Adventure Challenge Book

We delved deep into The Adventure Challenge Book: Couple’s Edition, an interactive scratch-off date journal. Having completed more than twenty out of the fifty dates, we’re offering our candid feedback on the Adventure Challenge Book and our experiences with it.

In our discussion, we’ll address the nature of the dates, their quality and uniqueness, the value of purchasing the camera, and how this Adventure Challenge Book compares to other date night games we’ve tried.

Having spent years studying relationships and dating extensively ourselves, our standards for date nights are quite high. So, how does The Adventure Challenge measure up? Read on for our genuine evaluation.

What is The Adventure Challenge Book? 

The Adventure Challenge has curated a unique collection. They offer an array of books, cameras, and various other items, showcasing truly innovative products.

Founded by Bryant Ellis and Ben-Day in 2018, The Adventure Challenge’s mission is to encourage friends, loved ones, and families to venture beyond their usual boundaries and foster deeper bonds with one another.

Their travel guide series boasts sleek designs and straightforward layouts, all aimed at enhancing your creative journey. These guides, with their meticulous organization, offer a conducive environment to brainstorm, jot down, and ponder over every scratch-off challenge.

How Does it Work?

Firstly, the book offers a plethora of ideas that you can reveal using a scratcher. The Adventure Challenge’s scratch-off date book provides essential details such as the location of the date (many are home-based, several can be done right from your living room, while some require specific venues).

It will inform you of the duration the date is expected to last, allowing you to arrange for a babysitter or set your evening plans accordingly. Additionally, if there are any extra expenses, the book provides a financial guide or an estimated cost. For instance, if the date involves cooking, you’ll get an approximate cost of the required ingredients. Plus, it will list anything else you might need for the date.

So, when planning your next date night, you’ll have a sense of what to expect. But remember, discovering your date activity is a significant part of the fun!

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Choose the Right Adventure Challenge!

Beyond the clear labels, how can you determine the right choice for you?

There are five primary categories:

  • Families
  • Friends
  • Couples
  • Solo
  • In Bed

In the following section, I’ll explore the characteristics and distinctions of each Adventure Book, helping you decide which aligns best with your requirements.

The Adventure Challenge Book

In our Adventure Challenge Book review, we delved into the Couples Edition. Based on our journey with it, we’re eager to explore more, particularly the Family and Friends versions that caught our eye.

As The Adventure Challenge brand grows at a brisk pace, here’s a brief overview of their primary books available, with descriptions and sample activities for each:

The Adventure Challenge – Family Edition

The Adventure Challenge – Family Edition

This edition presents 50 scratch-off adventures tailored for family time with children. Garnering a stellar 5.0 rating from over 200 reviews, it’s a crowd-pleaser.

Observing our daughter grow, we’ve noticed how quickly time passes and the allure screens have on her. Having an adventure journal like this, coupled with cherished photographs, promotes genuine family bonding.

Sample adventures include:

  • The Texas Snowball Fight: Engage in a playful skirmish using socks stuffed with flour
  • Constructing a strong laser maze in your corridor, with cookies as the prize
  • Crafting a life-sized board game where participants become the game pieces

This journal is ideally suited for children aged 4-15. However, based on feedback, it’s adaptable for younger kids too. The optimal family group for this journal ranges from 4-8 members. From the reviews, it appears challenging for a duo, but feasible for a trio.

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The Adventure Challenge – Friends Edition

The Adventure Challenge – Friends Edition

Looking forward to an unforgettable year with your pals? I often wonder why this journal wasn’t available during my high school days when our idea of fun was merely visiting the newly opened Target.

The Friends Edition offers 50 scratch-off activities designed for friend groups. All the challenges are budget-friendly, making them ideal for those ‘what to do next?’ moments on weekends.

Some notable challenges include:

  • Playing a real-life ‘Where’s Waldo’ at Walmart.
  • Competing to see who can eat food suspended from a string the quickest.
  • Improvised meal challenge – have five random grocery store patrons select an item for you to incorporate into dinner.

While the Friends Edition is suitable for all age groups, it particularly resonates with high school and college-goers.

The Adventure Challenge – Couples Edition

The Adventure Challenge – Couples Edition

This Couples Edition is crafted for those keen on deepening their bond, reigniting romance, and evolving together as partners.

Regardless if you’re new to dating or celebrating decades together, this book is packed with surprises that keep the romance alive.

