Austria 10 Days Itinerary Best Places To See In Austria
Austria 10 Days Itinerary Best Places To See In Austria

Austria was founded in 967 AD. In 128, Rudolph I, king of the Habsburg dynasty, ascended the throne. With the end of the monarchy at the end of World War I, Austria was officially recognize as a republic in 1919. When World War II broke out, Hitler’s Nazi forces occupied Austria.

Jews living in Austria were then brutally persecute. Jews were kille indiscriminately. After the defeat of Germany in 1945, the Allies divided Austria into four parts. After many ups and downs, Austria gained full independence on May 25, 1955.

To understand Austria, one must visit its three cities, Vienna, Salzburg, and Innsbruck, to enjoy the country’s magnificent royalty, its thrilling scenery, and its mystical diversity.

I like traveling to Austria. From the cities to the mountains, I’ve had plenty of great travel experiences over the years. This is why I am interested to travel to the country with the Austrian National Tourism Office and bring you the perfect Austria travel itinerary for 10 days.


Vienna is the capital of Austria. It is the cherished name of the city given by the townspeople. Wrapped in royal excitement throughout the city. The city of music, the city of architecture in Vienna. The irresistible Danube River flows through the city. Vienna is one of the most popular tourist spots in the world

Vienna is one of the cosmopolitan cities in the world. The various structures of the city are a wonderful blend of both modern and medieval architecture. Vienna is home to some of Europe’s finest architectural masterpieces. From palaces, museums, opera houses to cathedrals, or even to university, administrative offices, including libraries, the design is a perfect example of aesthetic architecture.

Vienna State Opera

Vienna is the heart of opera and musical theater. The most interesting of these is the Vienna State Opera. Although Mozart began his career in Salzburg, he spent most of his life in Vienna. It is at this time that he has created all his outstanding melodies. Every evening the orchestra hosts the Vienna State Opera

Witnessing any opera or orchestra at State Opera is undoubtedly an exceptional experience. Czech and German architecture from the Neo-Renaissance period predominated in the installation design of this state opera.

St. Stephen’s Cathedral

This cathedral in Vienna is a masterpiece of Roman and Gothic architecture. From the fresco painting inside the cathedral to its structural philosophy, everything is worth seeing. Its ancient collection is unique from all sides.

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Schonbrunn Palace

Schonbrunn Palace Vienna is a popular tourist spot. Here history, architecture, and culture have merged into one. There is no comparison to its enormity. The ornate palace is surrounded by multiple moats, with a large garden. Numerous Roman sculptures made of white stone marble in the garden. The museum inside the palace is no less interesting.


The Belvedere is one of Vienna’s historic building complexes. It has two palaces named Upper and Lower Belvedere. The imprint of French architecture is evident in the construction of these palaces. The garden adjacent to the palace is also quite beautiful. A magnificent Roman sculpture stands in a water fountain in the middle of the garden.


There is magic in the soil of this city. Once in a while, the mind of the tourist is obsesse with a strange feeling. Innsbruck is a strangely beautiful city with a mixture of modernity and tradition, surrounded by mountains. It only takes two days to see the whole city on foot. Wherever the eye goes, there are scenes to see. Innsbruck has several hilltops worth visiting. This city can be beautifully discovered from all over the place.


Located south of Innsbruck, Bergisel is famous for its variety of adventure sports. The Winter Olympics were held here twice in 1984 and 1986. The stadium in Burgessel is worth a visit.

Tyrolean State and Folk Art Museum

A little further down from Bergisel is the beautifully decorate Tyrolean State Museum in a mountain valley. The museum is rich in the history of the wars of medieval Europe. The main attraction here is the various weapons of that time. Tirol’s metalwork, handicrafts, traditional costumes, and art can be seen more specifically at the Tirolian Folk Art Museum. There is also the famous Crystal Showroom, the Swarovski Museum, and the Alpine Club Museum

Mirabel Palace

This palace was build in the eighteenth century. The palace is a masterpiece of medieval Italian and French architecture. In front of the palace, there is a beautiful garden calle Dwarf Garden. Inside and outside the palace, white Italian marble sculptures resemble Roman sculptures.


Untersberg is a strange mix of mountains and architecture. From one end of the city, you can reach the Alps directly by car. Green valley all around. And the heavenly beauty of nature like the picture in it fascinates the travelers. Other attractions in the city of Salzburg include Residence Square, Salzberger Dome, Old Tyne of Salzburg, Jail MC, Salzburg Cathedral, Salzburg Festival Theater, Celtic Museum, Helbran Palace, and many more! The Salzburg Festival is held every summer. Crowds of tourists flock here to see it.


It was an amazing trip, and I enjoye so much time getting to know Austria. Being close to the mountains of Innsbruck, climbing the Sound of Music in Salzburg and gaining experience in food and design in the garage has become an inspiration. And the best part is that it doesn’t last long. I’m going back to supper clubs next year I’m going to help choose the menus. I can’t wait to visit Austria again and if you get a chance to visit I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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