumping off that cliff.