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If your next flight is on Alaska Airlines and you want to stay connected while in the air, you can rest assured that most of its North American flights have satellite Wi-Fi. Alaska Airlines’ service provider is Intelsat, which bought Gogo In-Flight Internet in 2020. It is Airlines also lets you send free messages while in the air.

Alaska Airline Wi-Fi History

The journey started in 2010 when Alaska Airlines started using Gogo’s Wi-Fi service on its flights between Anchorage and Fairbanks in Alaska.

The installation began with six Boeing 787-800 planes, but the rest of the planes will be added by the end of 2010. In partnership with Alaska Airlines Visa Signature®, it also gave its customers free Wi-Fi on flights until the end of July 2010. This was done to mark the start of the new service. At the end of the promotion period, the Alaska carrier offered Wi-Fi for as little as $4.95 per flight, depending on how long the flight was and what device was used.

It has Wi-Fi on most of its fleet right now, except for a few Boeing 737-9 MAX and all of the Bombardier Q400S that only fly short distances. Alaska Airlines’ Wi-Fi is different from that of other airlines because it offers both basic and Satellite Wi-Fi onboard its fleets.

A Glance at Alaska Airlines:

Alaska Airlines is one of the biggest airlines in the U.S. It is the fifth largest airline in the US based on the size of its fleet, the number of scheduled passengers it carries, and the number of destinations it serves. First, look

  • Airlines Name: Alaska Airlines
  • Founded:1932 (as McGee Airways)
  • Headquarters SeaTac, Washington
  • Hubs Anchorage, Los Angeles, Portland, San Francisco, Seattle.
  • Focus City :San Diego & San Jose (CA)
  • Alliance: One World
  • Fleet size:331
  • Destinations:116
  • Boeing:166
  • Airbus:71
  • Bombardier:32
  • Embraer:62
  • IATA: AS
  • Callsign: ALASKA
  • Country: United States of America
  • Website

Social Media

  • Facebook
  • Twitter 
  • Instagram 
  • Youtube

You can buy Wi-Fi on a plane.

When you’re on an Alaska Airlines flight, it’s easy to buy Wi-Fi. Connect to the ship’s Wi-Fi network and go to to find out what your options are.

When you get to your seat on a plane with satellite Wi-Fi, you can buy the service right away. You don’t have to wait until the door closes or you’re in the air. The cost for satellite Wi-Fi service for the whole flight is $8.

On E175 planes, you can also pay $8 to get basic Wi-Fi. The price of basic Wi-Fi on 737s varies by flight. price

The cost is:

  1. Inflight service:
  • 1 hour: 7$
  • 1 day: 19$
  1. Prepaid:
  • Yearly: 599$
  • Monthly: 49.95$
  • 6 sessions of 45 minutes each: 36$
  • 24 hours: 16$

Support Centre & Contact Information

Department: Email/Call

Customer Service :1-800-252-7522 (1-800-ALASKAAIR)

Text:82008 (up to 160 words)

How to connect to Alaska Airlines Inflight WiFI?

About 80% of Alaska Airlines’ fleet is set up to connect to the internet while in the air. Alaska Airlines’ in-flight wifi lets people send free texts, browse, and even stream. To connect to the Alaska Airlines in-flight wifi, just follow these steps:

  • On the device, you want to connect, turn on wifi.
  • Look for “Alaska WiFi” or “gogo inflight” as the SSID.
  • Connect to the network that’s there.
  • Go to on the web.
  • You will see three options: Free Texting, Entertainment, and the Internet.
  • Choose the service you like best. Using the payment method is the next step if you want to use the paid internet option.
  • Both free texting and free entertainment are free of charge.
  • Have a good flight!

Alaska Airline Inflight WiFi Service:

In-flight wifi is becoming a necessity in this day and age, whether you want to get work done or just binge-watch your favorite Netflix show to pass the time. Alaska Airlines listened to what people wanted and now has wifi service on 80 percent of its fleet. Alaska Airlines offers high-speed internet through satellite and basic wifi for a flat rate of $8. All Alaska Airlines planes that have WiFi also have free texting service.

