Norway is famous for its majestic scenery, rich mythology, and delicious local delicacies, making it an ideal holiday for just about anybody. But did you know it also ranks as one of the world’s most sustainable countries?

Because of its commitment to sustainable energy and promoting local businesses whenever possible, Norway is a great travel destination for eco-friendly tourists who care about their impact when traveling abroad.

In this article, you will learn five reasons Norway makes for the perfect eco-friendly holiday, including tips and suggestions on making your trip the best experience possible.

1. Choose eco-friendly travel

A growing concern for many modern tourists is the effects they have when traveling overseas. After all, airplanes and cars are massive pollutants. Thankfully, Norway offers new, modern ways of travel that can give you great peace of mind on your impact.

Firstly, Norway is nicknamed the ‘EV capital of the world,’ as it had more electric vehicles sold there in 2022 than anywhere else. Over 25,000 charging stations and 6,000 fast chargers are strategically placed across Norway, meaning that if you want to take to the road at any stage over your holidays, you can do so in an eco-friendly way.

Even traveling to the country, you can plan green all the way. Despite being nestled at the top of Europe and having rough terrain throughout, Norway has an expansive train network that links the capital city of Oslo with other European cities, including Gothenburg and Stockholm in Sweden, as well as Copenhagen in Denmark.

A refined bus and boat network links all parts of the country, helping lower travel emissions even further. Best of all, traveling by bus or ferry can be an excellent way of seeing all of Norway’s beautiful scenery as you approach its towns and cities.

2. Visit sustainable tourist attractions

With over 1,700 fjords dotted across the country, Norway prides itself on its beautiful, unforgettable scenery. The government has gone to great lengths to protect and promote its environment through ecotourism. Ecotourism is when sustainable practices help bring tourism into an area while protecting and celebrating local flora, fauna, and culture.

This is done through a unique national scheme known as Sustainable Destination. This label shows that a Norwegian attraction is working toward sustainable tourism development. Destinations are evaluated every three years, ensuring that places always strive towards making a lasting, positive environmental impact.

Planning your trip around accommodation, tourist attractions, and travel services that have earned this accreditation is an excellent idea for making the most of these initiatives. You’ll be treated with the best Norwegian culture and know you’re compensating for any potential impact on the local environment.

3. Stay connected online

With all its beautiful natural scenery, you might think of Norway as a remote paradise. But did you know it is renowned for its connectivity and has one of the fastest mobile internet speeds in the world?

This results from the massive investment by Norway’s telecommunication companies to upgrade and maintain the country’s connectivity. This means that no matter where you are in the country, you can stay connected with family and friends, upload pictures to social media, and use the internet to plan activities on your trip.

But to stay safe online in Norway, it’s highly recommended you use a virtual private network (VPN). This cybersecurity tool encrypts your online connection, ensuring that all your online activity is kept safe and secure, even on unsecured public Wi-Fi networks. Find the best VPN for travel and ensure you stay safe online throughout your Norway adventure.

4. Enjoy the local delicacies

One of the best ways of experiencing a country is by sampling local delicacies. And thankfully, Norway has a thriving gastronomy industry that promotes locally sourced, sustainable foods. By eating their national dishes, you’re helping sustain small businesses.

So, what exactly is on the menu in Norway? Because of its colder, unpolluted climate, Norway promises some of the best-tasting organic foods worldwide. Farmers use pesticides sparingly, and fruits and vegetables can grow slower and longer. Strict regulations on animal welfare ensure only the best dairy products come to market. And because of its long, unspoiled coastline, you can expect to sample a huge array of seafood, including delicious salmon, cod, and haddock.

Some of the best Norwegian dishes to try include:

  • Farikal is a tasty dish consisting of mutton and cabbage.
  • Brunost is a unique type of creamy cheese.
  • Vafler is an utterly delicious waffle.
  • Lapskaus is a hearty stew made of beef and vegetables.

5. Experience unique outdoor activities

Norway is famous for its outdoor pursuits, allowing you to see breathtaking scenery or raise your heart rate with physical activities. With ecotourism in mind, what exactly can you expect?

From hiking to cycling, skiing to kayaking, you’ll be spoiled for choosing how you want to explore Norway. Many businesses surrounding the fjords are run by locals, offering you a chance to get up close and personal with nature while supporting the local economy. Moreover, many of these trips provide fantastic opportunities to learn the rich Nordic mythology, which heavily revolves around traveling across the landscape.

Even on UNESCO sites like Naeroyfjord, you can explore all the environment has to offer in an eco-friendly way. Hybrid and electrical ferries allow you to explore the length and breadth of the fjords while ensuring the smallest environmental footprint is left. Quiet engines won’t disturb the wildlife, offering you the perfect opportunity to see everything first-hand.