It’s an excellent gift choice for occasions like anniversaries or Valentine’s Day, introducing numerous fresh date concepts.

Some standout activities are:

  • Blindfolded apple pie baking.
  • Collaboratively painting on a canvas.
  • Assembling a keepsake box with cherished items – from movie tickets to unique coins.
  • Creating a cozy blanket fort and indulging in romantic movies.

The Adventure Challenge – Solo Edition

Embarking on a self-adventure can be as fulfilling as any other. Prioritizing and spending quality time with oneself is paramount.

If you’ve recently moved to a new place or are just looking to indulge in some personal care without resorting to another Netflix marathon, this book is a treasure. I find myself wishing I’d had it in my hands years earlier!

The Solo Edition of The Adventure Challenge suggests activities like:

  • Constructing a comfy pillow fort and revisiting a beloved movie from your youth.
  • Visiting a pet store, snapping photos with various pets, assigning them names, and concocting a whimsical shared adventure story.
  • Drifting on an air mattress in an outdoor pool or lake, armed with your favorite beverage and an audiobook.

Embrace these challenges to rediscover yourself, rekindle childhood joys, and simply enjoy.

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The Adventure Challenge – In-Bed Edition

The Adventure Challenge – In-Bed Edition

Venturing into more intimate terrains, The Adventure Book’s In-Bed Edition intensifies things from the Couples version.

Endorsed by a qualified sex coach, this edition is designed to bolster connections with your partner through imaginative, engaging, and sensual escapades, aiming to enhance intimacy.

Comprising 30 tantalizing and playful challenges, the objective here is to enrich your intimate life with your partner.

A glimpse into some of the In-Bed challenges:

  • Engaging in a teasing game of Jenga.
  • Painting on each other’s bodies.
  • Crafting your own unique ‘intimate’ code word.

These adventures infuse humor and novelty, ensuring a refreshed and invigorated shared experience.

How Much Does The Adventure Challenge Book Cost?

For just $49, you have the option to buy only the book, or you can go for the Adventure Challenge for Couples Starter Kit, which comes with an Instax Polaroid camera. This allows you to capture and preserve memories from your date nights, creating a tangible record of your delightful adventures.

If you’re mindful of your date night budget, this is an ideal choice. With a one-time purchase, you’re set with planned dates for the entire year! It brings back the thrill and excitement of date nights.

Moreover, it’s an excellent gifting option. Whether it’s for an anniversary, birthday, Valentine’s Day, or as a festive gift in December, it’s a top recommendation for both husband and wife gift lists. And remember, you don’t need to be married to cherish deep connections; it’s equally apt for boyfriends or girlfriends!

Is The Adventure Challenge Worth It?

I genuinely feel that The Adventure Challenge offers a delightful experience for friends, families, and couples alike. If you’re enthusiastic about embracing novel challenges, then this is something I believe you’ll thoroughly enjoy.

However, it’s essential to recognize that it may not resonate with everyone. The book doesn’t come with the necessary supplies, and some activities might lean towards the pricier side. If this is a concern, you might want to explore other activities within the book or seek alternative experiences online.

But for those with an adventurous spirit, regardless of which edition – solo, couples, family, or friends – you’re considering, this book promises a lot of excitement! Let each day be infused with a touch of mystery, always ready to unveil the next challenge!

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Benefits and Drawbacks of Adventure Challenge Book 

If you’re considering this product to enrich your relationship, enhance family bonds, or foster self-connection, there’s much to gain. Every day presents a fresh challenge to anticipate.

It’s also a gateway to discovering new pastimes and accomplishing goals on your wish list. Infusing your routine with a dash of adventure can invigorate the spirit and positively influence those in your circle.

While the Adventure Challenge has its limitations, its benefits undeniably overshadow them. The potential extra expenses and the need to adjust your timetable to accommodate challenges are minor inconveniences compared to the joys it offers.


We’ve wrapped up our Adventure Challenge Book review, and we’re genuinely impressed! The innovative scratch-off journals are not just fun but also a remarkable means for couples to foster better communication and rejuvenate their bond.

The Adventure Challenge’s journey from an unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign to a booming $100 million business with a team of 100 in just a few years speaks volumes about its appeal. It’s taken the market by storm, and we recommend giving it a shot to understand its charm!

If there are any lingering queries that our Adventure Challenge Book review didn’t address, feel free to drop them in the comments. Also, if you’ve tried the product, we’d love to hear your thoughts to assist potential buyers in making an informed decision.