Alaska Airlines Inflight Entertainment:

Alaska Airlines’ in-flight entertainment system has a large number of movies and other shows. People can use their own devices to watch more than 800 free movies and TV shows in Alaska Airlines’ entertainment library. Just connect to the “Alaska WiFi” network and choose “Entertainment” on the website.

What is Alaskawifi Airlines and How Does it Actually Work?

Alaskawifi is a service of Alaska Airlines that gives passengers access to WiFi in the air through gogo air. The service began in 2009, and the latest technology has been used to make it better.

The point of this service is to let people stay in touch with family and friends while they are on an airplane. It also makes checking in, getting on the plane, and going through security easier because you can do these things on your phone or laptop instead of waiting in line at the airport Service. also helps Alaska Airlines in a few ways, like making customers happier, giving employees more time, and lowering the cost of boarding passes.

How Alaskawifi Airlines Can Help

Alaska Airlines has been one of the best airlines for a long time. They are always coming up with new ideas and looking for ways to make the customer experience better.

Their Alaskawifi service for customers on board is one of the newest things they’ve come up with. The business hopes that this service will help them stay ahead of its rivals. It will keep giving its customers a great experience.

Customers can use their own devices or one of the tablets that Alaskawifi provides onboard to connect. When they are in the air, they don’t have to worry about being able to connect.

When you use the WiFi on an Alaska Airlines flight, you can text for free:

Paid internet service is also available. On all of their flights with WiFi, Alaska Airlines lets you text for free. People flying with Alaska Airlines don’t have to sign up or pay to use the free online texting service. All they have to do is connect to the “Alaska WiFi” network and choose “free texting” on the website. Once the connection is made, people can use iMessage, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger for free the whole time they are in the air. But you can’t text with emojis, pictures, or videos.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)  about Alaskawifi

Can I stream my own movies on satellite Wi-Fi?

You can use Netflix, Spotify, etc.

Who Is Alaska Airlines Wifi Provider?

Gogo Wifi, Gogo Inflight, airborne gogo inflight, and Gogo Inflight are all services offered by Alaska Airlines. You can also watch movies on Gogo.

Can I use satellite Wi-FI to make a phone call?

It’s not allowed during the flight.

Does Alaska Airline have free wifi inflight wifi?

With Alaska Airlines’ in-flight wifi, passengers can send free texts on iMessage, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger, but they can’t send emojis, photos, or videos.

Can I stream Netflix using Alaska Airlines’ inflight wifi?

Alaska Airlines has wifi on all of its Airbus planes that work through satellites and has a speed of almost 500 Mbps. If you are on one of these flights, you can stream content from Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other services.

Does Alaska Airlines Wifi Support Netflix?

Alaska Airlines’ WiFi works with Netflix, so you can stream Netflix to your computer or smart device while you’re in the air.

How Much Does Alaska Airlines Wifi Cost?

Gogo All Day Pass is $14 for 24 hours of internet access on the same airline; 1-Hour Pass is $5 for internet access on any single domestic Gogo-equipped flight; The Traveler Pass is $39.95 for unlimited internet on all Gogo-equipped airlines (a monthly subscription for unlimited internet on one Gogo equipped airline)

Does Alaska Airlines Offer Free Wi-Fi?

Most of Alaska Airlines’ fleet, except for a few Boeing 737-9 MAX and all Bombardier Q400s that fly short-distance routes, has paid Wi-Fi for passengers.

Who Provides Internet Access For Alaska Airlines’ Wi-Fi?

Alaska Airlines worked with the internet company Gogo to give its customers access to Wi-Fi. Gogo gives Alaska Airlines planes both internet and satellite Wi-Fi while they are in the air.

Is there a way to get free Wi-Fi on Alaska Airlines?

There are no Wi-Fi coupons or discount codes for Alaska Airlines right now.

How do I see movies for free on Alaska Airlines?

Our streaming entertainment system is on most of our planes, so you can watch free movies and TV shows on your own device. Just connect to our Wi-Fi network on board and go to to look through our huge library.