5 Star Hotels in Manila

We all give our jobs our 100% best effort every single day and when the time comes around for us to take our vacation time, we are generally exhausted and looking forward to the break. If you haven’t traveled throughout the year then you probably have a little nest egg of savings put aside that you want to spend on this year’s vacation time. Many of us are always disappointed with our accommodation choices and it’s because we keep going back to what we are used to instead of exploring something a little bit more exciting.

This is when five star hotels in Manila come into the equation because we never book this kind of establishment because we roundly think that it is well beyond our budget when it is actually quite affordable. You have worked hard all year so it seems only fair that you should reward yourself with luxury accommodation as this is probably the one and only time that you will get to experience some luxury in your life this year. If you need a little bit of a push then the following are just some of the reasons why staying in a five-star hotel is the best accommodation choice currently available.

  • The best room service possible – You haven’t experienced room service until you have enjoyed it in a five-star establishment. Any request that you make is never too much for the highly experienced and personalized staff that work there. You can order food from an extensive menu made by chefs who are the best at what they do. If you like, you can just stay in your suite for the duration and enjoy all of your meals in the comfort of your incredibly comfortable room.
  • The best beds possible – Anyone who has stayed in a five-star hotel before will always tell you about the exceptional comfort that you will experience when you lie down on the bed for the very first time. It has been compared to lying on a cloud and this is not a gross exaggeration. If you want the best night’s sleep ever in your life then booking yourself into a five-star establishment will guarantee you the moment that your head hits the pillow, you will be out like a light.
  • The best experience possible – You enjoy the many different amenities that are offered to you like a spa facility, a swimming pool to cool off in, and beautiful grounds surrounding the building itself. The security is second to none so you can be assured that you and your family are completely safe during your stay. You will be provided with complimentary drinks and snacks and a welcome drink may be offered to you on your arrival.

The five-star experience needs to be enjoyed by all and this is something that you certainly need to add to your bucket list so that you can cross it off. Once you enjoy it, you will come back for more.