UV Disinfecting Light at School

High schools, universities, and colleges are areas with the potential for mass gatherings of people. In these environments, a person is prone to various bacteria, germs, and viruses in the air and surfaces. To help fight these microbes, school administrators may opt to install UV light sanitizer for the school.

UV disinfecting lights expose microbes to ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI). They offer an effective way to keep the air and surfaces in schools clean and microbe-free.

Here are the common areas to install your UV light sanitizers in school:


Most of the learning in schools takes place in classrooms. It is where students and teachers spend most of their time during the learning process.

With such gatherings, the chances of spreading respiratory illnesses like flu and colds is high. Installing UV light sanitizers helps to stop the spread of disease-causing germs. This can help keep students and teachers safe, reduce absenteeism, and streamline the learning process.

UV light disinfection kills up to 99.9% of viruses and germs on classroom surfaces. It destroys their ability to grow and reproduce. This keeps classroom air and surfaces relatively free from germs and viruses.

Locker Rooms

Locker rooms are areas with high-touch surfaces in any school or college. They offer students and staff a secure spot to keep their items like books and clothing safe.

While storage lockers help keep students organized, the lockers can get fairly dirty if not properly cleaned. Some contain sweaty clothes, dirty shoes, and uneaten food.

Installing UV lights in locker rooms offers a great way to keep your staff and students safe and healthy. You can create a clean zone that will kill a lot of the germs and viruses that are present. This stops harmful microbes from growing and spreading faster in locker rooms.


School cafeterias prepare, store, and serve students and staff meals and drinks. They should maintain clean and sterile conditions to help prevent foodborne illnesses. A UV light sanitizer helps fight harmful pathogens in cafeterias.

The best part is that UV light for food disinfection is safe and free from toxic chemicals. It disinfects water, helps prevent food contamination, and sterilizes various cafeteria surfaces, including:

  • Food preparation areas
  • Countertops
  • Dining tables
  • Utensils and dishes
  • Walk-in freezers


A common problem many schools face is keeping bathrooms and restrooms clean. That’s due to the high number of students and staff. Avoiding using the restroom due to sanitary concerns can have a negative influence on both health and learning.

UV disinfecting lights offer a great way to sterilize school bathrooms. The lights disinfect and kill germs in water and bathroom surfaces when not occupied. This helps protect students and staff from harmful germs and mold.


School buses are often packed when transporting students and teachers. Installing a light sanitizer reduces the spread of airborne pathogens in buses. The unit emits UV light which disinfects surfaces and cleanses the air flowing in the bus. This helps protect everyone on the bus against harmful airborne bacteria.

Staff Meeting Rooms

Teachers and support workers from schools occasionally meet to discuss issues in the institutions. To help prevent the risk of spreading respiratory infections, consider installing UV light sanitizers. These UV lights can help keep your staff safe and healthy to perform and teach well in their classes.


Germs and pathogens survive anywhere if the conditions are favorable. School libraries are not an exception. UV book sterilization helps keep students and staff safe in a fast and effective way.

The sterilizing light is safe and useful in killing harmful germs and mold. It eliminates most bacteria and viruses on the book surfaces and inner pages.

A UV light sanitizer can help keep the library surfaces germ-free for safe use. The process is ideal for sterilizing:

  • Paper materials
  • Computers
  • Keyboards
  • Chairs
  • Tables

Get Quality UV Light Sanitizer for School Today

UV germ-killing lights are safe and efficient options for disinfecting and sanitizing schools. They are ideal for use in various places at your school, like classrooms and cafeterias. Installing quality UV light sanitizers offers many benefits. You create a safe and healthy environment for your students and staff. This can increase your earning potential and reputation at the school.