Tourists Choose A Billig Leiebil I Bergen

Western Norway, home to some of Norway’s most breathtaking sights, is easily accessible from Norway’s second-largest city, making it a wonderful city break destination or point of departure.

At Bergen, visitors can get a true experience of the Norwegian lifestyle because of the city’s colorful wooden houses, rich history, and proximity to beautiful natural areas. But wait, because there’s so much more we’d like you to know about this picturesque city!
Continue reading the article if you want to discover why you need to have Bergen on your travel bucket list as soon as possible.

Why rent a car there? 

Why rent a car

If you’ve never been to Bergen before and want to see as many things as possible, you can’t rely only on your feet. Sure, taking a walk around the city will help you experience everything much closer, but it can also end up costing you an entire day of seeing only a couple of things.

If you decide to rent a car while you’re visiting one of Norway’s gems, you can get so much done within a day! The point is to check out as many beautiful trademarks, landscapes, and restaurants as possible.

So, be sure to check out if you’re looking for a sweet deal on your rented vehicle.

Once transportation has been taken care of, we can focus now on the reasons why tourists love visiting this particular city.

Magnificent views

Magnificent views

Beautiful scenery can be seen from any of the seven surrounding mountains. There are seven peaks in the area surrounding Bergen that provide excellent hiking and spectacular vistas of the city below.

Among the most well-known and easily accessible of these peaks is Mount Fløyen. From the downtown area, you can reach the mountain via footpaths or a railway. Mount Ulriken, at 643 meters, is the tallest of the seven (ft. 2110).

Witness the magnificent fjords

Witness the magnificent fjords

The Hardangerfjord as well as the Sognefjord, Norway’s longest fjords, are both accessible from Bergen within a day’s travel.

Day cruises to the beautiful Western Norwegian fjords, including lesser fjords like the Osterfjord, leave from the harbor in the city center every day.

Traveling through the fjords provides a picturesque view of the surrounding area, which may include mountains, tiny settlements, bird life, and farmland.

The Bryggen Wharf

You can’t visit Bergen and not take pictures at the iconic Bryggen Wharf. The colorful row of homes along the Vågen (harbor) has earned a spot on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The Hanseatic League’s trading empire, which ruled over European trade for 400 years, had significant ties to the region.

Restaurants, cafes, bars, and gift shops are the principal tenants of the brightly painted wooden buildings. There are tucked-away businesses selling jewelry and other handicrafts in the crooked lanes between the cottages as well.

Charming wooden architecture

For all of you architecture geeks, witnessing the charming beauty of Bergen buildings will leave you wanting more!

If you leave Bryggen Wharf, you’ll find a plethora of other lovely locales, many of which also have stunning examples of wooden buildings. In and around the city, groups of brightly colored homes cling to the sides of the mountains.

Nordnes and Sandviken are two of the most charming places to go for a stroll, thanks to their winding, stone lanes lined with antique wooden cottages, most of which are privately owned. So, have your phone ready at any second to snap a couple of amazing pics!
Then, you can take a break and charge up your camera and phone in one of the local coffee shops or cafés.

Ecstatic nightlife

When compared to other major European cities, Bergen lacks a central bar district. Instead, there are a number of spots in the downtown area that serve as focal points for the city’s nightlife. Yet, the city is well-known for its lively nightlife, including numerous bars and clubs. Fridays and Saturdays are peak nightlife days.

Skostredet, a hitherto sleepy neighborhood, has recently become a hotspot for hip pubs and eateries.

Bryggen and the surrounding regions are full of great places to have a beer, from sports bars and beer gardens to traditional pubs that sometimes host live music. As you might expect from a city full of students, Bergen has no shortage of establishments where you can have a cheap drink and listen to some blaring tunes.

Artsy and rich culture

One of Bergen’s defining characteristics is its vibrant arts scene. Some well-known musicians and composers have called this place home, including Edvard Grieg, Ole Bull, and others from the classical music canon. Today, Bergen takes great pride in its amazing artists, Alan Walker and Kygo. You’ve probably listened to their songs thousands of times.
An interesting fact is that Edvard Grieg spent the majority of his adult life in his residence at Troldhaugen, where he composed music (now a popular museum). Inspiring music has come from the picturesque Nordåsvannet Lake to two composers who are separated by a century.

A student city

In the city of Bergen, you’ll find approximately 30,000 students representing more than 110 different nations. The University of Bergen, the city’s largest, sits on a quiet hilltop above the downtown area. Because of this, don’t be surprised if you get offered cheap rates on car rentals as well.

A botanical garden with some 3,000 plant types may be found nearby, just close to the Museum of Natural History. The majority of the plants originate from seeds obtained from wild-growing species in Norway and elsewhere.

A boating paradise 

If you’ve loved being exposed to water all your life, we’d like you to know that the coastline near Bergen is a fantastic place to spend some time relaxing and fishing. Many anchorages can be found among the numerous islands and islets.

Aquaculture and the oil sector provide the main sources of income for the small island villages located around Bergen. Skjerjehamn and Brandasund, both once bustling trading stations, have evolved into popular destinations for those interested in art, culture, and fresh seafood.

Green, green, green

Bergen is also known for its abundance of parks and other greenery. You can practically feel the fresh air entering your lungs! The cherry trees in the area of Lille Lungegårdsvann blossom into a soft pink in the month of May. Just think of the many pictures you’ll be able to take and treasure the memories forever!

You may also see green-painted city bikes all across town. A day pass allows you to take an unlimited number of 45-minute rides anywhere across town. There are 97 stations located all across town where you can leave your bike.